Like a power tool to the brain

John Hinderaker really is as dumb as a stuttering lamb at a Toastmasters convention:

It seems clear that the roots of Kerry’s blunder–like so much else where Kerry is concerned–go back to Vietnam. It was an article of faith among liberals (and many others) at that time that the Army consisted largely of the poor–kids who couldn’t get into college and thereby obtain a deferment. It was also an article of faith that non-white Americans died in disproportionate numbers in Vietnam. That turned out not to be true, and I confess that I was astonished to learn, only within recent years, that there was no such ethnic disproportion in the Vietnam dead.

The stereotype of the poor, dumb soldier is firmly entrenched among liberals of the Vietnam era. We often see it repeated by younger liberals today, even though the stereotype has no application whatever to our current volunteer army, which is demonstrably equal, at least, to the civilian population in talent and accomplishment.

Why are liberals so determined to hang on to these discredited stereotypes of the past?

Um, as a proprietor of Time Magazine’s blog of the year in which John Kerry ran for president, one would think that ol’ Hindrocket is aware that the former candidate, a well-to-do white person, served his country in the Navy after he graduated from college – right?

Using Kerry’s admittedly clumsy logic, John Hinderaker is currently serving his fifth consecutive tour of duty in Iraq.


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And the reason the military recently lowered its standards for recruits is because, uh… all the spots were being taken by high school valedictorians, ivy-league graduates, and the scions of wealthy families, and so the army felt bad for those less-than-qualified applicants who were being shut out, and decided they’d make room for them.


Kerry’s momentual slur of the military is having effects all over the nation.

Bruce Braley in Iowa cancelled a Kerry appearance.

Kerry’s people cancelled an appearance in Minnesota for Tim Walz.

Kerry will appear with the so-called moderate Bob Casey Jr. this week.

But the fact is that Kerry’s refusal to apologize for slurring the military isn’t a shock. After all, he has bashed the military for 35 years. The only reason he went to the military was to become a phony war hero, as evidenced by multiple undeserved purple hearts. And after that, he called the soldiers in Vietnam ‘war criminals’.

Then again, Kerry also called our troops in Iraq ‘terrorists’ last year.

The Democrat Leadership explicitly approves Kerry’s rhetoric by staying silent on it.

They are either with Kerry on troopbashing, or against him.

The Democrat Party is plunging deep into the abyss, and the only way they will win on November 7th is though massive fraud.

6 days left until the end of the Democrat Party.


Sputterin’ Gary!

Watch and learn (for once in your life).


You’re right, Gary. I can’t believe I’m agreeing with you on this, but so help me Xenu I am!

In six days, the Democrat Party dies in a fire.

After that, the DEMOCRATIC Party will return to prominence in Congress.

Apart from the last sentence, your comment is complete guano.


as dumb as a stuttering lamb

Well, I suppose it’s slightly better than stuttering imbecile, but it may surprise you to learn that we stutterers don’t much care for this sort of thing.

Ruppert, you are momentually stupid, and a liar. Unless that was a parody, in which case it was just lame.


it may surprise you to learn that we stutterers don’t much care for this sort of thing.

My sincere apologies. Let this serve as a reminder to us all that metaphors should be mixed with care.


This may come as a shock, but the fact is Gary’s post is straight from the top of Drudge today.


The fact of the matter is, this does not suprise me.


I think Time bestowed their laurels on Hindrocket as part of the secret MSM conspiracy to discredit all blogdom.

He writes as if he were intelligent. It’s like he takes dictation from George Will, but then deletes the occasional nod to reality as traitorous slander. The far-out results, as one Wolfgang Pauli would have said, are not only not right—they’re not even wrong.

Methinks Hindy simply must be dishonest, because if he were really so inpenetrably dense as to buy half of what he slings, he’d be stuck overpunctuating dangling modifiers at Renew America. Despite the veneer of reasonableness the uninformed see glinting from his prose, Hindy’s really a bigger scumbag than any of the true believers—who at least retain some sort of integrity, as unintegrated as they may be…

Hindy’d be better to have a Scotch with than the scary Coach or the terrifying Pastor, but even Twain thought that Hell would have better company


Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t it true that no member of congress has a child in iraq?

