It is Putin’s world now and we’re all just Shitting in it!

I thought that the title would be difficult to type, and then I thought it might be difficult to look at, but then realized that I have finally come to terms with the result of the selection past and must embrace an even more horrifying reality than the previous one which would keep me up at night. The idea that we might have to deal with preznit MoneyBooBoo™ for the foreseeable future, while praying that the Republicons™ got their brand protecting-impeachment-related, activities under way, leading of course, to a charming Blue eyed dreamy, Black-haired minx™* to be installed in the White-House has not been among the most comforting scenarios to contemplate, but did seem like the best possible case scenario only if it meant that I would not have to look old pursed-lipped, pussy grabber, in the face, nor listen to that shit-marsh be called President on my teebee screen…

As soon as the election was finished and that it quickly became clear that there were irregularities discovered that seemed to lack precedence and managed to uniquely favor on candidate over the other, I had my doubts. It may be that I am simply a partisan hack, or it may be that I am  a Historian and remember paying rapt attention to the TV screen as it was well past my bedtime awaiting the results of the 1972 election with my parents, whose anxiety was palpable…I was in second grade at the time and one of two McGovern Voters in the mock election held in our class, the other guy, was my best bud at the time…I believe that I delivered my first speech in front of class in favor of McGovern…It was for whom my parents were voting, not necessarily an act of honor or independence.

The point of that vignette is that I have paid particular attention to presidential election year politics from a very young age, and close attention to all of it earlier than most are inclined…Which I guess makes me somewhat unusual or not, but definitely an active consumer of news (the real stuff) since then, and in a way it is kind of funny that this existential dread I feel, reminds me of the mood after Nixon won term two, that permeated the house of my childhood, as my parents had done quite a bit of work with the local democratic party that year…

So now 44 years later we have yet another, this time gilded, fox looking after the hen-house and this one might just be the ApocalyptiFox™ the one with:

“eyes like steel, cold and hard, and a shock of hair, yellow, like the fires from hell”


*Paul Ryan


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Donald Trump should not be allowed to choose a Supreme Court justice during his last year in office.


The little piece of shit doesn’t fall far from the big asshole…


Junior is a piece of work, both of em are…some kind of name for them is needed, ala tweedle dee and tweedle dumber!

Telzey Amberdon

I remember as a kid being outraged that Ford pardoned Nixon: I wanted that trial. I wanted to see him on trial for what he’d done. I felt there was no justice in the world.

Despite being, at the time, a Democrat, my mother had apparently drunk the Kool-Aid the administration was pouring for the masses because she regurgitated some proto-talking points at me: “The nation needs to heal. That’s more important.” That was the first time I ever looked at my mother as if she was nuts, but it was not the last, given that she became a Fox News devotee thirty years later.

I still believe, to this day, that if Nixon had gone on trial and been found properly guilty and been properly punished, we wouldn’t have seen the kind of unrepentant criminal behavior we’ve seen from the far right for the past thirty years. They know that eve if they get caught, they’ll always get away with it. There is no punishment for criminal behavior. (Of course they’ve also chipped away at acts that used to be considered “criminal”, all of it perfectly legal now.)


Telzy thanks for commenting and you make some very astute observations, and In fact that I never really put the impeachment of Nixon into play via my observations of the Completely rapacious transpirings of the party from the days of Reagan and on…The way that any time they shit the bed, they might pay a temporary price, but then come rocketing back to shit the bed again…

I’ll have to take a look at that club, polish it up, and think about adding some nails, take a walk up and down some alleys at night…

Listening to Hugh Hewitt on my TV talking about politics on MSNBC is making me feel partiularly killy right now…According to him the Democrats have to give in to Republican demands…

We are still fighting the Civil War…

Frank Forchinsky

Obama spied.

Obama lied.

Our great country died.


P_UNE edit:
Not that it is a surprise, but the fact that you and dennis below have the same ip address is suggestive that you might also share the same underwear, not that there is anything wrong with that.

We, the Provider and I, love the love!


So, it looks like Marine Le Pen is either a keen blog reader, or you’re moonlighting as her speechwriter:

Speaking after their meeting, Le Pen said Putin represented “a sovereign nation” and “new vision”.

“A new world has emerged in the past years. This is Vladimir Putin’s world, Donald Trump’s world in the United States, Mr [Narendra] Modi’s world in India,” she added.

“I think I am probably the one who shares with all these great nations a vision of cooperation and not one of subservience – a hawkish vision that has too often been expressed by the European Union.”

It will be the best repeal. I know the best peeler bars so I am very good at repealing. Bigly repeal. Obamacare is just low energy. Sad.


Somehow Republicans aren’t getting the message about Trump’s relations with Russia… possibly because they have their fingers in their ears and their eyes squeezed tightly shut while loudly chanting, “Nyah, nyah, I can’t hear you!”

May I humbly suggest a new internet protocol?

While I know if is fun for us to creat amusing names for him, I suggest that we the non-insane people refer to him only as TRAITOR TRUMP, note the cap lock.

If enough of us do this long enough, even the Gary Ruppert base is going to have to acknowledge it…


May I humbly suggest a new internet protocol?

While I know if is fun for us to create amusing names for him, I suggest that we the non-insane people refer to him only as TRAITOR TRUMP, note the cap lock.

