Eclipse is a coming

In 22 days some of us in these United States will get to observe one of Natures most amazing displays, a total eclipse of the sun. Now the event itself happens with a surprising amount of frequency But they pop up in random parts of the world and are only visible in a narrow band along the path cut by the shadow of the moon as it crosses between planet and star…For those of us not within that narrow band we will be able to observe a partial eclipse, and those are very cool as well…but this one is as close as I been to one, and 94% of the sun blocked will be impressive but this being possibly the first thing I ever put on my bucket list, before I ever knew such a thing existed, compels me to conspire to make an attempt to make it to totality. And I would suggest that any of you reading this make  a similar attempt if you are able…


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Pupienus Maximus

I been dithering on whether to ride my motorcycle up to Oregon to catch the show, maybe as part of my annual epic Moto trip. Gov. Brown has called out the Natl. Guard because by all predictions the place is going to be a fucking zoo with tons of people from Washington, Canada, and some YUGE number of them damn Californies swarming in to bring about the eclipsepocalipse.


I just lost a reply….

Shorter me, I think it possible that some of the local color might be a bit freaked by this one which will be the closest to totality in this area at least since I have been alive, but if I am lucky I might bounce into an area of totality…

That plan is still a work in progress…Nashville TN would be the closest notible polity within that window…


This looks promising:


Or not:

Steel, the space scientist and author, says it is foolish for anyone to believe in such prophecies. “Way back, when people had little ability to predict when eclipses would occur apart from recognizing that there are distinct cycles, perhaps it is understandable that doom-mongering based on eclipses occurred,” he says by email. “But for people nowadays to imagine that they are portents of doom is just daft…. If people believe that the forthcoming solar eclipse ‘means’ anything for the U.S., for Trump, for the world, then they are deluded.”

Party pooper.


Hey, need one have the keys for one’s avatar to show?


One, more than likely you’ll need to sleep in your car, or a tent, since pretty much every available motel room is booked, state parks are fully booked, etc. I’m reading reports that AirBnB reservations are going for 2-10K per night.

National forests offer a lot of spaces, but the facilities are going to be few and far between. There’s a lot of wilderness out there, but it’s just that…wilderness. Be Prepared!

State emergency managers are saying to treat this as a mass evacuation event: take enough food and water to be self-sufficient, do not expect to have reliable cell service, epic traffic jams, etc.

Heck the national ‘porta-potty’ companies are expecting shortages.

So, in other words, somewhere between a cross-continent ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Fyre festival’ depending on how well prepared the region you’re in is…

Gonna be a wild and crazy time all!


MB, I do not believe that is the case, I think ones gravy is attached to their email address, or registered to a specific URL, Not 100% sure, but if there would happen to be a syntax error in one of those types of fields then no avatar…I cant remember exactly how or why, because I did the process years ago….

I see that you have that flaming brain deal attached to your blogspot account….
but for now, that is all I got…I might look into the process in a bit more detail on the morrow, but I do know that my gravatar is portable, and not sure whether of not pup has one…but their display is not hooked into any privileges here


The gravatars are attached to a account, which is attached somehow to your presense…or to a specific computer…It is now past my bed time, check that stuff, I see that you have moved yer blog to a wordpress space from blogspot, so something in the configuration on your end is in play…

Maybe another one of our number will have something a bit more coherent for you…


Bruce, excellent points all, apologies, your comment was sitting in moderation, and I just noticed same…

But yes you are absolutely correct, one would best happen to be friendly with a loner with a piece of Yard and some friendly if intimidating dogs guarding the place….Add to that the near certainty of the proliferation of end timers, new age cultists, and any other ‘scene’ looking to glom on to the spectacle and one has any number of recipes for a frustrational viewing…

So in actuality it might be more important to side step the weather, and take what nature gives us locally in three weeks time…


There have, in fact, been a few times and places when the villains were quite as villainous, and the heroes quite as heroic. (Think Germany in the 1930s.)