Military recruiters routinely go to malls in poor, disenfranchised neighborhoods, as Michael Moore (he’s chubby, ya know), showed in F911, to find poor young people with no prospects to ‘jine up’.

From my own personal experience, I never knew one person who joined the military when they were on the fast track to college. I’ve known several who joined so they could go to college. But this was in peacetime; every one of them would be too bright to sign up now. And they joined the Air Force, and went to Germany, which was fun and included access to much good beer. I did have a cousin who went to West Point, but that’s not quite the same thing… hmmm…. nope, can’t think of any who said, “Screw Harvard, I’m gonna join the Army so’s I can go to Iraq.”

I’m sure there are some who’ve been brought up to believe in the dulce et decorum est pro patria mori tradition, who do join when they have other options. In my Irish family, fresh from centuries of domination at the point of a British Army gun, we were brought up with a profound distrust of military authority, so it certainly seems incredible to me.


Actually, soldiers of color DID die in disproportionately higher rates than did white soldiers in Vietnam.

And as far as soldiers of the Vietnam era being drawn on occasion from the genuinely mentally deficient, one need look no further than Project 100,000.

But it’s nice to see that Assrocket never lets reality get in the way of his comfortable bourgeois faux-outrage. He’s like a cardboard cut-out mockery of a character from an Edith Wharton novel, minus the witty dialogue.


Seriously though, Kerry was and still is an idiot.


Meanwhile, Democrats around America keep running from Kerry.

They recognize that his phony spin is going to doom their campaigns.

The Wellstone Memorial and Jim McDermott helped cost Democrats the Senate in 2002. And John Kerry will be the reason for Democrat defeats in 2006.

Fake Moderates like Harold Ford and Jon Tester have came out to condemn Kerry’s bashing of our troops. They recognize that Kerry can lie and spin all he wants, but that doesn’t change the fact that he bashed the military.

Professor Illuminata

At 16:46, our beloved Gary said:
“The Democrat Leadership explicitly approves Kerry’s rhetoric by staying silent on it.
They are either with Kerry on troopbashing, or against him.”

At 17:56 (an hour later, if I read military time correctly), he said:
“Meanwhile, Democrats around America keep running from Kerry.”

So, Gar, which is it? Seems to me, by your logic (assuming you’re real and have any), that Democrats around America are against Kerry on troopbashing. So what’s the problem again?


Sure Gary. Remember how well Drudge/Allen’s book burning blunder turned out?

Meanwhile, in real news from Iraq, the U.S. just dropped a search for a kidnapped U.S. soldier.

What do you think Drudge’s headline would be if a Democratic administration caved in like this?


Meanwhile, members of the party of corruption, lies and pedophilia add wife-beating to the list: Sweeney’s Wife Told Police He Was “Knocking Her Around”…

In other news, the fact is Gary’s usefulness as an idiot has a very short shelf life these days.


Democrat Leadership (Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer, Durbin) are refusing to address Kerry.

Democrat candidates in Republican areas are running from him.

What Kerry did is worthy of a censure from the Senate if he continues to refuse to apologize.

And fact is that the man that Democrat candidates like Tester and Ford voted for is a raving anti-military lunatic.


All those angry conservatives should remember Ann C’s thoughts on Vietnam – from Time’s profile on lovable Ann –

“Eight months later, Coulter’s relationship with MSNBC ended permanently after she tangled with a disabled Vietnam veteran on the air. Robert Muller, co-founder of the International Campaign to Ban Landmines, asserted that “in 90% of the cases that U.S. soldiers got blown up [in Vietnam]—Ann, are you listening?—they were our own mines.” (Muller was misquoting a 1969 Pentagon report that found that 90% of the components used in enemy mines came from U.S. duds and refuse.) Coulter, who found Muller’s statement laughable, averted her eyes and responded sarcastically: “No wonder you guys lost.””


Granted, expect the same geniuses who said that Tim Kaine was wrong for pulling ads from a site that put Michael Steele in blackface to condemn Ford and Tester as “losers” for not jumping off the cliff with Crazy Kerry.


When it comes down to it.

Kerry is going to have to beg for mercy. No doubt about it. He can spin and lie all he wants, but we’re going to make him crack and make him apologize for bashing the troops.

And in the process, Democrats will have to pick sides, either standing with our troops, or standing with Kerry.


