First He came for the Jews (Rabbi’s) but I was not a Jew…

So Preznit Honey Boomboom decides to make a point about protesting, in the biggest, most largely fashion, “Look at my boom boom” saggy diapered way, with shit running down the insides of its legs as he sidles into a piece of furniture 200 years new (now skidmarked for posterity), that only a magnificence like the President Select and Toddler in chief could pull off with a straight face (the big boy one, see!)

Preznint D-Money made order banning Islams from playground, his playground, his city, the one they call New York, New York!

And in losing no opportunity to prove to the heartland’s lover’s of Dear Leader, he thought it necessary to bring to life writ large, like a golem, an old trope, That in “Jew York” there was only going to be one folk’ll who will hew to the orders of one boss, while staying in the borders of one town, and now country.

If one were a student of Hyperbole; a Hyperbologist, as one might be called, in the branch of that field related to semiotics, one might recognize parallels in the image above to events in the not too distant, nor forgotten past.

It was once considered indelicate to make certain comparisons, to traffic in certain analogy, which may have once served, or attempted to serve a greater purpose, may have had the unintended consequence of creating just enough space, that in time, the band could be brought together for another gig, slipped in through the door at the back of the stage to rock the house for one more show.

I suggest that we have moved past that time and space.

It is time to sharpen our wits and fingers, folks, for I fear that Pointing while Laughing, at HIM and at his supporters, might be the most effective weapons that remain at our disposal.

Blessings upon all of you and especially upon the Rabbi’s put in captivity for the exercise of their first amendment rights…And their families and friends…


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Yeah, we’ve been bounced from any levers of direct power. Making fun of the Orange Menace and his spawn, along with all the moral (possibly mental) defectives he’s surrounded himself with, may (will) be effective if it’s continuous and rises from everywhere. Continual physical protests won’t hurt either.

My new tag line “but she persisted”. I’m a cancer survivor, after I got that diagnosis I decided that it didn’t matter if I lost, I’d go down swinging. I’m still here and I’m facing the disease that afflicts my country. I’ve marched in my first protest since college. I won’t let it win without my best efforts.


“Fascist Loofah-faced Shitgibbon.” Fucking awesome. Shitgibbon is going to stick.


Fascist Loofah-faced Shitgibbon Nice.

For some reason, I am nearly certain that I have coughed up ‘Fascist Shitgibbon’ somewhere and recently, but a quick search I was unable to discover where, though I thought I might have done so here…Nonetheless, the addition of “Loofah faced makes this something out of the Sierra Madre lode. pure M-f’in Gold!.!.!.!!!..!.!


It was killing me but I found it, without the Fascist part, but shitgibbon was employed in my last bit about brokaw…


Guys- I miss you all


I believe it was also Martin Niemöller that came up with this quote:

“I did not mean that The Conservatives are generally stupid; I meant, that stupid persons are generally Conservative.


Actually, it was John Stuart Mill, of his own free will.


Hi, folks. As the Mother Superior said to the novice, how’s tricks these days.

Anyone here have an imaginary friend?


Anyone here have an imaginary friend?

Are you asking for your friend?

Because mine is looking for a date!


I sometimes suspect I was some lucky child’s imaginary friend up until they outgrew me.

Also, you can see on that wikiquote page I linked (though, sadly, I didn’t notice in time to mention it in the earlier comment) that John Stuart Mill is also the source of a quotation usually attributed, in its simplified form, to Edmund Burke:

Let not any one pacify his conscience by the delusion that he can do no harm if he takes no part, and forms no opinion. Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.
— inaugural address delivered to the University of St Andrews, 1 February 1867


I think my imaginary friend was religious, because he’d always end a conversation with “Jesus Christ!”


And that Pup’s link leads to a report at adds just the right dollop of Ha!*

(*I’m picturing the giant Nelson from one of Bart’s nighmares pointing down upon Bart and saying “Ha Ha!”)


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