Clinton or Trump. Who is the Real Narcissist? Seriously

Cruising around the ‘Trons as is my want on this fine day and I come across this image:

Now, that right there is, well, an image, chart-like and such with numbers and those squigglies next to them which cipher percentage or some suchlike mathemagical Hoodoo Voodoo which almost invariably supports as truthful, whatever it is that the party who spent so. much. time. assembling the information in graphic form wanted to prove. So. Much. Time, look upon the labors to present these simple truths in a way that is easy to comprehend yet unimpeachable in its conclusion: By the Transitive Properties of Derp multiplied by the Fumunda constant(.075 moisture factor) that Hillary Clinton is a bigger Narcissist than the tiny fingered, marmot pated Don.

It would probably unfair to mention that there is no definition of what a “self mention” entails or how it might be aggregated, but then the intended audience might miss the intended point, or get confused and start looking for the paste jar…

To be honest, first, well second, actually, after laughing my ass into the next living room, it had not occurred to me that such a thorough scientific analysis of this “truth” would have been necessary, nor possibly reached this conclusion. But then again, I am not in the propaganda business, unless it is in the service of a gag. Fortunately, the genii on the conservative side of the aisle or should we refer to it as the black hole, where humor cannot escape tend to make our work easier than it should be. The first guy to sell “Own-Goaling” as a professional sporting event has a Professional Major league organization ready for exploitation.


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The first guy to sell “Own-Goaling” as a professional sporting event has a Professional Major league organization ready for exploitation.

Finally, a sport I can compete in!


Well Chris, I think we could quickly be joined by other pros within our circle, but whether we’d make it out of double A ball is another question…

I’m not sure anyone of us is ready for the full Goldberg!!!

Jonah has all of the MVP and HOF spots locked up!!!



There’s a book called The Secret Life of Pronouns that makes a point that, at first brush, is counterintuitive: Frequent use of first-person pronouns is associated with a submissive status. Consider the difference between the statements “This is a bad idea” and “I think this is a bad idea.” People with superior status tend to be more sure of themselves, speaking in objective declarations, whereas people with inferior status engage in more hedging and caution.

FUN FACT #1: John Kerry was advised to use fewer first-person pronouns during the 2004 campaign because they were making him look weak. People pick up on this shit even if they don’t consciously notice it.

FUN FACT #2: Trump uses a shitload of first-person pronouns. For all the bluster, his speech patterns aren’t at all consistent with an authority figure. Then again, they also aren’t consistent with an adult.


So If I understand what you are getting at Andrew, Donald is a bottom, though if forced to admit such it would be as a ‘Power Bottom’…

No offence intended to Bottom’s, Power, or otherwise Identified…

Re: Fun Fact 2: I knew there was something concrete about my instinctual feelings that he was an up jumped toddler, which is of course me being overly generous.

Nice to see the confirmation, as well as the tell!


Not as if Lumpy-Trumpy’s declarations show a lack of confidence in his opinion, whether it’s about himself or others.


Let’s suppose she is, for the sake of argument.

At least she’d be a competent narcissist.


Nice bar graphs, Republicans! but here are some bars you somehow missed…

How many bankruptcies? Clinton vs Trump.

How many times being sued? Clinton vs Trump

How many marriages? Clinton vs Trump


Does anyone with a lick of sense not get that when Trump talks about himself he’s talking to himself as much if not more than to us? Desperately trying to shut down that voice in his head constantly shouting at the other parts of his head he’s always been a feeble failure.

Also, this tweet from @JeffreyGoldberg:

Frederick Douglass wrote for @TheAtlantic for many years, and I’m looking forward to his future contributions.

Someone should troll Trump into inviting Douglass to the WH.


When you are running for president people generally want to know what your plans and policies are. If you actually have plans and policies then you will often state that “I will do this” and I believe that” etc. If you don’t have any plans or policies then you just talk about how fat former beauty queens have gotten. I also think the above graphic is incomplete until they show haw many times each of them referred to themselves in the third person.


Sirius, I had momentarily thought you were referring to the graphic of Ralph Wiggum eating paste which I thought was perfectly appropriate…

This third person thing, while an interesting angle to consider as it usually a ‘tell’ of some kind, I had not considered it before putting my fingers on the keyboard….


