Just One Damned Thing After Another

So I was reading the news recently and it turns out that Obama had been using the entire US security apparatus to spy on every single person in the US (or maybe beyond as well, who knows?). Which is of course truly shocking and apparently means that Obama is going to jail — for good measure restrained like Dr. Lecter. [Do they think Obama is a cannibal? Why am I even asking?]

Anyway — since President Youppi* has been in office for a year which has prompted many contributions to the Trump assessment genre that, like the President, is driven first and foremost by hyperbole so inane it makes it hard to keep a straight face when reading it. (And really impossible to know if the writer is deranged or thinks everyone else is). Brent Smith, the “Common Constitutionalist” and Walter from The Big Lebowski thus writes:


Which I guess is par for the course though I do wonder why they didn’t just publishing these columns earlier, as in


Too late for that now, sadly. As for Brent, it turns out he’s very excited because it doesn’t matter how much you cut taxes on the wealthy, it’s only fun if you make life even more difficult for poor people:

And here we go again, with yet another example of conservative policy. With little fanfare, the Trump administration now will allow states to require able-bodied Medicaid recipients to work for their benefits.

Besides a tax cut and the North and South Korea getting along better (!), Brent doesn’t actually list other accomplishments so I was left rather disappointed and left with no other choice than googling Trump accomplishments for which the first result comes from TownHall** (because of course). And lo and behold the list of the 7 greatest accomplishments!

  • Moving The American Embassy To Jerusalem
  • Improving The Economy
  • Hurting NFL Attendance
  • Pulling Out Of The Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • Trump’s Tax Plan Delivered
  • Decimating ISIS
  • Nominating Judges
  • Hurting NFL attendance is a of President Youppi accomplishment? Do they know Colin Kaepernick isn’t playing anymore?

    * I know — that’s what I’ve called Brent Bozell many times in the past but his hair is losing some of its orange so it’s time to pass the torch.
    ** Of course Google is liberal and thus bad, but the first result is TownHall, so it can’t be Google’s fault that the first result is garbage, can it?


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    I thought the site was defunct. Glad to see you still kicking around on the planet and yeah, I missed you. Don’t go getting all sloppy about it tho.


    Welcome back to life.



    Is this thing on?


    It’s a little known fact that, when using NFL attendance as a data point, we far outrank even the United Kingdom in GDP*.

    *TDAmeritrade, January 28, 2018, Halfbacks and Long Snappers: Is The Post Pattern Keynesian?


    The fact is, liberals keep on hating and assassinating good people with lies, and also hate freedom and the free market and anybody being suckcessfull



    There are no “good people”, you ignernt schmuck.


    For those extra good people, I prefer a steel-jacketed lie wrapped in a page of Das Kapital … sends ’em straight to the secret FEMA camps every time!

    Huh. Conflicts of interest, too, seem to have a liberal bias in the reign of Combover Caligula.



    Sadly, No and Gary Rupert… feels like old times.

    Also, the Trump Administration is staffed by garbage people.


    Was that list written in crayon?


    And Gary Rupert is back too! So glad I stopped by!


    Meanwhile, Combover Caligula cops 44% from McClatchey.

    Remember when the ingenious Left yukked it up over what a doomed scam his campaign was & wrote him off? Remember how sweet that cunning strategy turned out?

    Perhaps prior to the return of Amerika’s collective PENIS deep into the fascist bowels of the historical hornet’s nest it so adroitly plooked in 2016, a second opinion should be acquired.


    The fact is, liberals are the snowflakes and easily triggered Russian bots. No true usaian would slander our coc and the troops as they do their mission is freedom your mission is communism time to round up liberals and put them in camps so terrorist cannot use them to defeat real freedom lovers hear in the heartland


    Careful, Gary. You never know when you might have to throw THE TROOPS!!! under the bus as part of the Secret Society conspiring against Trump. Until recently the FBI too was all “mission of freedom,” and now look.


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