Derp of the mornin’ to y’all

An example of some stuff I missed while shitting the dog, that was transpiring on another blog in my absence title stolen from stream of commentary yakishness! I happen to have been well acquainted with a few of these goofs and this is something that not only am I upset to have missed in real time, with every likelihood of having torpedo’d the groove /Occam wont let me lie!

But that did not occur, and what transpired in a short period of time was brilliant…And I can almost be certain that it was not choreographed in any fashion, which if it had been would have been brilliant…

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Cole D’Biers • 2 hours ago
Derp of the mornin’ to y’all
benjiku/- Cole D’Biers • 2 hours ago
Trump want throne and dancing now

Gummo/- Cole D’Biers • 2 hours ago
Gee, I wonder why that is, moron.

Good morning, protesting people.

Moe_Szyslak/- Cole D’Biers • 2 hours ago
When Saudi Arabia goes, and it will, it’ll make Syria look like a walk in the park.

dmark/- Moe_Szyslak • 2 hours ago
$50 a barrel oil makes it all that much closer.

SufferinSuccotash, Nut Job/- Moe_Szyslak • 2 hours ago
Lots of foreign workers in SA, many of whom are Shia.

dmark/- SufferinSuccotash, Nut Job • 2 hours ago
“It’s Always Sunni In Saudi Arabia”
SufferinSuccotash, Nut Job/- dmark • 2 hours ago
Until the Shi’ite hits the fan.


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Get yer mind out of the Qatar.


I knew I had to say hello
Syria smiled up at me
And took my hand
And we walked through the park alone

-The Cowsunnis, The Rain, The Park, And Other Things


appologies, your comments were held up in moderation, and I was busy goofing elsewhere…

yer gravy looks familiar, but I cant place it right now…Thanks for hanging in there…


Mr. Provider sir,

T’was paleo what barked in the night.

(IOW watching Legend of Boggy Creek at lunch and fucking around with nyms whilst considering an aggressive career path in either trafficking human keratin or field research in time/alcohol travel.)


Because love grows
when Saudi Arabia goes
and nobody knows
like Shia

-Medinason Lighthouse, Luxor Grows


I’ll shut up now.


Mr p, feel free to continue, it is almost as if we are screeming into the void anyhoo….And this should help me determine if the server is still in yurp…

Oh and thanks for hanging in with us!


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