Captain America is Trans and Gay and her Shield is Awesome

No justice. No peace.

The fact that this fascist got shut down by a battery of shields bearing “Trans Dykes are good and pure” is… mwa, delicioso!

John Haywardyoublowme, Breit…ugh:
Ann Coulter: Trump Should Withdraw Funding from Any School with Speech Codes

*glares at breitbart link*

*glare intensifies*

Nope, sorry, I ain’t got in me yet to treat this particular shit swamp with even the dignity of my disrespect. Yes, I know that they literally control our executive branch at this point, but… well, it’s Breitbart. The shitty remnants of a piece of shit who perfected harassment tactics and “post-truth” smear tactics against the powerless. Who lived his life screaming at protestors with legitimate causes and finding ways to ruin some poor random person’s life because he was a tiny-minded little bully until his heart gave out.

Whose gravestone legacy has since become somehow worse with literal Nazi Steve Bannon taking the helm and Mi-what-a-fucking-git-lo Yianno-fuckstick becoming a “star writer” for joining on to the infamous hate movement that ruined gaming and harassing friends of mine because they dared be trans folks in game design.

So yeah, I’m sorry, I know I need to start shredding through the Breitbarts and the Infowars because those are the shitheels with the power right now, but I just can’t. Not yet.

So instead, let’s deal with a literal torture apologist because somehow that’s actually a step up:

Andrew C. McCarthy, National Re-oh fuck we were somehow not quite fascist enough, uh…-view:
Prosecute the Rioters

Ah, Andrew McCarthy, that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time.

And if you’re wondering why that name is itching some part of the back of the brain like lye, it’s because Andrew C. McCarthy is mostly famous for being an unrepentant piece of shit on torture, strongly defending John Yoo’s infamous torture memo every place he could, trading in his “reputation” of once prosecuting the original World Trade Center bombing to try and give a patina of respectability to the darkest of America’s shames to arise during the horrendous Bush years.

He’s also the slimy little weasel who spearheaded the pushback against Obama’s initial attempt to shut down Guantanamo Bay and to prosecute terror suspects in trials instead of illegal infinite detention out of country in a human rights abuse factory. Which is a victory he still vainly brags about to this day.

Oh, and he’s a piece of shit opportunist who railed against Trump in the primaries but now licks his asshole clean like a good little sub these days and who cheered on Snowden’s actions cause they happened against Obama’s administration, but supported lifelong torture for Chelsea Manning because that tra**y dared do her actions during Emperor Bush’s reign.

So, of course he’s responding like a good little authoritarian making sure to sound his returning howl to the President regarding the Berkeley protest of the piece of shit Mil- the shitlord who I will henceforth refer to as Beach-blonde Röhm from now on, because seriously fuck that guy and all he’s done to try and literally drive friends of mine to suicide.

Shorter (or the last port before Jungle):

  • We must prosecute those exercising their free speech to protest gay nazis who pose a real risk to their friends’ lives under treason laws silencing them once and for all with the iron boot of the State. Only through this will we truly win a victory for “freedom of speech”.

Okay, let us pause for a mere second to appreciate the full bankruptcy of the right and how quickly they have surrendered their entire selves on behalf of this resurgent nazi party, cause it’s genuinely impressive.

Did I say impressive? I meant terrifying.

Cause let’s be frank. Literal goose-stepping, heil hitlering, swastika graffiti-ing, nazi insignia wearing, open Nazis are out in force and our highest seat of power is home to a Hitler fan boy who has continuously been sending big fat sloppy kisses to all his Nazi fans and echoing genuine Nazi propaganda like “all the press are lying Jews”, “we need to deny the citizenship of certain religious groups”, and “let’s pretend the Holocaust was an attack on ‘everyone’ and complete erase the Jews from the picture to give a wink and a handshake to the Holocaust deniers out there.”

And that Hitler-loving pile of orange puke has basically surrendered huge swaths of his job to Steve Bannon who is not at all shy about his white nationalism, anti-semitism, and love of outright fascism and is rumored to be behind some of Trump’s more egregious Executive Orders and actions in the two weeks of hell that have been the start of this Presidency.

