Meanwhile in bizarro world…

This is a take so hot, it’s officially 2 Hot 2 Touch, by one Douglas Heye:.

Trump is uniquely positioned to cut a deal to prevent school shootings

Wait, don’t leave — that’s just the headline.

With yet another tragic mass shooting in the books, we’ve fallen back into a familiar, almost comfortable place in Washington. Both sides, especially on social media, go into their respective corners and essentially do not come out.

Both sides do it — you know this is gonna be good.

On the Republican side, we tend to offer thoughts and prayers and not much else. […] On the Democratic side, there are immediate calls for gun control, while mocking any Republican who offers thoughts and prayers as not only insufficient, but castigating anyone who does not support the Democratic agenda on gun control as being ultimately complicit in an attack. Much of the media echoes the sentiment.

So in these debates, the Republicans want to do nothing, while the Democrats want to do something and point out that Republicans are assholes for refusing to do anything. So clearly both sides are responsible for nothing getting done. The side that does nothing, and the side that wants to do something and calls out the other side for being assholes. Anyway — please do go on:

I was always struck by the reaction of colleagues whenever the 2007 Virginia Tech shooting was mentioned. […] Over time, I learned that it was […] a recognition of the work of so many in the immediate aftermath and how the government response to the Virginia Tech shooting was an example of how to get it right.

Getting it right is a sliding scale it turns out, because a mere 3 sentences later we’re told:

Ten years, later, it’s clear these actions — correct though they were — are not enough.

You think? These actions, meaning the NICS Improvement Amendments Act of 2007, are those about which the NRA wrote at the time:

In several ways this bill is better for gun owners than current law.

So clearly it had to be a really meaningful and impactful measure designed to address gun violence. So what should we do?

Many activists seem to mistakenly think that gun control is the only solution for immediate change. Indeed, we can take reasonable, proactive steps to help prevent future attacks, while protecting our Second Amendment rights. These need not be mutually exclusive.

Also, these need not be specified in any meaningful or even meaningless way. If you pretend to care about doing something, it will be done. But let’s get back to the headline — why and how is Trump uniquely positioned to cut a deal to prevent school shootings? Behold the entirety of the argument put forward.

But at a time when loud voices often rule the day, more calm voices, working together to solve this and other challenges surely is a better solution. Perhaps paradoxically, this creates a unique opportunity for President Trump to bridge this divide. He has a credibility with his base that other Republicans do not. He is the only person positioned to garner support for a deal that will simultaneously protect public safety and the Second Amendment.

So… the fact that we need calm voices means Trump has a unique opportunity to do something (what?), because his street cred with the Republican base is unparalleled. I can’t see any faults in this logic. I think Douglas should just go back to offer prayers, because it will take a miracle for President “I think my positions are going to be what the people in this room come up with” to “come up” with something.


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My guess is that were Trump to say anything even vaguely anti-gun the base will have a fit. He may be as scared of them as Republican Congresscreeps are.


$30M from the NRA buys the sort of Maverick John McCain only wishes he could be, implementing UK/Australia style gun control with nary a whimper in pshback a terrible Orange golfer.

Yes, after taking Saturday off because of his overwhelming empathy towards the victims of gun violence, he is burning up the phonelines to legislators with a hue and cry of We Must Do Something killing weeds with a metal stick thingy.

Gotta makeup day, ya’know.


Goddammit fucking WP.


I mean, seriously, like 8 tags and the kind of prose that would make Gary Ruppert get off his sister.

Or get off on his sister. Imma not willing to take bets.


How DARE you imply the GOP is doing nothing after they’ve gone on the public record with a valiant saga of SO MUCH THINKING & PRAYING!

Surprise Libertarian solution:

Thoughts & prayers are now cryptocurrency!


while mocking any Republican who offers thoughts and prayers as not only insufficient, but castigating anyone who does not support the Democratic agenda on gun control [that of actually doing something to deter if not prevent yet more attacks] as being ultimately complicit in an attack [which you are by the very fact that you aren’t doing</bB anything to deter if not prevent the inevitable future attacks.]

