America’s Vestibule; it’s Breezy in here

It is early in the AM at the hunkered down Midwestern Regional Offices™ for the once and hopefully future industrial-grade snark dispensary: Sadly,No! And I just got up. As in, (is there still coffee in the pot?) cool! Might as well get up, heat some up and listen to the sounds of a spring morning in a charming University town in Gilead in the state from which comes our once and future king Penceslas™!

On a morning like this, well most of them recently, to be perfectly honest, start this way…Heat up or make some effing coffee and catch up on any fresh hell that might have transpired while off the clock (my nickname for sleep, when she will have me, that is); which means getting on line and discovering that the Internet still works, the lights are still on; and if lucky: Finding the adolescent feline beast a-purr in bed next to me as happened to be the case a few some odd minutes ago. Following that a quick dash across the ‘trons is in order and a catchup and cleanup of previous threads in which I may have left traces or questions unanswered when I bounced.

That finished I decided to look in on Mr Edroso, as it had been a couple of days and whenever we happen to luck into his graces is a good day whether at the Voice or at his own Place. Which is where this morning started with a post titled: YOU THINK YOU CAN KILL ME EASY? Graced with a picture of Olivier from his turn in a movie that I believe is called the Marathon man, a mid seventies think piece and possibly one of the better films of the era and a veritable South African Diamond mine or Memetic Trope-ulon if you will for that late 20th century Cold War catch in our collective throat, that we thought we might clear out with a healthy cough that phlegmed out Reagan, and since that didn’t work and because we have gone round the bend once again we Try, once again Hacking and Wheezing and finally coughing up Trump.

So I manage to get to the front page, see the picture of Olivier and get this far before firing up this tab

Don’t get your hopes up. As I keep saying, he gives them the policies they want, and they let him grift; that’s the arrangement. Why would they blow the deal now?

I know, Pence; but the American people — or at least a near-plurality of them — didn’t vote for Barebones Feargod; most of them findsmall-smiling Mother-wived Bible creeps like him as repulsive as you do; if they didn’t, they’d have nominated Ted Cruz.

The whole thing is a well engineered delivery system for a finely…not gonna get that one to port sings! But this small-smiling Mother-wived bible creeps along with Barebones Feargod are two for the ages in one clause. They stopped me in my tracks and motivated me to pen this nonsense…So I should probably finish the piece, get back to sleep, give this one a look or walk through upon waking. I swear to dog, if that had been my only exposure to the wonder that is Roy, coming across a reminder would always bring a smile to my face….Thanks man!


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I’m hearing that Ailes’ cause of death was a blood clot, resulting from his falling and hitting his head last week. I don’t like to take enjoyment from the suffering of others but I can’t help but appreciate the poetic justice of his succumbing to a fatal faceplant.


DKW, it is with some small regret that your comment and the detail it added to the picture of the tragedy and its reading produced a sliver of a grin on my face, until it occurred to me that he was probably for all intents dead when he hit the ground…..(2c’s2r’s)


Schadenfreude is one of the few free entertainment options open to the common people!


The below is a little spam for the fix…Not exactly sure what sir spamalot’s actual intent in this case is with sharing this with us but do with it what you will, suffice it to say it is not worthy of mockery

And to the carrier pigeon with the pithy nick, aka: FYWP (ha! the urn!) you comment here at our sufferance, have a pat on the back a participation trophy and a hearty ‘thanks for playing’ and next time, lose the training wheels and bring something related to the game that is being played!

TIA, and best,


And anybody is an expert on the “laughingstock” thing, it’d be the overweight 70-year-old orange guy with the bleach blond combover and the tie hanging down to his knees…


I like the turn there SG, and you’d be right, but I am still dificultizing with the fact that ‘it’ drools on ‘we’…This flash-bang and the attended nothing to see here move along response from all of the quarters, save a few left on the intertrons still has me befuddled (just added two words to the dictionary, will probably make use of them again) but yeah Feeling you, and also needing some coffee of which we are currently out….



Jesus, this place is as dead as Andrew Breitbart.

I’ll never survive until impeachment at this rate.

