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I remember a night in early November 1972…Staying up a bit later than would normally be usual for that seven and a half year old me, but my parents were restless, and by then I had demonstrated a precocious and very curious nature and by then had an idea about the importance of the Presidential election, and that my parents who had worked quite hard on McGovern’s behalf, often with me in tow allowed me to stay up past my bedtime to watch the returns come in in what finished up being a relatively early evening that ended in an air of disappointment…More than that, because while Watergate was yet to be uncovered to dominate the news, it was clear at the time that Nixon was, or had, a series of problems though nobody at the time thought that they might bring the whole thing down…

Fast forward fourty five years and we have yet another paranoid, immature authoritarian
man-child in office whose goat is so easily acquired and whose skin is so damn thin as to be nearly transluscent, that I wonder how exactly he made all his money……Yeah I know If I started out standing on an enormous pile of money and Rental property left to me by my father in the richest market in the world, even the avatar I use, Cletus could have managed to remain a millionaire, as would any random goat on the street. So, for that, I will give Donald a little bit of credit, backhanded though it might be, which brings me to another first week in may tradition, the Kentucky Derby, which I happened to catch a bit of yesterday.

As I was watching some of the Pre-game run-up I discovered that one of the contenders was a one eyed guy named ‘Patch’. He would have become one I would have rooted for at any year in the past, before I lost an eye myself, because I have always had a thing for underdogs and broken things, especially the triumphant and beautiful and again as far as I am concerned a horse is just a very large container filled with kittens and having a very skittish mien so of course, I am drawn to them when I have the opportunity to meet one or more up close and personal (and if I know in advance of a meeting opportunity, a box of sugar cubes or a small portion thereof accompanies me on the trip, because I am not opposed to bribery when i comes to luring and or securing the confidence of the skittish!

Anyhoo I just woke up about 20 minutes ago (0400) heated up the last of the coffee and realized that I might want to make some more room in the freezer by finishing off one of the 3 bins of Ice-cream in the fridge in order to one: to make room for another, two to have some early morning Ice-cream and enjoy it with impunity because I can, three because it tastes so very delicious and finally, because i am back on the bike and if I have made it back to my fighting weight (150lbs give or take a couple, with appetite returned, being able to eat with impunity is a pleasure) if I am being generous I would be surprised. Without a scale handy and judging from previous experience I would bet that I am sitting at about 142-146lbs about now…And I can assure you that curiosity will demand that I check and pedantry will assure you that I will share…

Among the last things that I wanted to get off of my chest was a mention of my ‘Clatch of Bitches’! Over the years, I have managed to develop some very deep and enduring friendships with women who were young ladies when we initially met some of them had been co-workers or roommates or friends of friends to whom I became very close and one of them is married to my drummer Al…Danielle and I crossed paths when I was working at a bakery and she was working on a BFA and dating another old friend of mine. eventually she started working at the same bakery and we became closer eventually getting to become really good friends and then we became housemates…Around this time I had recently become adept at playing the bass guitar and before I knew it I was gigging regularly with two bands and in one of them was a drummer who I knew from highschool, but had gone to the other of two such schools in my town, but fortunately there was a certain amount of cross pollination among circles and the magic of venn put the two of us in overlapping portions of the same and it was made clear to me at one point that my buddy Al fancied my buddy Danielle (who had also made some positive statements regarding my buddy) Now I am not a yenta, and at the time managed to have a crippling difficulty in managing to summon the courage to ask a lady for a cup of coffee or a lunchdate, but Dan and I were working in a Bakery together and Al and I were in a band together and both had indicated to me an interest in the other, so I had no choice but to set it up, especially knowing that Al was a bit shy when it came to the ladies As was I, but I was fairly certain that this one would be a good match so I did what I felt necessary…And ended up in the wedding party, and the two of them are still married, have raised two wonderful young adults, and remain among my best friends…

Apologies for the detour from our regular fair but if I had to guess the anniversary is closing in and I feel I should do something nice for them, and this represents a start…

To Alexander and Danielle, I will always love you guys!!!


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You had me at “ice cream”.

Oh, man, I wish I could eat that much!

But us old geezers have to stick to the healthy stuff.


Scroll down to the graphic if you want a laugh…

(I know, I know, it’s not actually funny. But there’s not much else we sane people can really do, is there?)


SG…You have never struck me as much of a geezer, but then as I approach that territory myself I can hardly think of myself as one…

I will mention it the next time I see my doctor and make sure that they are monitoring blood sugar levels, but now that I am cleared for riding the bike again and working myself back into fitness (semblance of form.)

I figure that i am processing the stuff with alacrity and that my metabolism seems to be operating at youthful-er levels of efficiency…I’ll hoist a spoon or three on your behalf today, or make that a bowl, which is the least I can do!

