Here Comes Money Boo Boo

Shortly after awaking this morning for good the title for this post appeared to me, and forced me upstairs to start looking for images to add to this post.

I have been looking for a number of them with Trump’s hair attempting to take flight and in other states of duress, only to come away with a renewed respect for the engineering that goes into the maintenance of that thing.

I also have a search window open for pictures of Honey Boo Boo looking for manipulation possibilities, but breakfast and coffee await, so this will have to be a place holding start for now. Good morning good people.

Here We Go, An old Comedy show routine about the financial collapse. So in this context, there appears to be no prior art.

“The Sorbonne, blah blah, an elegant process, not a demeaning process”,(A shot at the press) followed by an invitation extended to everyone in the room to put their hands down his pants, give a yank, explicating those hands to put one of his own “If you can Mitch, Go NUCLEAR” down there for the finish……

I never really forgot how bad the press is from a day to day matter of fact basis, but the race to be the finest ‘bottom’ in all the land, while decrying any democratic use of rules to….Lets just say that the “filibuster” is now being described as a nearly unprecedented, nearly illegal, oh and by the way, the republicans will win anyway so, lets all just move along.

This abrogation of responsibility, the race to catch the Dongle’s drippings, the prostration unto ceasar by the Whorth Estate (MSNBC, this morning anyway) Is astonishing to see…



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It has in fact been done before, but I am not quite sure in exactly this context…

But affixing T-Dons head to a princess outfitted Honey-B still needs to be done….

And Vice the verse dot course.


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