Stumbling into old friends

So I after finishing general maintenance due diligence related, program activities* I start the rest of my morning routine involving coffee and catching up on my reading, the scope of which has narrowed to a focus on the Libertine Avatar of American Exceptionalism™,our new President.

At this point the author, who has never really embraced the concept or AE™, would suggest that the result of the current selection proves that America was never exceptional, that any greatness was stole, accidental, or unwarranted in the first place. So after a cup of joe was made, it was time to catch up on the backlog and front-log of reading; of the what did I miss, and what terrors are awaiting their turn through the pipeline that will require immediate preparation for and attention to.

So I am catching up on some reading here and there and I come across a link to a piece at Bill Moyers dot com which catches my attention and my interest and after finishing it I figure that I might be of interest to some of the gang here, and given that the material is kind of in my wheelhouse, it might be worth a riff. But after finishing the bit I figure that the comments might be worth a glance. And as I am reading along, I recognize one of our own in the comments who has a perfectly relevant and understandable query?

We have all experienced this particular head-spinning WTF?-ROFL_Copter, many times, and it appears to always elicit this response in me, I may have taken to referring to it as a logic bomb, but that only gets at the edges of the thing I am afraid…But on to our friend…And my reply…

K • 3 hours ago
“Why is it that every conservative I meet thinks they personally invented the concept of work? You would think nobody ever put in a day’s work before they came along.”
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K • 8 minutes ago
hold on, this is waiting to be approved by Moyers & Company.(of course it is…)

“Indeed, sir, I don’t think I have ever seen a liberal working, in the wild, that is. It occurs to me that one way to render this problem obsolete, would be to tag them, or make them wear shirts, or some other signifying token, so that those of us Hard working Americans, might catch a glimpse of them in the wild, but I fear, that the conservatives, hard working salt of the earth they be, may be right. Because in the absence of evidence all that remains is what feels…Right.

I’ll catch up with you back at the barn, and thanks for the inspiration.
Good to see you!”

More to follow, after second breakfast…

In general there might be a few of these distraction related, more to be followed activities, forgot what I was gonna get on about when the opportunity presents, and given the almost minutely additions of fuel to the conflagration, Holy Mother of Christ this is distracting, but as they say, If you have an abundance of time, make Haterade™.

So now on to discussing the wheels falling off of the ship of state in the next post, after reading Cerberus’ latest.


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The little things may be all that we have for awhile.



Yep, that was me.



Thought so. I have to say that it was nice to see you and recognize the name…

I got caught up over there with some interesting peeps, who seemed to miss my gag, and attempt to witness to me.

A new one for me…


“Why is it that every conservative I meet thinks they personally invented the concept of work? You would think nobody ever put in a day’s work before they came along.”

Those bastards are responsible for me having to get up early every morning and working my ass off for peanuts? No wonder I hate them!


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