Gary Ruppert,
Speaking of censure, what shall we do about Bush’s disgraceful, villainous comments that a Democratic victory in November is a victory for the terrorists? Kerry has never said anything approaching the pure deceitfulness and vileness of that remark. I hope Bush’s attacks on Democrats come back to haunt him during his forthcoming impeachment.


Why should Bush be punished for telling the truth?

A Democrat victory is a victory for the terrorists.


And another thing- Rethuglicans like John McCain are a disgrace when they criticize Kerry for a botched joke but don’t criticize Bush for suggesting that half the country are good for the terrorists. Piss on McCain, you, and anyone else who makes an outrage over Kerry’s remarks. There will be a day of reckoning for you all.


We all know he didn’t mean “our soldiers are dumb” like all the ranting wingers are claiming. He just inaccurately stated a massive truth: if you can’t get into college (due to finances or brains), you go into the military.
We need to grow a freakin’ spine and own this politically incorrect gaff before wacks like the Gar-bear make it mean something.


Oh God, Gary’s right: at this rate Kerry is not going to get ANY votes this year. Why, even in Massachusetts NO ONE will vote for him this year!


Standing with the troops, Gary? Like the one shrub just abandoned?

Speaking of McCain, and standing with the troops….

Nice to see Tammy Duckworth pulling ahead.


“The truth?” Like “Iraq had large stockpiles of chemical and biological weapons?” Like “Iraq is developing a nuclear weapon?” Like “Iraqis will welcome us as liberators?”

You kool-aid drinkers don’t know jack about the truth.


Whew, the stench of desperation is a little thick.

So, Ruppertino, the authors of your talking points expect us to believe that voters all over the country are going to rush to the polls (or stay home) over your side’s mischaracterization of a joke from a guy who is not running for any office and who, unlike 90% of the shills brimming over with obvious faux outrage, actually served?

Keep rubbing that lamp, sweetie.

At best, this buys you guys a day of distraction from the story of how Commander Codpiece just abandoned a kidnapped US soldier to whatever grisly fate the Shi’ite militias have in mind for him/her.


This “but Kerry is right about soldiers being dumb” defense is like defending calling a woman ugly by claiming that it’s “technically true”. It just doesn’t work and it’s still an attack.

The fact is that Kerry has ignited a firestorm with this bashing of our troops in Iraq.


When it comes to that soldier. I don’t believe the liberal media stories about this situation. He’s going to be found and rescued.


Actually, why don’t you go to Iraq to see a real firestorm. Bush’s ACTIONS have gotten us into the shit, Kerry’s words have very little meaning. Of course you Bush fellators can’t really brag about Bush’s actions so you have to attack Kerry’s misfired joke.


Furthermore, this “firestorm” about Kerry’s remarks are more a product of you whiny, frustrated, easily offended Rethuglicans and the lapdog media than they are of Kerry.


So, Ruppertino, the authors of your talking points expect us to believe that voters all over the country are going to rush to the polls (or stay home) over your side’s mischaracterization of a joke from a guy who is not running for any office and who, unlike 90% of the shills brimming over with obvious faux outrage, actually served?

Keep rubbing that lamp, sweetie.

I got a feelin’ Gary’s doing a LOT of “lamp rubbing” over this non-story.


You mean like the “whiny” American Legion?


My best suggestion, Ruppertino, is to start now on your spin about why this manufactured controversy didn’t move the needle in any actual polls or races. What will it be? “Librul media”? “Pollster hate the troops, too”?


I mean whiner losers like you. Anyone who actually believes that Kerry was attacking the troops is not only a whiner but is also an idiot. That’s what makes GOP criticism of Kerry even worse- they know he didn’t intend to insult the troops but they tell everyone he did anyway. Swine, all of you.


He already did the kingubu…Chavez stole the election. (I’m pretty sure he found that one on drudge, too.)

Read ’em and weep, Garybot.


More like a tempest in teacup, but you keep posting that whole “firestorm” assertion. Oh, by the way, you’ll note that not one person here defended the comment, or called it anything other than a stupid thing to say.


Kerry wasn’t actually talking about our troops at all there. He was trying to make a joke about Bush – study, do well in school, and you’ll go far. Slack off, goof off, join Skull and Bones, and you’ll become a second-term joke of a president stuck in Iraq.

