It’s Gonna be Huge! Huge, I tell you…

“Another night up and down, up and down, up and down, like a literal elevator in here…”

Failing with tremendous aplomb to allow Circe the goddess of dreams Mythology to take control of the ship and take her out for a, hell, a three hour tour, would be appreciated at this point…And whip up some tiresome entertainment leaving me spent and ready for sleep when I disembarked….But for some reason I suck, am out of favor with the gods, or who knows, currently under some Odyssey or somesuch so here we are.

Among the shit racing through my mind chiefly among them looms like a poorly fitted suit crumpled up in the chair in the corner that I see in a flash out of the corner of my eye upon waking with a shock and realize that it is a pile of my clothes, and that I am alone in bed, and that a quick check with the hand indicates that I do indeed still have a full head of curly hair, and that I am not a shirtless, balding, bespectacled, short, fat guy, from queens, just a very tired opposite of all that, dude in recovery from a shitload of trauma with an unstoppable train of gears spinning a’skull…

I wouldn’t call ’em Trumpmares exactly, because to be honest, the continued bucket footing and clomping around in arguably the least presidential fashion in the course of history still has its charms, and so far the bucket brigade that followed him into congress are led by two morrass-ons more concerned currently, with their legacy, than with burning the place to the ground…I would imagine that some phones have been burning up in certain district offices about taking away grannies healthcare, and that they are feeling the heat that that wily negro had baked into the system when he did that most Hitlarian thing in the history of the misuse of Hitler metaphors, and gave everybody, and the poors included, a chance to enjoy that modicum of security that health care as a right provides…You know, the same one enjoyed by every other civilized nation on this Planet of Earth!

So that Wily Wabbit has Elmer Trump bucket footing through the wood with loaded shotgun preceded by the cloud of woodland fowl this horror alights in front of him giving bugs enough warning to provide time to set up staging, a stage itself for the denouement, sell tickets and pack the house, because he knows that everybody loves seeing Elmer be-sooted after he has managed, once again to shoot himself in the face and destroy yet another gun at the same time.

So far this one is the best of the bunch, though there was a momentary thread that had one in which Trump was George Costanza’s younger brother, but I could not bring that one to shore, nor find a good image of Fudd with destroyed gun, but I am sure you know what I am talking about…


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Trumpmares are a thing, leading to trumpsomnia. Stay brave, it’ll take a lot to completely fuck this country up.


In the absence of any other way to reach you (can’t find an email address or any other private, I guess I could means), and since this is about a post in another public location anyway, I thought I should mention that I, ah, had quite a lot more to say over on DoA’s comments section.

This might also be relevant in putting (Putin?) a context on the matter: Note that this dates to 2014 (more than a year after the last Tuck story, sadly), and was far from the first time I discussed what I have termed my ‘fucked up sense of gender’ in the past – not because it is non-binary, but because it is so damn slippery and I have such a hard time figuring it out and accepting it.

I will let you get back to your political thing, as my own positions (which you could have some idea of from this: are… not conventional, and I see little reason to disabuse people of their fantasies (which in my view includes the *existence* of political parties, governments, nations, etc. as anything other than granfalloons regardless of the cause.


Combover Caligula: the ultimate Demonrat one-man sleeper cell?!?!??!

I like how once they spin hard & fast enough, the poor chucklefucks literally begin glowing … the ways of “BOB” are many, his wonders to deform.


I’ll see your “One-Man-Democrat-Cell” and raise you a “George-Soros-Is-Making-Weed-Stronger”


President Dunning-Kruger-Effect isn’t clever enough for that. Actually, I doubt any one would be; conspiracies and sleeper cells rarely work out in the real world, either due to being careless, or due to the Law of Unexpected Consequences.

If you want to see a typical example of a conspiracy by a president or a presidential candidate, take a look at Iran-Contra… or Watergate… or the ham-fisted way LBJ and Daley tried to bum’s rush the Chicago Democratic Convention. Hell, even the Happyologists were more successful than any of those with Operation Snow White, and they *still* got caught through simple stupidity.


In any case, Trump isn’t actually the one calling the shots, even officially, for most of this stuff; the Bureaucrat In Chief’s importance is vastly overstated. That isn’t to say Clowngress has any real decision-making capability anymore, either.

In school most of us get taught that the US is a Democracy, which is Not Even Wrong – yes, I know they say ‘representative democracy’, but that’s just a less volatile way of saying ‘republic’ that came into vogue in the US after the French Revolution went sour. Technically, that’s still true, but it hasn’t actually been the case since around the mid-19th century.

