Happy Valentines Day

It is that time of Year again, on today of days we celebrate, en masse, a holiday devoted to Love. So to dispense with the proper, I would like to extend hearty and earnest Valentines Day wishes to all of the Lovelies and Lovers, Mothers, Sisters and Brothers in the SadlyVerse™.

I have been due to certain related activities, been unable to fully sort out or, as a result of same, manage to carve out the time to appropriately address the Four alarm fire, slamming feet first into an apocalyptic, multi-semi pileup in the halls of power…Lords have mercy!!!

Running back and forth between the flaming wreckage attempting to stop laughing long enough to see if anyone in mortal danger might need a hand up and into safety and then determining that there are already enough professionals on the seen to save the cats and kittens caught unawares, I stand, gobsmacked in awe, and wonder if it is possible that his noodly benificence has plattered this purely for my entertainment, while a pang hangs in the breeze suggesting that I maybe should stop pointing and laughing while rolling on the ground with my hands around my guts, but get up and lend a hand.

Laughing and Pointing seems to currently have the upper hand…

A Valentines Day/Birthday dinner awaits my attention, so I will leave this for now, but as soon As I am able, I will return to parse each bit of this Bucket full of Are You Fucking Kidding Me?!?!?

Out of the gate fail. It might be time to suggest a pool regarding the length of time before impeachment proceedings begin.

Happy Valentines Day!


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Just finished dinner, and came down to discover that the time-stamp for this post is the 15th of the month, and then I remembered that the server that hosts this place is located in some commy infested, European Grimystan…


Impeachment, the 25th Amendment, or natural causes? It is a quandary & a puzzlement.


MB, thanks for the hints, esp. the 25th. It would appear that some research, Constitutional is in order, which I will proceed with after my doctor appointment, and hopefully have time afterward to war-game the possibilities…But I fear, as much as that emotion can resemble hope, that this will not end well.

But with Paul Ryan as Speaker of the House, I would have to place my as of yet un-researched bet on the 25th.

What was that old bromide/curse “May you live in interesting times.” and who was its author?

I see, it is attributed to the mists of China. Now the fact that Google popped up the answer after “may you live” was typed into the search window suggests that it has been a recently asked question by many…Or not…

Given that answer the next query might should be “In what Chinese year are we living?”

Ahh, the Rooster comes back as an answer….Hmmm!

By the way, good morning, good sir!


Impeachment will be any day now.





Today is National Pinniped Day.


Ahh, the Rooster comes back as an answer….Hmmm!


Conservatives, don’t you want to PROVE that those damned libtards are lying about Trump— and make them eat their words?

Well, here’s how you can do it!



As far as impeachment and/or removal, is never taken yet? ‘Cause current Republicans don’t give a flying fuck about anything but enriching themselves and their cronies, and maintaining the power to continue the grift indefinitely. Perhaps we should have a pool on how long it takes Derp Fuhrer to launch nukes at someone who mocked him in a tweet. It’ll be a helluva lot sooner than any impeachment from this House.


Q: Why was Richard Nixon more patriotic than Donald Trump?

A: Nixon hired Americans to spy on the Democrats. Trump outsourced the job to Russians.


I saw that strange bit of news. My first thought was when they accuse others of doing shit it’s a glaring admission that they did such shit themselves.

And how great is it that Hair Fuhrer confirmed the leaks were true and accurate.


Hey guys,

How’s the hot tub treating everyone?


I missed valentine this year as i was on the road all through the day. I hope people had fun.


I can always get in, like right now.


Foxtrot Charlie, the water is fine! I hope the Alkaline level is up to your standards!


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