Found an interactive map that gives info about the eclipse: In my neck of the woods, the eclipse will only cover 71% of the sun.


Somewhere between a cross-continent ‘Woodstock’ and ‘Fyre festival’ depending on how well prepared the region you’re in is…

Gonna be a wild and crazy time all!


First, and most obvious, there’s the fossil fuel industry — think the Koch brothers — which has an obvious financial stake in continuing to sell dirty energy.


An influential part of the U.S. political spectrum — think the Wall Street Journal editorial page — is opposed to any and all forms of government economic regulation;


daphne, thanks for dropping by, but I fear that you may be casting your pearls of wisdom before swine…I am not sure that this readership is ready for the truth…


Oh, I for one am plenty ready for the truth. I just prefer it as comments that have some passing relevance to the original post. And, y’know, comments that aren’t posted by a fucking obvious bot.


good morning/late evening Mr Loomis, nice to see you out and about…And yes regarding the bot/thing…I can’t remember why I left this one…there may have been an experiment planned or it was a case of padding the numbers as anemic they have been of late, and also to see if any other angles of approach might be tried given interaction with same…..yadda bullshit yadda, or simply because I was bored…

If you haven’t already you might wish to take a look outside locate cassiopea ( a kind of slighly misshapen w looking constellation) and start looking for meteors…I was just out for about 20-30 munutes and saw nothing of note…I happen to be living in exactly the part of town that I would avoid if I were choosing optimal viewing points for this shower….

So I wish and hope that someone has better luck, because this is supposed to be a decent one….


I saw a total eclipse once – awesome! Go if you can…

Pupienus Maximus

Those Canadianites do go to extra lengths to be helpful.


That is simply awesome PM, Another example of and data point that begs the question of how did we manage to get so effing screwed…..Theoretically speaking we are from the same stock as the Canadianites, but they managed to avoid turning into the unconscionable assholes that seem to plague us south of the border we share with them…


Canuckistani here. Was going to sympathize and point out that we have our own homegrown assholes and stuff. Heck, we elected Harper thrice, each time with a bigger mandate.

But this week is not a week where I can compare Canadian shitbags to American shitbags. You have won the shitbag contest. Maybe our stinkiest Steyn’d shitbags might be comparable to some of yours, but in terms of quantity and impact we’re not even in the same league.

USA number one, I guess?



Anyways, I’m here as an optimist. Maybe this time is different. Maybe giving cover to actual Nazis might be the thing that does Pussy Grabber in. He’s already starting to lose things which might matter to him. Consider this from yesterday:

For every CEO
that drops out of the Manufacturing Council, I have many to take their place. Grandstanders should not have gone on. JOBS!

To this from today:

Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!

I suspect that one of the biggest reasons he agreed to run for POTUS is that he liked the idea of being the most important CEO in the world, with other CEOs “reporting” to him. He’s lost that now.


I suspect that one of the biggest reasons he agreed to run for POTUS is that he liked the idea of being the most important CEO in the world, with other CEOs “reporting” to him. He’s lost that now.

That might actually have been one of the biggest reasons that he was in to the job at first, I mean for a *man* with such consistant ego gratification requirements, the pResidency of the USofA should have been a perfect job, but for a dude who has been sailing on some other persons dime his entire life he has quickly run into the fact that the ego gratification of the office is easily outstripped by the responsibilities of same…

I would bet good money that during the past few months that he has cried his first adult tears while sobbing angrily in some corner of the west wing because he is pissed off at Obama, for making it look so easy, and thinking that he got the shaft….As it suddenly dawns on him that he will be left holding the bag when this shitshow goes south….


Wow. Combover Caligula shits the bed, bigly!

“Rather than putting pressure on the businesspeople of the Manufacturing Council & Strategy & Policy Forum, I am ending both. Thank you all!”

This is a gutshot. When you lose Corporate Amerika you’ve lost the next several elections. Remember, the Kochs are on record saying that with no repeal of Obamacare, their money spigot is closed for business until further notice … & corporate culture has long since learned that opposing extremist intolerance is good for business. Unlike district boundaries, election war-chests can’t be gerrymandered. Maybe co-opting anti-globalist & anti-big-biz memes wasn’t so ingenious after all?