And that’d be bad enough without all the authoritarians seeking a leader to worship in the Republican Party falling fully in line with their “Dear Leader” and white-washing everything away as if this were a perfectly ordinary presidency.

I mean, we’ve got a congress that’s barely passed anything, letting Trump mostly executive order around and only trying to pass bills to excuse his chosen shock troops’ regular breakings of the law and make ethics a thing of the past. And we’ve got an army of right-wing pundits who’re desperately trying to paint this as perfectly normal while jumping to loyally hate on whoever Trump has picked a fight on any given day (did Trump rant against Australia because he didn’t get his afternoon nap, better polish off an essay on why Australia is in league with the terrorist jews so President Bannon will give me a dog treat for being a good boy).

It’s not exactly unpredictable that the right-wing would do this, given that it’s been a fascist-leaning death cult for awhile now and their only defining features have been undue loyalty to “good executives” and unerring hatred of “bad executives” as marked by belonging to one party or the other since Clinton.

But still, it lends an extra layer of what the fuck to an already surreal hellscape.

And make sure that we condemn them as well.

So, because of this new fascist era, all the little loyal brownshirts are eager to please their masters like greedy little subs and many have found a perfect target in the recent Berkeley protest of Bleach-blonde Röhm.

I mean, it has everything, students and liberal protests, the word Berkeley which speaks to the Nixon-loving hind-brain of the modern right and their furious hatred of “hippies”, trans folks front and center, a bigot with a marginalized identity they can hide behind, an angry rant by a president with the right letter after his name, and most terrifyingly of all, protestors winning and winning with tactics that aren’t just politely turning up in numbers and hand-shaking the cops on a march well run. And that last part is something I want to get back to, but since McCarthy is an old man who likes to dodder, it’s important to really hammer home why this protest was the way it was.

Bleach-blonde Röhm is a harasser. He got famous harassing marginalized kids in gaming and sending his little nazi followers to overwhelm his targets with death and rape threats. His whole shtick is a literal sort of terrorism, trying to drive people he or his fan base doesn’t like out of their communities or jobs or make it impossible for them to maintain any form of social media network or have any online friendships for support*.

*No, really, Bleach-blonde Röhm was a big fan of having his nazi fans target and dox anyone who dared speak up in defense of one of his targets or even just talking to them, thus trying to create an element of fear whenever he descended, because now you were worried for the health and safety of all your friends as well as yourself, because well, he’s a bully and this kind of shit gets him off.

He’s also one of the most instrumental tools for really getting all the different hate-groups for various identities to start coming together and becoming authoritarian brown-shirts, linking together literal nazis, MRAs, hate movement in gaming-ers, the religious right, the Klan, and various other conspiracy theorists.

And so eventually, by repeatedly violating the terms of service of Twitter, he finally went after a big enough target that the people in charge went “oh, right, we have those things” and kicked him off. And so now he’s spent all his free time being brought in by various off-campus “college Republican” groups to come to schools and basically continue his favorite harassment games offline.

And yes, I mean that literally. Bleach-blonde Röhm’s whole shtick of late has been touring to various college campuses, identifying some random marginalized student at each one, usually a young trans kid and telling his little nazi audience that this scared little 18-year-old is a monster they should feel free to destroy and oh by the way here’s her location on campus, and basically getting them to drop out of school due to the incoming death threats that come with that.

Like, Bleach-blonde Röhm is a piece of shit gay nazi who writes for a third tier pile of shit hate rag and who’s traditional shtick is grifting ignorant and angry shitbirds for as much money as he can while actively trying to make marginalized lives less survivable for the powerless because bullies love to watch those struggling to breath gasp as they’re taking under again.

And his nazi boss, Steve Bannon is now in charge of the most prominent seat of power in the world and is exploiting the fuck out of it to pass his nazi wish-list of banning all muslims, making anti-semitism policy, and just generally fucking over smaller groups because he’s a wife-beater who just lives to beat on groups with no power to fight back.

