The Prez Says Cooperate, But Don’t Go Overboard

It seems the Plame grand jury has requsted all kinds of things, to include Air Force One phone records and the guest list for a party honoring Gerald Ford. How does the White House feel about it all?

White House officials said that neither Bush nor Chief of Staff Andrew H. Card Jr. had forbidden aides called by the grand jury from invoking the Fifth Amendment.

Just in case anyone was, you know, guilty, or wanted to take the fall for somebody who was guilty but vital to our War on Terror and John Kerry.


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Yeah, but why bother pleading the Fifth when you’ve got good old St. Ronnie’s “I forget” defence?

Let’s ‘forget’ this one for the Gipper, boys!


What you’ve quoted here means that Bush and Card think it’s OK for aides to invoke the Fifth Amendment. Or at least they haven’t said it isn’t OK. Certainly it’s anyone’s legal right to invoke the Fifth and White House aides should have that right, whatever Bush and Card say. But it’s an interesting twist on “cooperating fully with the investigation,” no?


“The White House Friday confirmed it had received subpoenas. ‘We’re still in the process of complying fully,’ said spokesman Scott McClellan.”
Newsday, 3/6/04.

Complying but possibly pleading the Fifth.

Brenda Helverson

A subpoena is just a piece of paper unless a court stands ready to enforce it. Will the 9-11 Commission issue a subpoena AND go to court if Bush refuses to comply?

Has there ever been a more arrogant White House aide than Condy Rice? She makes Haldeman & Erlichman look responsible.


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