Civil War: how does it work, or why does it continue to?

Good Morning friends, Romans, and Countrymen. It is the third morning on which I awake to discover that a prepubescent handed, Vulgarian Lout, has been micturating about the peoples house. Or be-scenting, if you prefer, in order to claim the place as his own. You know that the penis (tiny as it *must* be) has been exposed to the rarefied oval office air and once tumescent in its resplendence, (or is that resplendent in its tumescence) has been rubbed upon the things that others will touch, so that he will have them, be able to claim ownership in the only way a tremendously insecure billionaire who got pants-ed by a woman in a presidential election can. And I realize that I am not quite ready to….carry the Kubler Ross, ….embrace acceptance and I’m thinking that my berth on that boat might be taken.

And it is extraordinarily difficult to watch more than a minute or two of the news on the TV which seems to be working overtime to normalize this petty sham. Such that I had, as is my wont, started thinking about the history of my relatively short lifetime with regard to Presidents.

I just managed to miss Kennedy, the cellular interaction that would form the ovum that would become me was a few months away, so I was born during the Johnson Administration, who was followed by Nixon, Ford*, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, BushII* affectionately known as Dubya, Obama, and now, *RYFKM,* aka Trump, aka “areyoufuckingkiddingme?”.

So forgive me if I momentarily find it difficult to take pride in my american citizenship right now, Also forgive my leaving out a gag, that I might have for us when I find out about ‘gimp’ on chromebooks or on osX, or might flesh out for another piece, if I find enough material.

So during my life we have had Southern Democrat, California Republican, Northern Republican*(impeachment related legacy-hire)Southern Democrat, California Republican, Texas Republican, Southern Democrat, Legacy hire Texas Republican, Illinois Democrat, and now a polity unto itself GlobalCompuHyperMegaBux™(maybe) wrapped in Republican clothing. Now if you follow my somewhat biased “math” which involves the understanding that a southern Democrat is a Democrat in name only because Lincoln was a Republican, and therefore through properties of civil war related destruction of wealth and person related freedom acquisitive realities. Which means in short, that for more generations than should be necessary the South had to be Democratic because Lincoln was a Republican and took away some of their property, and the sons, daughters, Grandchildren and Great-grandchildren and on and on, have never really gotten over that Loss, and that we in the north, particularly persons of African descent have been paying dearly for that.

Shorter Gasbag: We have had Conservative governance, for my entire life. Now it could be argued that Obama represents a break from that tradition, and that is one I’d be willing to discuss, but one thing occurred to me that cringed me up right quick. Lincoln was also from Illinois…




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It seldom fails to launch my Inner Roflcopter to note that reference to the first Republican President – merely the historical topic of Lincoln – is one of the most sure-fire ways to troll Republican supporters.

America’s Shittiest Website™ scarcely dares to touch him lest an epic mass-pout ensue in its (obviously ill-advised) comment section..

Poor motherfuckers’ve got more issues than National Geographic.


Ah, yes, the well-known War of Northern Aggression, when Lincoln ordered Fort Sumter to fire on innocent South Carolina…


But alternative facts aside, what is really telling is that the North allowed those treasonous bastards Jefferson Davis and Robert E Lee to live, even though the South had assassinated Lincoln…

Second Amendment Rights in action…


Jim, first, while it took me awhile to envision, imma gonna have to steal Roflcopter having now cyphered the concept in vertical and horizontal axes. Although I might suggest a modification that brings a bit of Mao-tse into the picture for the dual purposes of tipping caps to internet tradition’s, Commie Iconography, and my ass off laughting…Seems just about right for this new age Dawning…hmmmmmm!

/stroking chin with menacing glint


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