Daddy Drank: Tax + Mexico = Donald

White House Press Secretary and Roger Goodell’s evil twin, Sean Spicer, unleashed the crazy today:

President Donald Trump has decided he will seek to pay for the wall on the US’s southern border by imposing a 20% tax on imports from Mexico … the White House said Thursday.

Because taxing imports from Mexico clearly means Mexico is paying for it. Certainly not the companies doing the importing (like, say, Vandelay Industries):

“It clearly provides the funding and does so in a way that the American taxpayer is wholly respected,” Spicer said Thursday.

We’re not prone to quoting the Heritage Foundation quoting the Wall Street Journal on this blog, but what the hell:

“This is a China tire, it costs me $69 today,” says the owner of Cybert Tire & Car Care in New York City. “Before it cost $39.” A big part of that increase: The fat tariff the U.S. has placed on Chinese tires. “It all gets passed to the customer.”

The entire premise of the import tax/tariffs is so asinine, the only way to defend it is to run away:

Spicer dodged reporters’ questions about the impact of the border tax on American consumers, instead stressing the tax’s benefits for American workers.

I don’t know who will end up paying for “The Wall” but I know who is going to pay for the presidency of Youppi’s estranged uncle: everybody.

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And the unwashed assholes are fine with that math as long as the President ain’tn’t no oogabooga.

Imma take up heavy mushroom use.

On the plus side, I’m sure I’ll get a legitimate test of my survivalist abilities by, say, February. And I have recipes to try!


Smoot Hawley II
Great Depression Boogaloo!


You all don’t understand. The import tax is going to be in Spanish.


Also, well done, white working class voters. You know who’s going to pay for that wall the Liar in Chief said Mexico would pay for? YOU are going to pay for it, you moronic fuckwads.


The fact is, you liberal snowflakes loose and loose. We have are country back and we don’t like socialism. I love your pain it makes me happy knowing libbies are sad, and also we love guns. If you try to stop Trump we will stop you, no more illegals and against USA types the freedom is growing


That has to be fake Gary.

He forgot to call us “cucks” or “snowflakes”.


As I mentioned somewhere (Roy’s place? Who knows.) a while back, WaPo’s Marc “I’m a gullible moron” Thiessen prepped us for this two weeks ago.

Amazingly, if you get out of the boat (DON’T DO IT!), the “most liked” comments call him out on this bullshit.


He forgot to call us “cucks” or “snowflakes”.

Fake Gary, if you need to use some sort of shorthand, you could try “CuckFlakes” or “SnowCucks” but please try to keep the CamelCase consistent, m’kay?


The fake gary is almost charming in, well, charming might not exactly be the word I am looking for, escaping for the still in the hollar, the dictionary of invective reserved for poorly done costumed trollys on the interwebbed in fishnet stockings…


If the fake Gary was ever any more charming than the real Gary, I apparently blinked and missed it.


Dunning-Krugerism’s finest hour!

(…of the week so far…)

PS: Oh man, the REAL fake Gary always ends with a period. You motherfuckers always gotta go Full GED Dropout … more like GRARy Ruppert amirite?


Dunning-Krugerism’s finest hour!

(…of the week so far…)

And here you are inadvertently proving your liberal street cred, by demonstrating a generosity of spirit unseen in the lands where the Republicans, or should we just cut with the bullshit and refer to them as HitlerToo-thicans, roam.

And with this administration you might quickly tire out that much needed impulse and run over children with your car. And we are gonna need you sir!


Okay, scrap the import tax, bad idea. I don’t know who came up with that one. Here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to tax people coming in. An entrance fee, on Mexicans. It’s brilliant, and that’s how they’re going to pay for the wall.


ain’tn’t no oogabooga.

Can’t believe I missed this the first read through, fucking brilliant! I believe that is the first example of a triple negative I have seen in the wild, well done…

/tips cap


A Tale of Two Countries

We are now engaged not only in a political war, but also in a battle over the very concepts of reason and fact that the Enlightenment brought forth.

By Neil Jacoby


Pretty sure the Mexicans will pay for the wall. When Trump is done with the U.S., we’ll be sneaking over the border to get INTO Mexico.


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