Tweet Mother of God

I came across this series of Tweets from Dear Leader this morning and after /ratchet jack with jaw gag, ala Bugs and Elmer/ wondered again, if this was another salvo in this re-production of a mashup of mid twentieth century absurdist Theatre.

What rendered this rant necessary was stumbling across a series of Tweets from Dear Leader that demonstrate a level of understanding that would probably been challenged in scope and accurracy by my seven year old self:

Donald J. Trump ? @realDonaldTrump
As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with perfect accuracy!….

And a nation, at least the sentient portion of it whose paths these have crossed one of these tweets may have required one of these to aid the lifting and relocating of the jaw to its proper place…But we might need something of even more industrial quality, because I keep looking back at the tweet and find my jaw hitting the ground again…Yes, that guy, is still demonstrating his Executive acumen as well as his telling* abilities…(*telling in this case refers to those times that a toddler in your life who has just discovered one of the great truths of the world wishes to share it with you with the urgency that such a discovery demands.)

One might be inclined to believe that he has just now begun to understand that Presidenting is Hard. And the fact that he does not even have the sense, as have all of his predecessors, of hiding that fact from everybody if only as a matter of national security, as has every president before him has done…Because to be real, every last president during the last 100 years or so, has had to deal with what, has to be a substantial learning curve, and like students everywhere
It is taking time to process, and like narcissists everywhere he has to demonstrate a certainty of acumen, while at the same time suggesting that the job is actually beneath him. And he is terrified of everything and at all times that he will finally be discovered to be the fraud that his money has always been round to provide cover.


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As a longtime me,beer of the commentariat, I respectfully request that Seb, Cerb, Pup and Provider read the attached article and muse aloud with us as to the veracity of the author’s insight into the RWNJ psyche…

Myself, I think represents major breakthrough in the field of wingnutology.

What think ye, o wise elders?

The Dark Avenger

One thing dealing with a narcissist teachs you is what unwarranted neediness really looks like.


Hello! Hello!

Come in, Amelia Earhardt!

Do you read me?


Some guy, got it, sorry busy dicking around, but I was thinking about needing to get round to Something else…



Some guy, got it, sorry busy dicking around, but I was thinking about needing to get round to Something else…


Pupienus Maximus

The Preznit of Log Cabin Republicans did an AMA in reddit/r/politics. Did. Not. Go. Well. For. him.

It was amusing to see nearly every single participant mopping the floor with Auntie Tom.

I dunno that I have much to say about the kayfabe. It is a good argument, but addresses just one aspect of a much more complex set of dynamics. Cultism, identity politics, politics as religion, and lots more enter into it.


Mongo just pawn in game of politics?


They can retreat for years and we’ll welcome them with open arms when they emerge — think Michael Jackson or Dave Chappelle.


Again, would it be too much to ask that the daphne-bot at least pick Salon article quotes that would be on topic in the article they’re posted to? Think relevance.


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