And so when little Bleach-blonde Röhm went to one of his little hate-fests on behalf of rich reagents of campuses against the safety and well-being of their student bodies and was actually repelled by the weak and powerless he liked to beat up rising as one and standing strong and fighting back against his fans streaming in to throw punches, he ran home to daddy who promptly had his pet President threaten to yank federal funding for UC Berkeley for not letting his paid lapdog finish out his hate tour.

So yeah, people are going to want to shut down this all-out assault on the right to exist in public spaces that is Bleach-blonde Röhm’s raison d’être. Especially as it’s usually on behalf of “college organizations” run by non-students and funded by right-wing think tanks and approved by high-up administrators who hate their student bodies.

On top of all this, one of Bleach-blonde Röhm’s little nazi fanboys shot a street medic who nearly died about a week previously and was basically given a hearty handshake and a “good on you, pal” by the police and the media when he turned himself in.

Shockingly after all that, folks weren’t exactly jazzed about letting this pile of puke continue that shit on Berkeley and the Berkeley protestors had a clever tool in signs that served as shields so they could repel police tear gas grenades and bullets.

And as such, were actually able to get his little hate rally cancelled.

That’s basically where the right-wing lost their collective shit. Cause no one, but no one, stops their little fascist recruitment drives or has effective protest technique, because well, that could catch on and people might start realizing that these “all powerful” piles of puke are just angry scared white men doing the equivalent of beating up children because they’re perpetually angry that the free hand they were given wasn’t quite as robust as what they feel they were promised by virtue of being white and cis and male.

Culminating in the President of the United States of America threatening to pull UC Berkeley’s federal funding* over this besmirching of President Bannon’s pet quisling:

*Which is hilarious to me because UC Berkeley is a state school. And yeah, they can hurt the students behind the protests with the yanking of pell grants (though those don’t really go to the school per se), but the majority of money to UC Berkeley from the federal government is DOD and DOE money because there’s a lot of military research labs and companies based at UC Berkeley. So this will be the, what?, fifth thing he’s done in a week to piss of the military? Cause that’s a real safe thing to do when the threat of the military is the only thing preventing you from being dragged out of the White House and hung by your intestines.

And so it was time for all the loyal subs to show their favor with the most outrageous take on this black eye for fascism and this demonstration of the tactics needed to repel it from recruiting in our spaces.

From time to time over the years, the eminent historian Daniel Pipes has lamented that treason, not just as a crime but as a concept, appears defunct in the West. The question of bringing treason charges against jihadists has been raised from time to time. Often its very asking proves Dr. Pipes’s point: Most radical Islamic terrorists are not American citizens; as to them, treason is not a cognizable offense because traitorous conduct is central to the crime.

And Andrew starts us off, as is his wont, by focusing on how “unfair” it is that he can’t publicly execute any muslim he wants under “treason” charges.

Because Andrew McCarthy is a monster given human form who lives off the spilled blood of muslim children.

Even against American jihadists, a treason charge is of dubious usefulness. The 1996 overhaul of federal counterterrorism law codified crimes tailored to terrorism that are easier to prove than treason. The aim of an indictment in a national-security case should be the surest route to the severest sentence.

Also, of course he leads off with “treason” and how hard it is to get a treason charge to stick, because we now have a Republican president again, so naturally, it’s time again to paint any form of dissent against our Dear Leader as treason.

Which is rich considering the stolen election we just had where we literally had a foreign power bragging about how they installed their own free puppet, an FBI director commit treason to swing an election the way of his chosen dictator, there was massive voter disenfranchisement and millions were denied the impact of their vote by the electoral college and gerrymandering leaving a President and a House that lost by millions of votes in commanding control.

Or it would be if we forgot one of the most critical rules of any coverage of right-wing bullshit, which is:


Cause it is and that’s going to be even more important to keep in mind as we have abusers who’ve perfected gaslighting in charge of everything.

And so yeah, of course the party that has literally committed treason and who worships the treasonous rebellion against the state in the Confederacy is selling shit about how everyone against them are traitors. This is how they do.

The point is not to teach a civics lesson, regrettable as our education system’s default has been in that regard.

