14 hours without a tweet?

Just heard that on the news on the TV, Brian Williams and Katy Tur were talking when that fact was presented and I immediately thought, Oh Holy Fuck, shit is getting real, real, son! They just took Donald’s pacifier away from him and his favorite blanky…Donald without his twitter machine? No Fucking way…

The only way I can see this working for even a moment is that they have his twitter on a secure network with a fake twitter and a battery of agents to interact and retweet Donald’s Tweets so that the activity seems *real* as to not tip him off…This is the only way I can see this play without Money BooBoo going ballistic.

If there is a chance that there is a glimmer of adult inside that avatar of avarice I can not see this turning out well, especially as this report accompanies news about proof of Russian involvement in the election, exactly the type of thing that you would expect to be followed by “fake news” and other now familiar stupfTides* *’Stupid fucking Trumpian Bromides’ that clutter his tweeting vocabulary…

Now before we go all in on what might just be a bit of wistful hyperbolic whimsy, It would be interesting to discover how many times the Donald has gone more than 12 hours, between tweeting some moronic observational aside, period. And this should be relatively easy to find out…

This money is betting on “not once since he discovered how to use the twitter machine and got his first rush of that sweet sweet tweet buzz!”

And with that, i think it might be time to fire up the popcorn machine and await for the next fuckup.


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“avatar of avarice”
Nice. Stealing it if I can remember it.


Please do, consider anything I hack up open source…nice to see you sir!


No tweets = must’ve been hookers.


I suspect either:

1.) Heavy sedation; or
b.) His adderall dealer was found dead in a Russian park from an accidental case of lead overdose.

In either case, once he regains his phone, watch out – we’ll be at war with Pandora, Borogravia, and Freedonia in the time it takes to burn a steak.


“popcorn machine and await for the next fuckup.”


All they have to do is NOT say stupid shit and they win?


All they have to do is NOT say stupid shit and they win?

I believe you got it in one, sad…Altho you coulda left the NOT out of your comment and still hit it on the nose, though your way might make it easier to take…


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