We are living in the age of Tabularchy: rule by statistical analysis. It is the inevitable fate of every nation with a population larger than that of modern-day Chicago, and many which are much smaller. The real decisions are made by researchers, statisticians, and data collectors, most of whom are underpaid, overworked, and have no idea of the impact they are having on the laws and actions of the nation.

Pupienus Maximus


Yet another reason to give our thanks to George Soros!

Pupienus Maximus

“Ten times Trump asked [German chancellor Angela Merkel] if he could negotiate a trade deal with Germany. Every time she replied, ‘You can’t do a trade deal with Germany, only the EU,'” the official said.

They continued: “On the eleventh refusal, Trump finally got the message, ‘Oh, we’ll do a deal with Europe then.'”

Nuclear facepalm.


Evidently listening is not a strong point

Nor is short term memory

Nor is basic knowledge.

Nor is reading.

We’ve got a president who rode the short bus to school.

Thanks, Russians.

Thanks, rubes


OK, work with me on this for a minute.

What if President Dunning-Kreuger were to do just ONE great thing, and then resign from office?

He’d go down in the history books as a great man instead of an abysmal failure.

Perhaps if he were to go to the wall against the GOP on behalf of WV coal miners pensions?

i know, I know, Pence is no better.

But at least he’s crazy in a more traditional GOP way. And the GOP are crazy enough without adding any of Trump’s crazy to the equation…

Think about it…


At last! An explanation of RWNJ’s!

Now I understand! It’s like wresting and televangelism!

The rubes know it’s fake, but they don’t care!


Any of you old-Sadly-timers remember almost 10 yrs. ago when bears & pumas were desperately needed in Iraq?

Now that may have been snarkery, but, other than the choice of animals, it was mighty prescient:

Three militants of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria setting up an ambush in northern Iraq were killed by a herd of stampeding boars, local leaders said.

We should be training wild boars to fight ISIS: Your Say

We are literally through the looking glass.

Provider, the cure for nightmares (or mere dreams) is regular application of reefer.


“Now I understand! It’s like wrestling and televangelism!”

This guy claims Trumpazoids are too ignorant even to be aware Trump is screwing up.


This guy claims Trumpazoids are too ignorant even to be aware Trump is screwing up.

I haven’t gotten around to reading the link yet, but the description has Dunning Kruger written all over it….It would appear that it is indeed their world and that we are simply shitting in it…….for the time being that is!

Thanks comrade!


Right you are. He even quotes Dunning.


The best of our leaders — think Abraham Lincoln — have been sure about the truth and uncertain about themselves.


Continuing resolution passed, 1 week until we get to do this all over again! You’ll hear about how it passed the House with an overwhelming majority, which it did. 382 – 30. What you won’t hear is that 16 of the 30 Nay votes were Republicans. Zombie Eyed Granny Starver is in total control.


“conspiracies and sleeper cells rarely work out in the real world”

Sure wish somebody could have told that to Licio Gelli, or Reinhard Gehlen, or Adolph Coors, or Silvio Berlusconi, or Alan Greenspan, or Khalid Shaik Mohammed, or Prescott Bush, or Alan Foster Dulles, or Jerry Falwell, or William Colby, or Charles Koch, or Newt Gingrich, or …

Nutjobs distorting or misconstruing historical facts does not then de-factualize them via infection or sympathetic magic.

Also note that bogus conspiracy theory is a stock memetic weapon used to distract, demoralize &/or fragment Jack & Jill Sixpack when they get a bit too wise to the nature of some particular con-game – one whose pedigree nearly always springs directly from places like intelligence agencies or PR firms. From Nicaraguan Marxist death squads about to swim ashore on Miami Beach to doomed Kuwaiti Incubator Babies to the existential threat of Iraqi aluminum centrifuges, no matter how quickly debunked the shit works like a charm every time. Shock-jock Hal Turner was the Skinhead Rush Limbaugh & when he spontaneously evaporated & turned out to have been working for the FBI the whole time nobody so much as blinked. The exact same thing happened previously in Canada with a very successful fascist organizer whose phone network died when it leaked out that he was also on the Mounties’ payroll. 9/11 Truthers had their (unit-shifting bonanza/) heyday right when it looked like a thorough independent investigation meant that all those grieving pissed-off relatives of the victims were finally going to get some (very status-quo-unfriendly) straight answers to their legitimate concerns. A year later nearly all of them had given up – SUBVERSION ACCOMPLISHED. Fortunately, their ringleader Alex Jones was discredited & driven into obscurity by a vigilant media & was last reported to be homeless in Brooklyn …


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