Some gags……….Lordy me…..

Not sure what to say about the following other than after I stopped laughing the first 25 times I saw it loop, I left to take care of some random business and after firing up the old laptop again I watched it another 15 times and it never stopped making me smile…Now a little background….Provider was a youth when the Sex Pistols became a thing, and shortly thereafter more of the other stuff rolled into my orbit. I had no shortage of friends who dressed like the guy stepping out of the brownstone, though none of them wore swastika’s,  the doc martins, suspenders, army shorts, black flag/dead Kennedy’s t-shirt, buzz-cuts, my skinhead pals dug the fashion statement, the music, and almost all of them enjoyed the sweet-leaf. None of my buddies were Nazi punks however.

Shared for your amusement!

Given that our new administration will be filled with these guys, I’ll take what I can get amusement-wise for the time being, or until the impeachment hearings begin.



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