Indeed, because maybe if we had real civics education in schools, we wouldn’t have a populace willing to treat the most important function of a democracy as something more than a meaningless sports scrimmage it’s okay to lie and cheat your way through so long as the other team loses, we wouldn’t be being downgraded by the Democracy Index.

Yet what is true of treason is not true of sedition. There are charges to bring against those who would destroy our society. They should be brought. Case in point: the University of California at Berkeley.

*whistles softly past the graveyard of McCarthyism*

Oh, well played sir, start off with treason and then do a quick three card monte switch to sedition, cause yanno, that doesn’t have a long history of being used to make illegal the right to protests and being used to silence lawful dissent.

I mean, you’re not wrong, you probably could make sedition charges and I’d be genuinely surprised if we didn’t start seeing that against various journalists and protestors because the people in power are cowards terrified that the beaten and blackened folks they rule over will finally have enough of their outright theft of their country and rise as one against them.

Course, it’s also used as one of the indexes for freedom of speech and heavy use of sedition laws is usually a strong sign of a dictatorship, so it’d be real hypocritical if the literal next thing you tried to whine about was “freedom of speech”.

As our National Review editorial observed in the aftermath of this week’s Berkeley rioting, “there is within the American Left an increasingly active element that is not only deeply illiberal — fundamentally opposed to free speech — but also openly violent.”

Mommy, our victim is punching back! That’s not fair, mommy! Make him stop!

Okay, let me stop a second and be serious about two things real quick:

1) “Violence” by the marginalized will always be held to a higher and unfair standard than violence by the powerful. And it’s complete bullshit the way media and society will look past decades of lynchings but cry crocodile tears about the lost business hours of a sit-in. How it will look past the gunning down in the street, threats of genocide, and bombings and shootings at places of worship against religious minority groups but will be quick to assign large scale blame on whatever foreign extremists can exist or be invented (Bowling Green anyone?). How it will look past the hundreds of unarmed black men gunned down in the street, but will bend over backwards for the time a cop busted his pinky smashing in a protestor’s face. How it will whistle past the thousands dead due to transphobia, but will clutch its pearls at a torn down light and some smashed in windows needed to shut down a nazi recruitment rally that was going to harm and try to drive to suicide another of their member.

But it’s also respected, because bullies respect and worry when their victims fight back. Sure, they cry foul afterwards and try and paint themselves as the poor victims, because that’s what they do and the media will always find more to identify with other rich white men than those born with one hand tied behind their back. But the bullies also fear that, because they fear that it will catch on and they’ll no longer be able to feel powerful at the expense of the well-being of the folks they abuse.

Which is why we’re seeing a lot less of Richard Spencer’s smug face and I’m going to imagine, see a lot less of Milo’s little hate tours in the future.

2) The rebranding of harassment and hate speech as not only “free speech”, but the only kind of free speech that actually matters.

Like, this has been in the works awhile. I’ve written about how the right-wing tends to use “free speech” to mean the right to have infinite platforms to spew their shit and to never ever receive the slightest word in protest and instead receive free blowjobs from a crowd forced to clap.

But it’s definitely been doubled-down on as the nazis have risen to power and it’s been crucial to why they’ve been allowed to recruit and grow in strength the way they have.

Cause “free speech” as a cause has been bankrupt for awhile.

Like, the notion of free speech itself is actually good. It’s actually bad when marginalized groups are denied the right to speak about their life experiences or participate in public society either by state authority or the threat of terrorism. And it’s key to a functioning democracy that people be allowed to protest even if it’s for dumb ass ideas like “I believe a conspiracy theory that our president is a secret Muslim”.

But real free speech requires support and vigilance against those who would pervert that to lend credence to hate movement recruiting or turning a blind eye to harassment or terrorism. Means fighting for diversity and the inclusion of voices shut out of the debate and fighting for their right to speak against folks who want to shut them out or make them invisible again. It means active monitoring and moderation of public spaces so that one person isn’t allowed to drive everyone but he and his nazi buddies out. And sometimes it means kicking that beligerant drunk at the bar screaming at all the other patrons, harassing some scared woman, and threatening to kill anyone who crosses his path and denying him the right to turn your space into his private little fiefdom of hate for him and his other nazi buddies.

