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I couldn’t ignore this gem, from a CNN article written by Carol Swain and titled “How Donald Trump can be America’s change agent”:

There is a pressing need to recognize and acknowledge the rights of white people.

I did not see that coming. But then again, Carol’s grasp on reality is pretty weak:

Mr. Trump has already begun to made great strides with African-Americans. He is a truth speaker. Anyone who has watched him speak in town hall meetings and inner-city black churches (as I have) can see that he connects with people in those communities. He has empathy for the mothers who lose their children to crime and drugs and understands the need for better jobs and opportunities.

Apparently it’s a one-way connection.

According to this poll, Trump’s approval rating (somewhat/strongly) was 9% last week among Blacks — we’re still some distance from “great strides.”

Carol knows you save the punchline for the end:

Finally, President Trump needs the support of all Americans. We need to give him a fair opportunity to succeed or fail, like we gave Barack Obama. [Emphasis added]



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There’s also another gem that should be runner-up for “QOTD”:

“He is a truth speaker.”

Really, Carol? On what fucking planet?


Carol proved that CNN is fake news.


Classmate and co-major of hers in college and then went to law school with Santorum. Is it any wonder I drink?


Is irony deficiency perhaps an actual medical condition?

Maybe a bag of Smart Pills would help. A link for those who aren’t 2,000 years old and have never heard this joke.


Carol proved that CNN is fake news.

Not sure who this Carol is, yet, but I thought that Blitzer had managed to remove all doubt as far as that issue was concerned!

Evening Folks


Am I slow in thinking Twitler’s fave word, “Sad,” presents opportunities for Sadly, No?
This blog is the online equivalent of Nostradamus and Revelation all rolled into one big fat spliff?

Well, sadly, no.


Carol needs a remedial history lesson, & probably also an enema.

But Teh Donald WAS a truth teller, remember? Remember when he regaled the mob on his Sloppy Seconds Tour about how he gave no fucks whatsoever about “drain the swamp” until he saw how the rubes loved it, “… & then I started saying it like I MEANT it, & you guys went nuts!” – literally smugly sneering in their faces whilst copping to having conned their asses off. Most. Confused. Cheers. Ever.


@Some guy

He also stole a line from Bane in Dark Knight Rises:

” “Today, we are not merely transferring power from one administration to another, or from one party to another — but we are transferring power from Washington, DC, and giving it back to you, the people,” Trump said in his speech.

Not exactly the same, but it’s close to what Bane, played by Tom Hardy, says of Gotham when he holds the city hostage and removes its police and powerful officials.

“We take Gotham from the corrupt! The rich! The oppressors of generations who have kept you down with myths of opportunity, and we give it back to you, the people,” Bane said. ”

Quote from here:



An hour later it’s already been changed. Imma keep an eye on that page – could be a glorious battle of wiki editors coming down the pike.


Ummm, Carol?

Hallucinogens are illegal, so I suspect you’ve had a major concussion? Aikman style?


He has empathy for the mothers who lose their children to crime and drugs and understands the need for better jobs and opportunities.

“But rent them an apartment? You’re on your own, blahs.

Wait, I feel bad about saying that. Here, have Benny the Blade, he knows all the urban developments.”


There is a pressing need to recognize and acknowledge the rights of white people.

Help, help, I’m being pressed!!


Is everyone else loving the HUGE worldwide women’s march? Is anyone else loving the thought of how hard it’s slapping tRump upside his ultra-fragile ego?

Is anyone else watching the hysterical Spicer press conference? He’s hysterical, it’s hysterically funny.


I am happy to note, for what its worth that the black sisters are the savviest of us all, which should come as no surprise. I would imagine that the results for white folk would show similar results…As has been obvious to any intelligent male, the ladies have our number in the brains department.

And it should come as no surprise that black people can smell a stone cold bigot, while blindfolded and locked in a dumpster.

There is clearly something about the possession of a penis indicated here that might be worthy of examination…edited to add…Also, too, black dude here, not in possession of a college degree either.


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