How dare we castigate you for being complicit when you're complicit as fuck! Come here and say that to my face, you whiny PoS.


*sigh* html fail *sigh*

PS – Get to move out of this fucking hellhole that is Texas next week YAY! Not a goddamn moment too soon. Next up, Binghamton NY.


The fact is, liberal leftist America hate will not stand our right to be armed is in the consitushun and shall not be impinged by some lovey dicey hippies who are biased toward the hard far left and not freedom values like in the heartland. Coastal eleitests will not stop the trump train.


Oh yes, GOPers working with Dems to solve this and other challenges. That has been going so fcking well. GOPers are so reasonable and accommodating, filled with empathy and good will…. [vomit]


We no longer need a blue tsunami. We need a blue flamethrower. Start with The SMOTI.

And that fucking orange moron had a cue card during his ‘listening session’ stating “I hear you”.

“I hear you”.

Hear this, asshole. You’re going to prison. Supermax. Long-ass time. None of Lil’Donny junior’s ‘special massages’. No capitalistic conjugal relations.

And Imma just giggle.


Seen on the intertubez: the same people that said 13 and 14 year olds were mature enough to date Roy Moore are now saying 17 and 18 year olds are too immature to have opinions on gun control.


You’re moving, Pup? I’m so happy for you. You’ve done your time.Enjoy being back in Civilization.


Thanks, suez! We had figured three to five years in TX. Getting out in a scant three. YIPPEE!


Pup, glad you got out alive. Too bad you have to move to the wrong coast. You & The Ho going to be at one of Binghamton’s fine schools? To wit:

Colleges and Universities: Binghamton University, Ann Marie’s World of Beauty School, Binghamton University College of Law



Yup Ann Marie’s World of Beauty School is it.


Did someone say “BIZARRO World”? Get this:

Over the weekend, Jerome Corsi, the crackpot conspiracy theorist who works as a “journalist” for the right-wing website Infowars, appeared yet again on “Lionel Nation,” where he claimed there is “evidence that can’t be dismissed out of hand” that the late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was murdered by a male child while visiting a “pedophilia ranch.”

“The story is a pedophilia ranch,” Corsi said, “a boy ranch for elite to go on these so-called hunting trips and have sex with young children, with young boys. That story that is being circulated—and with some, again, evidence that can’t be dismissed out of hand, that has to be investigated—that there was an incident with a 13-year-old boy, the story is, and it will mean that Scalia was involved in pedophilia, and it didn’t go well and the kid cut his throat and killed him and was then disposed in a bad sex incident.”

“We don’t have proof of this,” Corsi added. “We are not saying it’s true, we are not saying this is how it happened, but if you are investigating, you have got to answer certain questions, again, that don’t fit together.”



*sniff* That’s, ummm, beaubeau*snorfle* BEAUTIFUL!!! *bawls*


StormyGate now getting set to grace the courts!

Ohhh yeah, sue him good & hard, you cunning minx.
Sue him so deep & raw that he can’t walk straight for three days.
Ooooh baby, we know you like it when we can watch you sue.

Smells from way up hither like this Dadaist-nihilist “Modern Presidential” geek act is just getting warmed up, kids.



Two words: Lunch Lady

Lunch lady who argued sexting with a 15-year-old was free speech pleads guilty

Former middle school lunch lady pleads guilty for sharing nude photos and ‘sexting’ …

Former Middle School Cafeteria Worker Pleads Guilty to ‘Sexting’ 15-Year-Old

Lunch lady pleads guilty to sexting student

Guilty: Middle School Lunch Lady ‘Sexted’ With Students

Inver Grove Heights lunch lady pleads guilty to sexting student after First Amendment appeal fails


And I’m uniquely positioned to vote Stacey Dash to office…

Pupienus Maximus

Stormy Daniels said she had a sexytime thing with His Poxcillency, tRump. His Poxcillency said it ain’t true. So who ya gonna believe, the fake blonde with big tits or Stormy Daniels?


Why not enforce keeping the mentally ill and criminals from purchasing these weapons? Yes, there are required background checks but we need to have stricter gun control laws for our own safety…with or without guns.


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