Who’s Pissing Me off too!!!

Provider is a bit chuffed now…One could say that he has been dealing remarkably well with recovery from death zone exploration related program activities and has been busting his ass in the hope of hitting the spring time in fit and trim. Now of course, dealing with That….then recovery….getting through the party in the hope of returning to a semblance of normal, being the goal etc.,ad infinitum … Things moving in positive direction health-wise, and the giving up smoking and drinking gets a big old fat finger, but well, I am dealing and can live with that in the rear view for the time being, however today, I retrieved my most important possession from storage,my bicycle,and near as I can tell the only thing it needs is air in the tires. Otherwise everything seems fit and trim, just like I remember it: I was after all a professional mechanic.

I was also once a successful bicycle racer, Winning a state championship, competing at nationals and being invited to try out for the National team. In fact I have never had a drivers license having never owned a car, but having always at least one properly fit bicycle running. It could easily be argued that if I not been so enamored of bicycles and used them so thoroughly for my adult transportation needs that I may not be around to pen this lament….Fuck. Did I mention that the old sled (a white mid 80’s Holdsworth Professional British Road bike; Reynolds 531 butted tubing, and fitted with a variety of high end kit, and hand-built wheels (yours truly).

Basically a fucking Rocket-sled that fits. If I were to design and build a custom frame for myself It would not vary in any particular detail from this particular frame, so I was very happy to dig it out of storage. Now of course there must be a shoe about to drop, because why the fuck not…

So I inform my sister of my happiness only to be told that because I am on blood thinners (of course) that riding will not be an option…because, you know, I might wreck. Yes, this is a possibility, but something that I rarely did when I was riding 1200 plus miles a month when I was racing, and something occurring with much less frequently when I was no longer racing. Anyway, this will have to be sorted out…

apologies for the lamentation, but after a rest, well get back to getting under a thin skinned, cheap suited monster’s skin, or add to the din…


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Bummer about the blood thinners, Provider.

But perhaps your sister is right and this is a time for prudence.

Can you stick to indoor bike trainers for a while?


As much as I hate the idea, that may be the solution, though Rollers also, would be preferable to the trainer, sadly to say that neither option had yet occurred to me, so thank you SG. I figured that after I got the pout out of my system that a solution would present itself.

And now I am thinking I should know someone who can lend me one or the other, and if I can get some rollers and recover my mastery of them, that would go a long way to convincing parties concerned that it might be ok to let me have at it.

Once again, thank you sir, I am rested a bit and have a plan, so no longer raging…

Breakfast shower, and getting on tiny hand enemies list. Oh and the Rock and Roll afterwards.

Dude, seriously, you flipped my switch…thank you!


My father is on blood thinners. He told me that cayenne pepper has a clotting agent and will stop bleeding.

I tested this the last time I cut myself and it actually works quite well.

Duct tape (don’t laugh) if wrapped tightly also works better than a bandage.


1200 miles a month!

And here I was patting myself on the back for riding 1600 miles last season…….

Just call me “slacker”.


I was taking rat poison (warfarin, blood thinner), I think because I had bypass surgery or maybe it was the pulmonary embolism, or maybe something else, whatever. Anyway, went mountain biking with Teh Ho and a couple friends. As our central Pennsylvania back yard bordered a state game lands, our house was usually the meetup point as well as start/finish. The ride was fun, but near the end we were on a trail that we had not previously been on. I got into a dispute with Teh Ho about the route. He said “we need to go this way” but I was sure that just over that way a bit was the trail we wanted. Being the stubborn fuck that I am, I went off by myself, the rest followed him.

They got back, popped beers, started to worry about me because where the fuck is PJ? They had just set out looking for me when I came riding down from the dead end of the road our house was on. This was before cell phones were common, before they fit into your pocket. So there were no calls to 911 when they saw me. In search of a way back I went through several bramble patches, and climbed / pushed through a shitload brush, and so on. I looked like I stepped out from an abbatoir, blood dripping down my arms and legs.

Look at it this way, Provider, if whatever might happen accident-wise is bad enough that being on blood thinners is a serious problem, the accident is so fucking serious that your clotting time doesn’t fucking much matter. IOW, if you’re so badly injured that thin blood comes into play, thin blood isn’t much of a factor in survival.

I say go for a fucking ride – it is highly unlikely it will end badly because you have thin blood, and it is absolutely certain that you’ll feel a fuckofalot better. The stress of not riding, trying to push away your core being, is probably doing you more harm than good.


Illl look into the cayenne pepper, mr Kong.

I have secured the sled, aired up the tires at the shop and rode safely home, recognizing and instantaneously reacting to a potential front tire blowout in time to deal with the situation, save the tube, my ass, and my day!!!

Then I rode the thing home. Pup, you are absolutely right! Plus, it is sitting next to me now, and it is pretty, beat up in all the right places, but beautiful none the less. I will post pictures, so there will be some on the internets…

And now I get to jam with some friends…So Woooo effing Hooo!!!


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