And so it’s been easier for the douchebag libertarians who have plagued our internet since its inception to instead champion “free speech”.

Cause “free speech” is a nazi’s playground. It’s the idea that everyone has the same access and levers of power and that harassment and terrorism are children’s games, because moderation requires dedication and manhours and it’s so much easier to let dedicated bigots trash the place rather than do all the work to kick them out of the bar so everyone else can breathe.

And it’s turning a blind eye to harassment and terrorism. Shrugging one’s shoulders and blaming the victim when another voice is lost because they were doxxed or had their family threatened or were attacked or raped by a fellow community member. Treating the lives of others as a game and their suffering to participate as a necessary price for those “othered” to pay.

And well, nazis love that shit, because nazis have always hidden behind “free speech” in order to be allowed to recruit more members and sell their ideas of genocide and to harass those they think of as lesser beings. They love to take advantage of liberals’ desires to be fair in order to turn hatred and the active harm of others into “just another opinion” and the direct silencing of others through terrorism as “just words”. Because that normalizes hatred and recruitment of others to organized campaigns in service to that hatred. And it hamstrings those they target from being able to act in self-preservation to save themselves, because any move they make becomes an action against “free speech”.

It’s why punching fucks like Richard Spencer when they are recruiting and downplaying their vile genocidal goals is an unmitigated good and why fucks like Bleach-blonde Röhm are quick to pretend that free speech means that people should be forced to have their money serve as his speaking fee to come to their campuses to harm them. That he should be allowed any platform for his recruitment even when that puts the lives of others at risk.

And this toxic perversion of “free speech” is what’s allowed large swathes of the internet to be taken over by this modern nazi movement. Why forums like 4chan and reddit are prime recruitment grounds for angry white men itching for an excuse to show it to the uppity minorities. Why it is becoming increasingly difficult for marginalized populations to maintain any form of public profile online without being expected to weather through constant death threats.

And that especially bothers me because I have intimate experience with having to flee what small public profile I built owing to harassment campaigns run by bigots hiding behind the gowns of “free speech”. Of having my right to speak curtailed in light of my fears for my safety.

And it’s why it is important to stand firm against this perversion of “free speech”, especially in the hands of people who are literally trying to sell using sedition laws to have the Government jail people for daring to protest a dangerous figure who meant them harm and who intended to perform harm in his visit, cause that’s all he does anymore.

Cause they definitely do not intend their detractors to have even the remotest form of the free speech they claim for themselves.

I’d further contend that the problem is not confined to this increasingly active element, the Left’s “progressives in a hurry.” Whether it is Berkeley or Benghazi, it is standard operating procedure among the most influential, most allegedly mainstream Democratic politicians to rationalize rioting as mere “protest.”

Cause IT’S ALWAYS PROJECTION, we get the standard dog-whistles turned up to 11 about how all these organic protests of desperation are “astroturfed by the wealthy (Jews, cough cough Soros, what? Antisemitism? I would never)”.

Plus, a bonus round of still trying to jam in Benghazi into everything, because right-wing conspiracy theories never die. And a nice little backwash of the standard dogwhistle where violent rioting from angry right-wing white people is “peaceful protest” where any protest involving one or more brown people becomes a “dangerous riot”* we should feel justified in using force to disperse.

*And let us not ignore the very deliberate way the right-wing has been reframing “violence” for awhile to justify claiming that the poor and the non-whites are violent, whereas their fascist terrorists blowing up mosques are just lone wolves and their calls for genocide are “peaceful”. Especially how the value of property is consistently placed above the lives of the marginalized. How there’s silence for hundreds of black men gunned down like dogs with not even the pretense of justice by police forces being overrun by white nationalists and open nazis, but acres of tears for a limo being set on fire, or some trash cans being tipped over to prevent cops from running over protestors. And how this is being used to normalize real violence and demonize most any form of dissent and make protestors hesitant to do even the bare minimum to protect themselves from relentless assault.

