Meet David Seth Bookman

SteelyDave is the handle…and pardon me for a moment while I wipe the tears from my eyes…/shakes angry fist at Laughter, an evil Goddess if there ever was one, but merciful and fun if quite possibly a bit tricksy, or in this new realm in which we have been so unmercifully transported, a bit Loki…I’ll just cut to the chase and give you all a head start on the giggles, before I Get to analyzing the train-wreck. Behold the magnificence:

Generally speaking I don’t necessarily like doing the “lookist” thing, as I can be guilty of looking like anything within the range of someone you might feel the need to hand change to or someone whose appearance might command a doorman to open the door at a posh NYC hotel. The former, most of the time, and the latter when I get tarted up for a rock show quite unlike the guy above. And by unlike; think Motown, James Jamerson.)

This mashup/subversion of Metal heads on meth/DoxxyBoxin’ Love-Chile, man bun wearing, avatar of Masculine Metro-sexuality, what seems the rage these days, among the kids, as it were, sends me often to my porch, broom in hand, looking to chase the kids off’n it…

So now that the Style council bit is out of the way, apologies, because this could and may well go on for days. I mean gaze upon the blue/grey eyes penetratingly, If one had but one more crush to give for a man-bun wearing/animal loving/unpretentious genius…In case you had not made the leap out of those dreamy eyes and were looking for a smart huggy bear, you might have missed this very important part of the profile, Which given its placement in the profile stats, right up there at the top, I could appreciate. So for posterity I’ll share them with you just in case you might somehow stumble away from the gaze so besotted in passionate ardor that you could have missed it: “David Brookman – NYC born & raised. Certified 173 IQ.”

David Brookman – NYC born & raised. Certified 173 IQ.

I just wanted to make sure that we did not miss that bit of intel…Damn! that’s high, that is thritty odd points north of what qualifies as genius, if memory serves, and well, that old hound dog ain’t what she used to be, at least for the time being, Oh and before I slide off track, let us please take note that it is Certified™!!!, Certified™!!! I did not know that that was a thing, but that it might have become one, and managed to escape my notice entirely, does not surprise me in this day and age. They must have slipped this shit into the bloodstream when the coddling kiddy universe intersected our own. NYC born and raised bit seems a bit sad really. But there are some suburban type neighborhoods in Brooklyn and Queens, and I have not been to Staten Island but it would surprise me if there was an over-abundence of the Negro afoot. When I can be bothered to do so I will start a file on this cat.

OK after various grocery based and bird-feeder cleaning annoyance related activities I remembered what we were on about:

And once again, I ask you to gaze into the limpid pools of slate gray sexy with a touch of robins egg blue, and ask yourself not only how quickly you would jump out of bed, grab the nearest turquiose neck charm-thingy on braided leather rope, or anything else at hand to signify your appreciation of his magnificence while making it first across the line ahead of all of your competitors in the hopes that he might bestow his magnanimity upon thee…And we know how this must end…Even the victor in this ‘race to be worthy, will understand, quickly, that he/she is not, and can not, ever match up to this prize, in any way, shape, or form. Ever! Now that I take one more jealous glance, I realize that my chin music (whiskers) are in need of a trim That it is Saturday, and that I will be ‘clatchin’ with one of my bitches (waves at the the loverly Beth H with a genuine smile, I might want to appear in fine form…


Have a lovely day, free of *that* if possible and filled with kittens, or with whatever you play!!!



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