The man’s only sin was being completely unable to deliver a joke properly. But then, we knew that during his presidential campaign. Honestly, I’d love to hear him say, “Listen, this is what I was trying to say, this is what I said instead, and I apologize to anyone who was offended by it” and just get it the hell over with. It doesn’t have to be this big of a deal.


And, for the record, I’m not defending what he said. It was insulting and stupid, and he needs to apologize.

I’m just saying that he’s a reasonably smart guy and that even if he did, in fact, think that every enlistedman currently in Iraq is the biggest idiot ever to walk the earth, he’d know how important it would be to never say it out loud. Come on, folks. We’re hearing hoofbeats and looking for a zebra.


Gary- the fact is that the kidnapped soldier has been abandoned and the troops that were searching for him have been pulled from the streets at the behest of an Iraqi politician who is trying to shore up his image by projecting a tough guy stance AGAINST American troops. And these are the guys on our team?

The fact is that Al-Sadr’s militia is certainly willing to torture, and can now use America’s stated policy allowing torture as cover; and it is almost certain they will elect to use these ‘aggressive interrogation techniques on the kidnapped American.

The fact is that the entire Bush administration does not care about this soldier, or in fact any of them, except in how they can be utilized for demagoguery. The fact is they haven’t even funded adequate evacuation transports for the wounded and dead, and the military has to resort to emergency funding just to return our fallen soldiers.

The fact is that for all your efforts to turn Kerry’s misspoken remark into an issue, the media also carried his righteous rebuttal, calling out the Republicans, like you, that are willing to slander someone who has actually served our country in uniform, in an active war zone, while you and the others are unwilling to serve.

The fact is that Kerry is not an issue in this election, much as you and Drudge try to make him one. Ever willing to deflect the subject, the Right is totally unwilling to debate issues in this campaign, knowing they lose on teh issues; but after six years of this, a majority of American voters are no longer distracted, and have no patience for these tactics of fear and smear.

But Gary, we actually kind of like you. As a fellow American, I would recommend you spend a week getting your news from somewhere besides Drudge and/or Fox every morning. There’s a world out here, Gary, that isn’t predicated on hatred, fear and ignorance, and it’s actually quite fulfilling and enjoyable to live without quaking in terror every damn day.

See you Tuesday, bud.


here’s Kerry’s clarification of his statement, FWIW:

He clearly states that he was referring to the president, not our military…


When it comes to that soldier. I don’t believe the liberal media stories about this situation.

Tell me, darling, which part don’t you believe:

1) that he/she was kidnapped by the Shi’ite militia?

2) that the the US cordoned off Sadr City in order to make it even possible to find him/her?

3) that Commander Codpiece lifted that blockade when PM Maliki ordered him to?

I hope our soldier is rescued safely, too, but Bush bending over for Maliki (who is looking more and more like al-Sadr’s poodle every day) inarguably makes that possibility far more unlikely.

Oh well, in George’s mind he/she was just another comma, right, Gar?


Gary finally fell back on that venerable wingnut chestnut, “I don’t believe the liberal media.”
What a brave, brave, automaton he is.


Please enjoy this brief musical interlude while the GaryBot queries his home server for data about how the mischaracterization of a botched joke insulting the Bush somehow undermines troop morale more than Bush abandoning a kidnapped soldier…


Shorter Hindraker: I know more about the people who served in Vietnam than the people who served in Vietnam.

Also, the fun trick about the “black didn’t die in disproportionate amounts” line is that this is only true about the end of the war. Early on, blacks were killed disproportionately. When black leaders started complaining about this and liberal politicians started getting involved, the military started taking actions to decrease black casualties and get them into a range that would be called “proportionate”.


“Like a power tool to the brain”

The batteries in Hinderaker’s drill are dead.

Gary uses a screwdriver.

It ain’t pretty to watch.


Don’t you guys love it when Gary gets all desperate? It’s so adorable. This is ALL THEY HAVE. One stupid comment by John Kerry, and they think the tables have turned. The fact is, this election is a referendum on George Bush, not John Kerry. You’re still fucked, Gar.

Keep your hopes up. I can’t wait to hear your excuses when you lose miserably. It’ll be Hugo Chavez’ fault, or Xenu’s, or George Soros, or something. It’s going to be a lot of fun rubbing it in once you fuckers go down on Tuesday.