What are the chances of the Racist Buffoon Conman accidentally doing something good that would benefit ordinary Americans?

Well, that’s complicated.

But, roughly speaking, roughly the same as the chances are that when your car has transmission problems, and you take it back to the dealership and you find out, guess what? your new mechanic is going to be— Ronald McDonald!

Do you start hoping, hey! Maybe somehow he is going to actually fix that transmission!


Trump often refers to himself in the third person. Also, if Clinton were more of a narcissist, why isn’t she continually tweeting about having won the popular vote?


Had Goebbels been as clever as Orwellianne Conway the Nazis could have dispensed with the bother of actually burning the Reichstag.


‘marmot pated’? Color’s about right I think. Having seen them in the wild, hiking on the Olympic peninsula many years ago, I think that is an unfortunate association of a really cute and innocuous wild creature with a dangerous, ugly, self-made monster.

Of course he’s the ‘best’ monster.



F’ing Brill Pup!!!

Also gonna borrow that one from time to time, and I will try to remember attribution.


Had Goebbels been as clever as Propaganda Barbie, Hitler might be no more than a creepy clownish footnote to the late Weimar period.

OTOH if Goebbels’d had access to Facebook, Twitter, FOX, biometrics, voter suppression & epic gerrymandering, there never would have been any need to play out that macabre farce of The Little Corporal tearfully suckholing up to von Hindenburg to kick-start the Third Reich.

Graphic might be correct, & so what?

Aspiring to plant some lady-cheeks on the literal seat of the patriarchy, Clinton decided to put her civic track record in government & advocacy on air & online. Her opponent had none – nor did he have any need to name-check himself, what with corporate media in full rutting Fon parr Turbo Beast Mode at him 24/7 … it was as if every channel just magically became the Balloon Boy Network. His empty podium literally preempted her campaign speeches.

Those who forget the past are prone to get eaten alive by the future.


Speaking of own goals, has anyone else been watching the developments with FERC? The Chair of FERC until yesterday was Norman Bay. An Obama nominee that the righties didn’t like because he wasn’t a career utility guy and was willing to engage in actual enforcement. Well a few days after inauguration, Donald’s team elevated one of the other FERC commissioners to Chair, so Norman quit. This leaves FERC with only 2 out of 5 commissioners, meaning they don’t have quorum and can’t issue any orders or approvals. Here’s a good if slightly lengthy write-up of the issue. So TL;DR – by trying to rein in an activist Obama appointee, the Administration crippled FERC, who they need to approve their pipelines.

The big unknown is what this will do to the pipelines. To clarify, pipelines make money by charging tariffs to recover the costs in building them. Those tariffs are regulated and have to be approved by FERC in order to get paid. Energy regulation is arcane and complex so it’s possible that there’s something in place to regulate the pipelines and the payments for them, or perhaps something covered in earlier filings and approvals. But it isn’t clear.

FERC commissioners are appointed by advice and consent of the Senate. Meaning that the pipelines are all in limbo until the Senate confirms at least one new commissioner. Dakota Access is now subject to filibuster.

It’s starting to look like our best hope of limitations the damage the Trump Misadministration’s. can do is their own incompetence.


It’s starting to look like our best hope of limitations the damage the Trump Maladministration can do, is their own incompetence.

Now that the barbarians are inside the gate, they appear to have little idea about how to proceed and Hulk Smash! doesn’t exactly fly, nor is it easily controlled by a Grifting Machine with minimal experience in or patience for working within a system of checks and balances, when the Getting to Governmentin needs to proceed. But Hulk Smash can do a lot of damage in a limited time…

Ultimately paperwork may be our saving grace If the raft of impeachable corruption doesn’t bring the whole thing crashing down…

We will see just how well the founding fathers prepared us for this most furious assault on our polity in its history. We did survive the first Civil War, and we may just survive this one as well.

Thank dog the founders had the brains to design so many protections into the constitution, and it may be these that bait the Republican party into impeachable overreach and ultimate irrelevance. They have been hanging their hat on Lincolns corpse for far tool long


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