Not bad, but for design purposes I think if you fit the ump in between the legs of the first R in traitor, that it might be more visually arresting and allow for bigger letters….

After I finish making another cuppa joe, I might try to mock something up, but I am not a graphic designer….

I do love the idea though, and would be happy to throw a good mock up up to illustrate the next piece I.e put it on the front page…



Archie Miller’s press conference today at 3:00 EST is open to the public.

Big Day in B-town.

The Dark Avenger



Mr. Forchinsky, have you ever considered making an investment in the Brooklyn Bridge?

I think you have the very qualifications our board is looking for.

The Dark Avenger

Is he one of the Forchinskys from Far Rockaway? Or is he a Fishkill Forchinsky?


Is he one of the Forchinskys from Far Rockaway? Or is he a Fishkill Forchinsky?

I’m looking at a map and imma thinking we got us a Fowler, or Kirkland Fourchinski…Those were nice little burgs needing a little Oddessa section of town…


The missus and I are in serious trouble after getting some bad news this morning. Details can be found here but I’ll give you a clue- “Termination of tenancy notice.” And on the day I finally got a publishing contract.

Coach Urban Meyer

Wuzza-wuzzup, loony libs? The funky fact of the matter is, things are going GREAT in Trump’s America! He’s ding dong dillying you silly socialists and all you can do is poop your pants in admiration! Badoodle-boo-yeah! Urban out.


True dat.

Urban out… of his mind.


Individuals with BPD may also sustain romantic relationships solely for utility (think Hillary’s choice to cling to an unloving and unfaithful man in order to climb the political ladder).


Individuals with BPD may also sustain romantic relationships solely for utility (think Hillary’s choice to cling to an unloving and unfaithful man in order to climb the political ladder).

Where’s my post the first time I made it?

The Dark Avenger

Who was with you the first time you made it, Daphne?


Maybe Daphne would like Hillary better if she were a serial adulterer with three marriages…


Maybe daphne would like Hillary better if she were a random sentence from a Salon article pulled out of context and devoid of relevance (think parenthetical comments).

Pupienus Maximus

daphne, dear, you never made it. Without professional help you never will make it.


Zed Oh Em Jee, suddenly a wild COACH appears!!!

Aluminum Sombrero scenario: Bannon begged Trump to “fire” him from the NSC so he could roll +5 ATTACK for his many troll plots without all those icky NSC constraints & ongoing media scrutiny.

SPOILER: Less dazzling Blitzkrieg, more Hail Mary CMA. Missing foreign policy aptitude & sundry psychotic Holy War racism as revealed in leaks was about to make Bannon the next fall-guy & he got the fuck outta Dodge just in time.


Our old friend Major Kong has an interesting article at Daily Kos about the recent missile attack on the Syrian airfield…


Our old friend Major Kong

yeah. its a good read. and yeah it is about time to get ready for the ball banging war-drums, ’cause that is the only thing that makes sense in this mixed up crazy world….

Imma thinking that it might be (sorry, got pulled into something else for a bit) time to update passports, secure/and /or liquidate fungible assets and get a good start on ones bailout bag…

And oddly enough, I was apprised of the existence of a forgotten possession now repossessed.
A Mora Knife with a swedish fire steel in the handle…A perfect piece of camping kit…



Four Pinocchios

Susan Rice’s claim that Obama got Syria to ‘verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile’

The removal of vast quantities of chemical weapons from Syria’s soil was indeed an achievement. When Obama contemplated attacking Syria, a major problem with his plan was that most of the chemical weapons would not have been destroyed.

But the Obama administration had a tendency to oversell what was accomplished, perhaps because Obama received so much criticism for not following through on an attack if Syria crossed what Obama had called “a red line.” We have a reasonable-person test here at The Fact Checker, and it’s doubtful many NPR listeners realized that “known” was code for the fact that Rice only was referring to chemical weapons stocks declared by Syria — or that chlorine weapons were not covered by the agreement.

The reality is that there were continued chemical-weapons attacks by Syria — and that U.S. and international officials had good evidence that Syria had not been completely forthcoming in its declaration and possibly retained sarin and VX nerve agent. Yet Rice said: “We were able to get the Syrian government to voluntarily and verifiably give up its chemical weapons stockpile.” She did not explain that Syria’s declaration was believed to be incomplete and thus was not fully verified — and that the Syrian government still attacked citizens with chemical weapons not covered by the 2013 agreement. That tipped her wordsmithing toward a Four.

Not an honest woman.

The Dark Avenger

When did honesty become so important to you, Frank Forchinsky?



Obama and Hillary are held to a high standard of honesty, but as for the Orange Crackpot— well, special rule! — he can go ahead and lie his ass off and the RWNJs find it amusing that anyone would be so naive as to take his lies “literally”.

Coach Sean Spicer

Wuzza-wuzzup, loony libs? The funky fact of the matter is, Assad is way worse than Hilarious Hitler, who didn’t even gas his own people? Wait, I mean, I wasn’t talking about the Holocaust Hotel or whatever it was, all I meant was, what I was really trying to say was, Badoodle Boo-Yeah!

The Seanmeister just hit you silly socialists with a SPREAD of TRUTH! Spicer out.


All this reds under the bed nonsense, and from people who laughed about BENGHAZI!!!


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