Our Indulgence of Propriety Is Over (InaugurationDayEndTimesEdition!)

This morning, I awoke, several time actually, in a cold sweat happy to realize that whatever had been mare-ing my night, was gone for now and that it might take a bit of time to slip back into sleep, until a couple of hours ago, I just gave up on the process entirely and thought I’d book some thoughts while President Obama was still at the helm. This guy right here…

It took me awhile to find this one, because I wanted something real, capturing the dude in a natural smile, the kind you are happy to see when you make eye contact with a cherished friend.

The reason it took so long was because there were an abundance of images from which to choose, and I wanted a good one that was not going to require any manipulation.

This next image took a considerable amount of time to acquire for an entirely different reason, which was originally the reason for this post: It occurred to me that I could not remember the Donald having been caught off guard actually, genuinely smiling. Like a warm happy smile, not the sneering contempt associated with the “I got to give the people something now-it’s good for business” smile, or the one often accompanied by a glint in the eye suggestive of one who just dropped one of his children’s puppy’s down the garbage chute, or having one of his handlers hand a homeless person a wad of monopoly money, but a for real, live, happy to be in this particular here, at this particular time, with this particular company, smile. A laughing with someone, rather than at someone, or something, genuine, heartfelt smile. And this one was the closest that I could find, and is not bad, pretty much hits all the criteria, but the time it took to find was alarming…Now the ambiguously targeted search phrase “Smiling Donald Trump” may have been the wrong tree up which to bark, I am happy with what I did find.

Now this one caught my eye, because it is always something when you catch a real man/patriot-
American in the wild. And displaying such taste, er, style. Not to mention a message, one of serious import, which you can presume has wide appeal and be certain is not given nearly enough coverage in the Liberal Media™.

The man has point. Sort of, a point, if “Honky” can actually be considered a Racial Slur, or “Whitey”
Or Clownface Von Fuckstick™ can be so deemed, so grasping at comparative straws and finding them lacking the requisite buoyancy we catch a glimpse of this guy, whom it would appear supports a polity long since perished from the earth, or maybe proudly displays the symbols of that long lost place in the hope of running into some fellow travelers in the hope of striking up a new flame and re-assembling the old band for one last show. 
nazi much?
I’m guessing this guy thinks white people have been getting the shaft for too long, eh, bub?  Well it would appear that your time is near, and thank god, not a moment too soon. Also this right here is not only some nice work, if you are into the tattoo thing, but resolute in his desire to make a point; proudly, leaving no ambiguity with respect to his views on race relations, or whether or not there is a hierarchy regarding  them. Bottom line, this guy did not get to keep niggers as property or take a ‘bed-warmer’ whenever he pleased, or get up into a good old pogrom. There is no doubt in my mind that this guy masturbates* angrily to kitten-porn!  
*I’m wondering if “Rage-baiting” might be a thing in the DSM-5  sexual disorders column “furious masterbation with the blood of your victim as lube” 

Happy Fucking Inauguration Day America…


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I LOVE that shirt! “Blacks make racial slurs and commit hate crimes TOO



I put up a Shorter at my place so’s as to not stomp on any toes over here.

To entice you, here’s the animation I made for it:




“Blacks make racial slurs and commit hate crimes too!”

Well, he’s right that the black community produces racists like any other. Four years ago, Herman Cain ran a viciously bigoted campaign, joking that we should set up electric fences to fry any immigrants that tried to pass the border, supporting a federal ban on gay marriage, saying that he was concerned that some of his doctors were Muslim, saying that he wouldn’t feel comfortable appointing Muslims to any positions in his hypothetical administration, and supporting bans on mosque construction. Really, there’s very little Trump is doing that this guy didn’t do four years ago (though for obvious reasons, he didn’t go anywhere).

but I’m guessing that’s not what the protester meant. Call it a hunch.


Apologies OBS, had to drop that load to prepare for the shit to come. Nice work, wouldn’t hurt to add another dick or two, and or a Putin…



No apologies needed — I have my own spot. It’s just damn nice to have folks posting here again!


Axiomatic: if you’re to dim to get that your cute widdle Dank Meem t-shirt belongs UNDER your long-sleeved shirt, voting is not for you.

Also, the kittehcore masturhater proudly bearing the Fucktard Demerit Badge tats is going to be out one or two TMs soon, which for someone else hard-up will be a good thing. As a dedicated life-long anti-fascist I of course strenuously endorse any & all such meat-based regalia of WHIET POWAR dipshittery as it cuts way down on precious aiming & reloading time.

Goodbye Obama Administration, hello Combover Caligula Casino!

Mmm … just smell all those derelict DC offices …


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