After all, these are dangerous seditious (Jews, cough cough, oh dear, do not mind me, dear sir, I would never imply something so crass, I’m a good conservative). And so must be put down with the most heavy of hammers lest they ruin our happy fascism fun-time and our one chance to eliminate as many non-white people as possible before they have a chance to have real representation in a democracy.

In their alternative reality, violence in the name of sedition is “free speech” — a passionate expression of political dissent — while the actual political speech they so savagely suppress is the atrocity.

Yes. Yes, it is.

I know, you’re all addicted to “alternative facts” and are hoping that you can literally pretend your way to a fake universe long enough to keep the rubes distracted as you loot the country and flee to Europe and New Zealand like Peter Thiel, but reality still exists.

And yeah, in our reality, dissent is dissent, a form of protected free speech by our first amendment to the constitution. And attempts to harass others and call others to physically harm and threaten them are actual crimes that we just happen not to prosecute because the perpetrators are rich and white and are protected by police forces who are only to happy to turn a blind-eye to all the acts of violence that happen to marginalized groups, leaving them to fight back themselves to protect their own.

And that’s not going to change just because you wish hard enough. Nor are people going to turn a blind eye to the harm that is occurring to them or the realization that only by their own hand will they avoid being forgotten casualties to a power base that couldn’t care less when we suffer and die.

There is no mystery about how we got to this dark place. Violent rampaging was the coming-of-age rite of the New Left. That would be the Sixties Left that eventually won the battle for control of the Democratic party and, in its extremism, has estranged that party from its traditional working-class base, and thus from much of the country. The New Left rioted against racism, capitalism, colonialism, and the Vietnam War. They gleefully announced their hatred for AmeriKKKa. They bombed and killed. And in large measure, they got away with it. In fact, they got rewarded for it.

One of the worst legacies of those Days of Rage was the failure of will to prosecute violent leaders of the radical Left to the full extent of the law — particularly the likes of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, Weather Underground terrorists who got a complete pass. In its madness, the nation drew a moral equivalence between anti-American terrorism and the excesses of American government agents who pursued the terrorists, as if warrantless searches and spying, however concededly outrageous, were comparable to plots and attempts to commit mass murder. The government did not want the depths of its misconduct explored, so charges were dropped in some cases and pled away for a song in others — denying an exploration of the depths of the terrorists’ depravity. “Guilty as sin, free as a bird,” crowed Ayers, waxing nostalgic on the eve of the 9/11 attacks.

And it’s getting somewhat hard to swallow that the left is still being demonized as the “real violent ones” because of the marginalized people that make up our protests while we’ve had decades of unending terrorist attacks by the right continuously dismissed as “lone wolves”. All while they are still digging out the last instance of left-wing violence that happened 50 years ago by an organization of dumbass hippies who nonetheless did everything in their power to try and have no casualties even when protesting the literal murder by the government of activists and while protesting a war that was grinding up their colleagues and former classmates by the thousands.

And it starts to feel like a deliberate tactic to keep us married to a martyred non-violence so they never have to worry about the folks they harass punching back for fear of being used as the next “Weather Underground” “violent left” used to demonize the next 50 years of peaceful protests.

“Guilty as sin, free as a bird,” crowed Ayers, waxing nostalgic on the eve of the 9/11 attacks.

It is worse than that, though, much worse. Ayers is not just free; he has been lionized — laundered into a respectable academic. It was a comfy fit for him and many of his confederates, once it dawned on them that indoctrination inside the schoolhouse was more effective than blowing up the schoolhouse.

Yes, demonization of the academy to justify a McCarthy-esque purging of liberal voices from the University level and the staking of institutions with right-wing ideologues who want to ban the teaching of science and any form of impactful sociology cause it so often interferes with their desires to live in a fantasy realm where they can continue to pretend that white people are inherently better than black and men are inherently better than women and queer folks are just monsters to be wiped out by a vengeful God in perpetuity.

So “free speech”. Much wow.

