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We’re a troll society now, a kakistocracy. 2016 was months of people going “If you elect that woman, we are going to make the next four years HELL. Here’s a preview.” No wonder so many people retreated into A Pox on Both Their Houses. There was enough awful being thickly enough spread that it probably did seem like it was coming from everywhere.

And it did seem to work and the hows and whys have been something of a personal obsession of mine since that shit went down….And as I am currently blessed with an abundance of time with limited distraction the ciphering of this conundrum has become something of an obsession,and takes a bit of time….And aside from the usual bag of bullshit and lies from which our society has always been composed, pressures that have always been extant, it remains a fascination that I can’t shake loose of…. A constant that is in another sense, infinite. And in this sense it represents the universal… and is some senses the absolute…I, being a curious sort, have wondered what ancient was compelled to solve a problem and spent his time working out the relationship between a circle and its diameter, and while I vaguely remember that there was an old greek who was credited with its codification, there are other theories as well: Aliens, a Time Traveling Future Man™.*

In any event, that fascination has crept back into the foreground, In part I believe to serve as a distraction from the day to day completely frustrating obsession with making sense of the Trumpnominon™

And it occurred to me the last night as I was attempting to see how much of that number that I could claw back from memory, and now I know…

*given the amount of time I have spent attempting to memorize the number to 20 or more siginficant digits


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Telzey Amberdon

Math Team cheerleader chant:

Tangent, cotangent, cosine, sine!
Three point one four one five nine!


Telzy, that is a good one…never heard it myself….I was actually pretty horrible at math, though geometry made sense…

I think if I had heard that one in fifth grade, I might have done better later….


In any event, that fascination has crept back into the foreground, In part I believe to serve as a distraction from the day to day completely frustrating obsession with making sense of the Trumpnominon™

It’s bizarre… we now live in a country in which people make death threats against Shakespeare companies and howl that the Declaration of Independence is Marxist propaganda by NPR.


It’s bizarre…

It is amazing how quickly the assertion of the unassailability of White Male Privilege™ SPD* had to be asserted, lest the walls of western civilization come tumbling down…

*Small Penis Division


For assorted reasons, I’ve had to try to step back a little from politics. Some.

Then I saw that Anastasia represented the US at a G20 meeting. Next to Angela Merkel and Xi, in a room with Macron, Trudeau, and the at-least-elected May.

While daddy was sucking Putin’s schwanz so hard he’d reached the belly button and fartbox.


They must be destroyed, the earth under them salted, burned, and hit by several medium-sized asteroids.

I took painkillers last night, and given that I have no tolerance for opioids, laughed my ass off at Leverage and slept like a baked baby. And woke up to that little bit of loonicidal bullshit. Goddammit.



Ok I had a rather lengthy reply to this involving some humerous insight, a description of some detail concerning the awesome summer salsa, that I have stewing made from some of yesterdays farmers market finery currently steeping and awaiting progress on the rest of what I can assure you will be a magnificent breakfast, but then I hit a key that sent it into oblivion….

i will admit that I am taking it well, but I do need to sort which key on this chromebook is responsible and then get some duct tape involved….

Now with care, I will carefully hit the submit button


Now I, even I, would celebrate
In rhymes unapt, the great
Immortal Syracusan, rivaled nevermore
Who in his wondrous lore
Passed on before
Left men his guidance
How to circles mensurate.


Future Man? Not a bad theory. I haven’t seen Andrew Wilson in anything in a long time, so maybe that’s where he went.


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