A FlamingTrain-wreck sidles up to a bar at the Apocalypso™ and asks Tire-fire for a Dance!

It has been a busy day at the Midwestern Office at SadlyNo Industries, what with Garage maintenance and cleaning related Program activities.* That I have only recently become apprised of what appears at a minimal glance to have been quite a day at Mar-a-lago on Pennsylvania Avenue™. It might be charitable to refer to the week past as one of interest, and possibly the least auspicious beginning or in Trumpulese Biggest Bigly week of MoneyBooBoo’s™ coming out party. Holy shit, I hardly know where to begin, but I guess starting with the latest and moving Backward might be a relevant way to start (and starting with the latest may actually be yesterdays news by the time I finish this post.)

So this afternoon while taking a break from cobweb and mouse turd removal among other garage and basement cleaning activities, I catch wind of the Flynn situation…

Michael Flynn’s fiery speech at the Republican National Convention in July is drawing new attention following his resignation as President Trump’s National Security Advisor.

Flynn spent much of his speech attacking Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton, highlighting her use of a private email server as Secretary of State.

“We do not need a reckless president who believes she is above the law, he said.”

Doubtless that bit of raw meat went over well with the Trumpanzees™ who were looking for bloody meat to slake their thirst and appetites…The guy who would become, for a few short weeks the National Security Advisor until he was unable to clear the very low bar set by Dear Leader…It is quite possible that Trump did not consider a member of the following troupe for the Job:

And it occurs to me that the monkeys in question bear a certain resemblance to our new potentate, and reminds me that not so long ago we had another president who inspired a website; Chimp or Bush IIRC. herewego.

Gods bless us with the Intertronz for those darkest of hours, and upon viewing the vid from The Wizard of OZ, I was taken by how much the flying monkeys bear a facial resemblance to the Donald for which an intrepid student of Psychology or Sociology Pathology divisions might base a paper on the attraction of these archetypes to the Republican voter. But I digress…

I have just been alerted to the fact that Trumps appointment for Secretary  of Labor Andrew Puzder has per the New York Times “withdrawn” his nomination to be labor Secretary:

WASHINGTON — The fast-food executive Andrew F. Puzder withdrew his nomination to be labor secretary on Wednesday as Republican senators turned sharply against him, the latest defeat for a White House besieged by infighting and struggling for traction even with a Republican-controlled Congress.

It looks like we may be entering Rats leaving sinking ship territory here…And we are only a little less than a month into this goveernment. And a Cheney is nowhere to be found to lead the rest to safety. We may as well gird our loins for the coming Pence Presidency, because I seriously think we are in placing bets to see how long this ship stays afloat terror-tory. I’m thinking Gilligan might have had a better opening month. But Bob Denver was adorable, Trump, not so much.


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The fact is, you liberals are just snowflake headexploding with all the realty coming to you from the White House. You are hoping the lyning press will use the bias weapon to delegatimise Our President but it will fail. I hop you like camping.


Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk!


My favourite part was the “black people all know each other” part…


You know we are really fucked when the trolls don’t even come here to defend the Orange-meister…


…trolls don’t even come here to defend…

SG, This may or may not be something to take under consideration for further study… And re: your previous comment, I find it fascinating to see such an example of unmitigated racism and unvarnished in the wild and in the body of a single subject so buffeted by privilege that not only is he incapable of understanding that what he may be saying is Racist as a three ring Klan Klaverne&Karnivale™, but why it might be so.

Any 70 year old man who points to an unseen person in a crowd and can say without irony “there is my Negro over there” Is a Fucking Racist, Full Stop!1!!

Oh and to get to your point SG, Our trolls may be smarter than the average trolls, or more likely the trump juice is hitting all the right pleasure zones…


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