Yeah, we’re really buying you give a fuck about “free speech” when you can’t even go five-seconds without furiously masturbating to the idea of jailing dissidents and purging the academy of “non-believers”.

The plaudits, moreover, have rained down from the government as much as they’ve pushed up from the campus.

It was famously in the Chicago living room of Ayers and Dohrn that their fellow “community organizer” Barack Obama made his political debut. Soon the radical leftists who actually had been prosecuted were being sprung from prison by President Bill Clinton with the help of his trusty deputy attorney general, Eric Holder — himself a onetime student radical, having participated in the occupation of an ROTC headquarters at Columbia University in 1970. First Clinton commuted the sentences of FALN terrorists. Then, in an infamous pardon spree on his last day in office, he released two Weather Underground confederates of Ayers and Dohrn.

Okay, A) I’ve noticed that the right-wing continuously tries to bring up their many many conspiracy theories about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama whenever Trump does something. And it’s pretty clear it’s because they can’t defend him. He’s literally the monster they tried so desperately to paint Clinton and Obama as. And so every time it becomes clear that they’re authoritarian pieces of shit lying their ass off in service to power, they distract by playing the old hits hoping it can keep their angry base of nazi recruits from realizing that they’ve been getting played for 40 years by their pastors and their talk radio hosts and the “alternative” media they turned to.

And B) Wow. That old conspiracy theory. Fuck, that one takes me back:

Obama Must Have Been the Most Badass 10-Year-Old Ever!

Like, one part of me is just like, boggled at how that acid flashback induced aborted thought managed to live on instead of dying in the snow where it was first expelled.

But the other cynical part of me I wish wasn’t right nearly as often as it is, is going of course it lived on. It’s a right wing conspiracy theory. Those don’t ever die. They just get added to the alternate history tableu they’re all smoking.

And that part looks at this with some trepidation and fear, because this is essentially why we’ve got the Republican Party seemingly going all in for fascism. Because all the twisted little branches of hate groups, opportunists, and conspiracy theorists have all gotten tangled together and shared their fucked up thing they’ve clung to to make themselves feel special.

And so we have a grifter hack as President who got famous falling for Alex Jones and Breitbart conspiracy theories running a fascist mob of neo-nazis and cowardly little torture-loving shits like McCarthy going all in on one of the dumbest anti-Obama conspiracy theories I’ve ever reviewed for this show because it came from a fellow tribe member.

And I’m not sure how to beat that. How to beat a movement that is willing to believe any bizarre lie about how the world works and accept any atrocity so long as it’s coming from the “right people” and shows hatred for the “wrong people”.

And that’s terrifying because logic will not stop this train of fucked up intentionally delusional bullshit, and they’ll do and believe anything so long as they believe it will hurt someone who isn’t “like them”.

But maybe there is hope in the riot and the fear it evokes in the powerful that are riding this tiger as far as it will go. In the fact that Trump lost by millions and needed to do unprecedented levels of outright theft to “win”. In the fact that we outnumber this crowd of intentionally delusional sociopaths and the fact that you can’t distance yourself this far from reality and avoid ever having reality gently remind you of your error.

Maybe we can take strength that a crowd of trans-lesbians and people of color with shields were able to repel the apparatus of the state and say no to the bullshit and matter in a way no bigot could ignore.

That we can resist this incoming atrocity together. And maybe somehow, by divine luck, end up okay.

‘Shorter’ concept created by Daniel Davies and perfected by Elton Beard. Seeing those “Trans Dykes are good and pure” signs and knowing I likely mentored some of the kids holding them fills me with so much pride I can’t even. We are aware of all Internet traditions.™

*Also, seriously, fuck Bleach-blonde Röhm and his whole nazi crew. And fuck the broken ass media outlets that still treat him like a “funny little sideshow” with endless outlets to spread his propaganda and hate unchecked and normalized while allowing his victims barely a sentence to tell of how he has harmed them.

When the story of how our nation fell into fascism is written, you cowardly shitbirds will be condemned as much as the newspaper writers who tried to minimize the Holocaust and made sure to interview Goebbels but never a single Jewish person.