I wish violence on no one, ever. But fucks like Assrocket should experience once, just once the conditions of battle. The sounds, the adrenaline that won’t go away, the basic fear…
He’s the guy in high school that was exceptionally proud that he could kick anyone’s butt at Risk or Stratego.
God what an ass.


It’s going to be a lot of fun rubbing it in once you fuckers go down on Tuesday.

I’m thinking of having “elections have consequences” tattooed on my ass.

“Fruit basket for Mr. Ruppert!”

Tara the anti-social social worker

I love the smell of desperation by Republicans. They can’t find a single bad thing to say bout people who are actually running for anything (cf earlier non-stories about Harry Reid selling land that he didn’t own, except that he did). If the R’s had any actual issues to talk about, they would.


And fact is that the man that Democrat candidates like Tester and Ford voted for is a raving anti-military lunatic.

Gary, Gary…this is what passes for a “fact” in your world?

The abandonment of a US soldier on orders from Moqtada al-Sadr? That will be the story very soon, Gary. You know, the “librul media” is stupid but sometimes they eventually catch on to what is really important in spite of all the noise right-wingers manage to generate.

Your brave warrior G. W. is now taking orders from al-Sadr and abandoning captured U.S. soldiers. That should be great for the morale of our troops.


Funny how it was OK for the preznit to say the war thus far is “just a comma.” The Repugs didn’t say a thing about that.

Anyway, it wouldn’t have mattered if John Kerry HAD told the joke 100 percent correctly. The Repugs have shown over and over that they are not above manufacturing and distorting anything that a Democrat says. Kerry knows this better than anybody. And it’s not a coincidence that Exhibit A in the case against Al Gore is something he never said.

You know, you would think if the Repugs had a single valid or relevant argument, they would use it.

Maybe that’s the October surprise?


Hoosier X, as far as I can recall, the preznit has never apologized for this:

“Our enemies are innovative and resourceful, and so are we. They never stop thinking about new ways to harm our country and our people, and neither do we.”—Washington, D.C., Aug. 5, 2004

However, he has continued to harm us.


You allowed Gary to take over an entire thread. As amusing as he is he gets way too much attention.


Especially when he never says anything.
Gary’s fun to make fun of, like a pity friend, but I wouldn’t worry to much about what he babbles on about.


“And fact is that the man that Democrat candidates like Tester and Ford voted for is a raving anti-military lunatic.”

Why aren’t you fighting in Iraq, Gary? Are you too busy “getting rich” in the real estate business?


Gary Ruppert said,
November 1, 2006 at any time ever:

The fact is the fact is, and that is not solipsistic, only the manifestation of my id, ego and super-ego engaging in a cage match to the death.
The fact is…..damn, this ache in my head is going to drive me insane.
What? Yes, mom, I’ll get right to it. God she’s such a bitch.

Smiling Mortician

boo, et al:

Kerry’s explanation (that it was a Bush joke) and apology to troops, their families, and any offended Americans, is now the top story on the NY Times online.


Gary Ruppert, do you know what a contingency plan is? Do you have one for next Wednesday?

Listen to me, Gary. Start looking for a counsellor now. Go to your regular doctor, if you have one, or a hospital emergency room, and talk to someone there. They will help you.

Despite what mikey says, I don’t believe you have a job, but don’t worry, if you are really in Missouri, Medicaid will probably pay for the doctor. They won’t pay for mine, I’m just disabled; but I’m pretty sure they’ll pony up if it means keeping a nutter like you off the streets, or keep you from harming yourself.

I’m serious, Gary. Get help. Now.


As amusing as he is he gets way too much attention.

Just fucking post his IP address already and get it over with. I just want the satisfaction of knowing that his contract with the RNC ends on Wednesday.


Don’t you guys love it when Gary gets all desperate? It’s so adorable. This is ALL THEY HAVE. One stupid comment by John Kerry, and they think the tables have turned.

A-fucking-men. Think of it: the GOP congress is going down in flames and probably taking the senate with it. And all the right-wing machine can do is attack the poor joke delivery of a senator who is NOT EVEN RUNNING.

They got nuthin’. Nuthin’.


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