My dear fellow Sadlies, you are simply going to have to step up the snark production level a bit, that’s all there is to it.


It’s almost as if you can actually hear the sound of some guy flogging a dead horse…


Snark may hit an event horizon in a time of Dadaist Budgets & fascist Proxy Riots.

Also, as of now your courts seem to be delivering your best & most scintillating snark for you already. Downright dripping with it, as it were.

Also too, merry merry mard moo mring dowm da mammer of muh mrutal mnark whiff all mis melicious mopcorm in muh mouff…



Sadly, it seems the sad hour has come to bid a sad farewell to Sadly, No!

Many thanks to all the Sadlies, commissars and commentariat alike, who have given me personally, and the rest of Left Blogistan generally, so much to treasure over the past many years.

Thank you!

The commenter formerly known as “some guy”


Some Guy…

Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier due to recent computer related technical difficulties at the Midwestern offices…I am sorry to hear that you will no longer be able to grace us with your wit and kindness…

I do hope that what lies ahead of you is full of flowers, bunnies and kittens, good food, accommodations and fine company, in other words all the best to you and yours…

Bon Chance and Bon Voyage old friend and may the wind always grace your back!



Sigh. I miss Seb.

Pupienus Maximus

Stick a fork in its ass and turn it over – it’s done.


Just using this space to pontificate a bit about the UK Election.

First, yayy Corbyn. Good on outperforming the predictions and really driving a stake through the heart of the “unelectable” nonsense.

That said, I suspect that much of the turnout (especially among the younger crowd) was driven by Brexit-remorse. And I worry about how sustainable that is. Clearly the progressive movement has a great deal of momentum in the UK right now, but the battle is certainly not won yet.

Secondly, wow what a daunting balancing act lies in wait for Theresa May. Her coalition is so fractured. Chasing the DUP is going to alienate both the moderate and extremist ends of her party. The moderates will be put off by the homophobic social conservatism. The extremists will be upset by the DUP’s Soft Brexit stance (i.e. what to do about the Ireland-Northern Ireland border). The only thing that holds them together is the conservatism tendency to worship authority and her Right Honourableness’ authority took a beating with the election results.

She has 318 seats, but she needs 326 for a majority. DUP has 10, but there are 13 Tories in Scotland who have already declared their loyalty is to Scotland before the party. Describing it is a precarious hold on power is actually quite generous. To be clear, the two groups she is currently negotiating with are the DUP who are homophobic and the Scottish Tories who are lead by an out of the closet lesbian. And both groups are in favour of a softer Brexit, which is at odds with the majority of the rest of the party. And she needs everyone’s buy-in.

So here’s the situation for the Tories. May refuses to resign – but there is no way they will let her lead another election campaign. With the “control” they have of the House, they don’t know when that election might be. The Queen’s Speech has already been postponed, and anything the government needs voted on represents a very good chance of the government failing on lack of confidence.

The Conservatives won the election. Not only did they get more seats, but they got more votes. And yet they are in the weakest position I’ve seen a governing party ever. Theresa May who claimed that she would no longer be PM if she lost just six seats (she lost 13) is squatting in 10 Downing. Well, we’ll just see how long it takes for her prediction to come true.


Hey D_KW,

One of my best friends has a son that was just drafted last night in the first round by the Blue Jays, 28th overall.

He’s been throwing 100+ mph fairly consistently lately.


Meanwhile I’m patiently waiting for my NDP-Green coalition to step up & rule BC with a solar-powered holistic patchouli-daubed rainbow fist.

21st Century coalition government?
In MY Dominion?
It’s more likely than you’d think!

Shit just got interesting.


Your mom pontificates


Your mom pontificates

Allright…now that mothers have become involved…


The fact is, you liberals should shut up. Trump is our ruler fair and square and hes gonna make all of you unamericans leave or die or shut up. All this Russie stuff is bunk because Hiterly is the communist and her emails too, coropt. Socialest is finished now that the freedom is back


Yeah, well ur mum is a very classy lady.

Elsewheres on teh InterNotATruck, Zardoz made the Reddit front page.


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