Campaign funding versus angry wingnuts is the GOP’s Sophie’s Choice for 2018 & beyond.

Pupienus Maximus

Glad I decided to not ride my motorcycle to OR for the eclipse.

East of Prineville, traffic backed up 14 miles Wednesday night.


It’s kind of apropos that this has come around due to Lee statues. The Reconstruction deal was that even though “slavery” was illegal, the South could essentially continue its terror regime over Blacks and that everyone would just pretend that all of that treason didn’t happen. A sort of implicit “well slavery is really bad, but since it’s only Negroes we’ll let it slide, you just gotta at least pretend that they’re human beings.”

That attitude is still here. It’s the prime mover of how we got here – that too many white people are so scared of being called racist, they let racist things slide. Keeping quiet while racist Uncle Joe talks about how lazy the wetbacks are for example. It’s White Supremacy, and it’s gotten bold enough to hold public rallies for apartheid and eliminationism. We’ve been letting these sociopathic fuckers pretend that they’re mainstream so frigging long that they’ve become mainstream. They’ve put a Nazi apologist in the Oval Office.

So, good that we’re finally doing the decent thing by kicking these assholes and their Confederacy statues are finally getting booted from the public square. History my frigging ass, these monuments are just reminders to the “lesser races” that even losing a war doesn’t stop white people from having dominion over them. They belong in a museum – in the “Losers and Traitors” wing.

But we’re still doing it. We’re still being too kind to these terrorists. Donald “some very fine people were marching with the KKK and the Nazis” Trump is even more racist than I thought he was. A fucking Nazi apologist. And yet he is currently on his way to Camp David to run the country’s national securty apparatus.

The Reconstruction deal is a fundamental part of the US. The US owes its existence to the tacit acceptance of White Supremacy. The forgiveness of rising in armed insurrection renders all other sins trivial, especially since it’s only minorities that are being persecuted. And you see its effects to this day. The “both sides” ing. The imperative that all media organizations have at least one racist motherfucker to provide “balance”. Every news article about Donald Trump that doesn’t acknowledge that he is racist as fuck – that’s today’s version of a Robert Lee statue. Every mendacious attempt at moral equivalency is just another Daughters of the Confederacy monument. It’s a reminder that White Supremacy is not only real, but it IS the policy of the US. And while other nations may not have something like Reconstruction in their history, but we’re White Supremacist cultures nonetheless. So it is the essentially the policy of modern Western civilization.

If you’re not outraged, you’re not paying attention. But the thing is that we’ve grown up surrounded by this. We’ve lived all our lives coddling racists and letting white supremacists wallow in their turpitude. It’s like how fish have no word for water. But that also means that we are all a part of White Supremacy. We’re not outside it fighting against it, we are it. Even those of us that aren’t white.

So it’s good that these monuments are coming down. And that the conversation has shifted – that we can be outraged at attempts at blaming the victims of terror attacks for violence. That Corporate America wants to distance itself from the Nazi apologist in the Oval Office. That White Supremacists are no longer welcome to hold conferences “in posh hotels” (although I guess they could still try to book at Trump properties).

I’m hoping that this is the end for Trump. That there’s a limit to what the tens of millions of people who voted Trump will let go. Maybe they even agreed with the bullshit about bad hombres all being rapists or whatever. But we’re talking about Nazis now. Trump is defending Nazis. Literally, Nazis. And while the election showed me that it was very easy to overestimate the basic decency of the American voter – it’s sympathizing with Nazi terrorists this time.


Apologies for the bad formatting. I guess I’m a bit rusty.


……….. ’tis the hour of darkening come nigh at long last.

***W***0***0***T !!!

Pupienus Maximus

Teh eclipseacal camed. We still here. Gawd’s wrath, eh?


Don’t give up on Hurricane Harvey. My fingers are crossed for total destruction.


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