**It’s also very understandable why even the smallest form of resistance by the powerless scares people in a way that all the violence by the powerful doesn’t. And that’s because violence by the powerful is normalized. Is part of how we perceive “order”. And so the marginalized pushing back feels like a breakdown in order especially when it is doing things like shutting down the easy function of institutions or pulling down trash cans.

And people fear the loss of order more than they fear injustice, because injustice isn’t happening against them. Is unlikely to affect their lives, but the loss of order makes them really nervous about whether or not their lives will continue as they have with little to no change.

But it’s also why it doesn’t matter how violent a protest gets in response to this shit, because it’ll be decried as violent no matter what simply because the marginalized speaking back in any way and asking for the cessation of violence against them is itself an attack on an “order” that people have gotten used to.

And so if us speaking for ourselves and our lives and simply turning up in non-violent forms is going to be dismissed as violent riots, then we might as well make ourselves a nuisance for the cops to beat us back so they, like at Stonewall, think twice about whether or not they can roll us for shits and giggles.

And we might as well make it non-normalized by force and numbers, by our refusal to play by those broken rules and cheerfully accept our deaths at the hands of a rising fascism that the lovers of order ignored for years when it was only affecting people of color and trans people on the corners of the internet.

***And for those who are worried it’s going to be all “revolution, comrades every week, well… I’d like to promise not, but my survival in this country really rather depends on Trump just being a terrible Republican president rather than the dictator he keeps wanting to fashion himself as so… *non-committed shrug*

****He wrote more, but it’s all blah blah blah black people are evil and violent and wah wah jail and beat the commies over and over again and this rant is long enough.

*****BELATED ADDENDUM: It’s worth noting why the demonization of this particular protest is so high and it has nothing to do with “violence”. It instead has to do with the shields. Those shields blocked one of the key weapons cops have in the form of their rubber bullets and tear gas canisters. It made it so the protest couldn’t be easily routed. Shit like that makes power very nervous, because the threat of force is their last great line against the people and if that gets neutralized… people of power don’t like thinking about that.

Those shields or those like it need to be at every protest. Especially any the cops are going to want to shut down.


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Go on.


Free speech (right wing style) = my right to abuse you and make you fear for your life or my right to spew any bs I feel while you sit there and nod

A tour de force, Cerb!


Huzzah, dear friend, Huzzah!!!

Good to see you!!!



OMG welcome back Cerb. My favorite dwarf planet moon. Two extended rants in a week. GO!

And that especially bothers me because I have intimate experience with having to flee what small public profile I built owing to harassment campaigns run by bigots hiding behind the gowns of “free speech”. Of having my right to speak curtailed in light of my fears for my safety.

This is why I’m one of your biggest fans. Use it and wear it while you can. While we can.

Your free speech is fucking spot on. All 33 screens full of it. I’ve missed your commentary. {{hugs}}

The haters have their day, and – using their free speech – they’re going to waste it and reveal their sins. Too bad we’ll have to pay for it as a nation now.

So sad. Losers.


*glares at breitbart link

Hate-clicks from lefties pay them exactly as much as adoring clicks from dipshits.

Might I recommend using a “URL protector” to deny places like Der Sturmer 2.0 any precious bodily fluids clicks? Charlie Pierce at Esquire (for example) uses one for all his links. Or link to non-wingnut sites that quote their posts.


Mr, Lemming, a very good point…Several actually:

I gotta say I love the Idea of “hate click” and if I use it I will try to remember to properly attribute it to you

Also too, the idea of sending them any traffic that might purchase an espresso drink craws in my stickhole…

That is it for now, but thanks again for the input good sir!


Nothing much to say except – big cyber-hugs and massive solidarity and encouragement from a country whose right-wing are not quite as… bad… as yours (we’re getting there, of course). In lieu of any kind of International Brigade all I can do is say keep the faith, and may you always maintain the courage, clear sight and fortitude you show in this article.

And ‘bleach-blond Roehm’ is a fantastic phrase and I’m totally going to rip it off for a British Socialist forum I’m a member of. If that’s ok.


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