/see if this makes it past the effing goalie!


just been doing some cleanup and have discovered that our spam filter does a fantastic job…It has been a long while since I looked in there, but I found one of mine in there as well as a plethora of Russian porn bots and Lonely Ludovinskies wanting to praise various aspects of the production here in the hope of who knows what, but it has been a bit fascinating to observe so I did clean a bit of it up, but might decide to let some through or make some of the appeals, the subject of a future piece…

Some of the approaches seem targeted to prey on the insecurities of a thirteen year old suburban girl…It is almost like a taste of what I imagine facebook must be like in there


Companies that are getting free of federal regulations can now target industry-friendly states — think Oklahoma or West Virginia — to get out from under their mandates, as well. By moving state to state, lobbyists can get more traction with lawmakers friendly to their cause.

Bobby Tolberto aka DA


Just to see what’s gonna happen.


Interesting times.

I wonder who Trump is going to “You’re Fired!” next.


Anyone who continues the investigation gets “You’re fired!” next. He probably still thinks he could fire the Congress & judiciary if he really had to.

On a sadder note, friend of the blog Confederate Yankee is no more, by his own hand.

Robert Eugene Owens, the editor of popular Second Amendment advocacy blog, was found dead Monday morning in what authorities have ruled a suicide.

The 46-year-old was found by authorities outside of his North Carolina home next to a stop sign around 11 a.m. on Monday, the Fuquay-Varina Police Department said. A firearm was located near Owens.

I will refrain from further comment.

Have I got this right?

January 10, 2017 — Attorney General Sessions lies under oath to conceal multiple meetings he had with a high-level Russian official while actively campaigning for Donald Trump.

March 2, 2017 — Attorney General Sessions gets caught and is forced to recuse himself from the ongoing FBI investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with the Russians.

May 9, 2017– CNN reports that a grand jury has begun issuing subpoenas to testify about Russia-gate.

May 9, 2017 — Donald Trump and Attorney General Sessions fire the head of the FBI so they can appoint a new one.


Hmmm, M. Boufant, I went to your link and found this…

Minutes before police received reports of a body, a status appeared on Owen’s Facebook reading, “In the end, it turns out that I’m not strong. I’m a coward, and a selfish son of a bitch. I’m sorry.”

Call me Mr. Cynical, but it is refreshing in this day and age to read of a RWNJ ever apologizing for anything!

And bonus points for admitting to being a coward and a selfish son of a bitch.

The Dark Avenger

They say you shouldn’t say nothin’ about the dead unless it’s good. He’s dead. Good!


Happy belated birthday, UNE!!!!!

Pupienus Maximus

The only sadness I can muster is that we won’t have him to kick around anymore.

Note: I don’t give a fat flying Philadelphia fiddler’s fuck if anyone thinks I’m a bad person. In fact, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks of me. In truth, with very few exceptions, I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks, period.


Any man’s death diminishes me, but I find I can bear this particular diminution with enormous fortitude.

Also, if ye olde adminnes can’t block the daphne-bot from adding Salon article excerpts, can they at least delete the ones that have nothing to do with the article in which they’re posted? Think housecleaning.


early November 1972

I reported to Fort Des Moines for military draft induction, and was bussed to Fort Leonard Wood Missouri for basic training.

Viet Nam still on; more than a quarter million US troops in country.

Watergate breakin and burglary in the news; Republicans pretend it’s all just liberal hysteria.

Richard Bruce Cheney is Assistant Director of the Cost of Living Council

Top 40 radio is playing The Spinners “I’ll Be Around”, The Moody Blues “Knights in White Satin”, “Everybody Plays The Fool” by The Main Ingredient (best breakup song evar), Leon Russell “Tightrope”, the Temptations with “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”

Eric Clapton has released Layla w/ Derek and The Dominoes, and is still God.

Duane Allman is dead, as is Richard Farina.

Neil Young’s “Harvest” was released eight months ago, and is inescapable in smoke-dimmed dorm rooms.


Sadlynaughts who are geezers like yours truly may remember the colourful Texas expressions used by LBJ.

Shortly after he became president, somebody asked him if he was going to fire FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover.

“Hell, no!” Johnson relied.

“Why not?”

“Because I’d rather have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in!”

Let’s hope James Comey is gonna be ‘pissing in’ real soon…


Good for you Pupi! Totally inner-directed.


Fuck Parsimony has ongoing consequences, ones with very scant relation to the contemporary feelings or desires of its adherents.

Fuck Charity remains both deeply wished for in nearly every demographic niche & as empirically exotic in real time as Dodo feathers, a profound paradox history will long (???) giggle over,



re: Bobo Wens

Eating your gun is one of the reasons us anti-gun folks are anti-gun. Depression and suicide ideation can visit anybody – and if the barrier to ending it all is that low, then it doesn’t take much of a downward swing before your loved ones get to make a grisly discovery. Speaking of, I really truly hope that it wasn’t the nine year old who made the discovery.

Anyways, human beings are social animals. We band together and help each other out. If you’re in a hole, then call for help and reach up and someone will help pull you out. And get rid of the guns. It’s stupid that reaching for the death machine is so much easier than reaching for another person, but we’re imperfect little animals and that’s how it is.


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