Hey, sorry if you went down to Drinking Liberally last night and no one was there. They apparently moved the location for one week. I totally didn’t know about it either.


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Geez, they’ve got your real name and still won’t phone you?


So you walked in there in your outfit and no one was there? That must have been nice.


Sorry, I wanted to post about the location change in the comments yesterday but then work caught up with me…see you next week.

OT: not quite jon swift, but he tries.


Yeah, I was surprised to see you at scaryoke so early. Got pictures posted now. This one’s my favorite of you.


You missed a great amalgamation of the Boston/Cambridge liberal groups. Good fun all around. And Jack Abramoff, Sean Hannity, and enriched uranium… costumes.


Well then, nevermind all that stuff about not warning me in time to motivate.

however, next week…..


Hehehe. Sorry, Brad that must have been embarassing. Hehehe.


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