Better than a shit sandwich

No information about the ingredients was available (though they are surely awesome). Rachel’s can be found in the Rue du Pont aux Choux in Paris (bien sûr!).


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I’ll take one with Dijon, red onion, lettuce and frittes, sil vous plait.

And if you could point me in the direction of a good place to pick up a magnum of Champagne, I would be in your debt!

A President Gomer Pyle is sounding like a pretty regal replacement opportunity right about now…Now again, I managed to miss the whole parade of also-ran’s that the Donalde’ dispatched, but I am beginning to wonder if the Hawaiian-Kenyan Voodoo/Surf master President MC Gorrillaz may have used his psycho-charm batty eyed powers to lay waste to the source of the bodily fluids and ultimate power of the Republican Party.

And in this power vacuum a tiny handed flim-flam man with gold plated* chimp lips rose ascendant…

*gold is among the most malleable of metals, hence its employment in all manner of gilding…


Interesting/Delightful Thesis!

Yes, I would like fries with that, please.


Are we finally reaching Peak Wingnut?

It never occurred to me that peak wingnut might actually only represent a sub-cutaneous layer of a much more bigly-and odorifous form of Right Wing madness!

Listening to another Spicer conference…The bowel evacuating fear is not yet exactly present, but it does sour the consume’.

” they are called political appointees for a reason”

I admit I would not have known that and would’ve assumed they were just flashing the “OK” hand sign. Which I assume is what they’re claiming it was…


Goddam Republican liars… it was a BIG FUCKING DEAL whenever Obama played golf or flew on Air Force One… but now?

*** Crickets ***


Think Ingraham and Coulter and Yiannopoulos. They are reactionaries in the classic sense:


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