Now that is a pretty picture of Mock ass Tricks, Trick assed Marks, Amercia!


I got your white meat right here

A single click will get you the big one…….If you wondered where the white on your rice got off to……

It has been found!

Now right there in all its aged-flaccid and whiter than wonder bread glory is a picture of Endgame Amerika…There is something about that image that is utterly fascinating, mesmerizing, and most definitely terrifying…Something ugly lurched out of the ground and demanded that progress must come to an immediate halt and that business must absolutely without any question be returned to normal with absolutely no hesitation, nor any line crossed to see this pass…I will leave us with this: Uncle Bens will probably have to hit up some of those pictured if it wants to continue offering white as a product. Or perhaps in anticipation they have diversified into a wild rice version of their product…

Another observation, or two….There has not been a picture that I have seen lately in which Paul Ryan does not have a glint in his eye suggestive of something…Or as someone who probably has the Oval office window measurements in his blackberry and the material and patterns already selected for the drapery he plans to have installed. Pence has the look of someone who also feels that he is less than a heartbeat away himself also having no idea that the long knives will be waiting for him as well Just about the time he feels that Gilead is within his grasp…

I thought about another round of ‘Spot the Brother’ because I thought that the dude in the distance might have been black…Oh well. Spotting a black dude within a mile of trump that is not in the secret service will be like spying a unicorn in flight…And with that enjoy a lovely spring day!


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“Today, I realised my hair is bown jus like bellas!”

But whom has she just bown? And does he tweet as well?


Deadpool and Victor Frankenstein are the two new motion pictures
to make their first appearances on probably the most
pirated films list.


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