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Legal scholar and man whose real name is also his porn star name Hans von Spakovsky grabs into Jonah Goldberg’s Cheetos bag for a true classic: The real racists are liberals blacks people who point out racism:

There followed a steady stream of false claims that America was an inherently racist society with a biased judicial and law enforcement system. Obama rekindled a racial divide that had been steadily disappearing in American society.

You like? You ain’t seen nothing yet!

In his typical lawyerly fashion, the president skirted around the truth of cities riddled with racial tension and soaring crime rates […]

The violent crime increased in 2015 compared to 2014, yet it’s still lower than when Obama took office — indeed, it’s lower than the rate during any of Bush 43’s 8 years in office. [FBI]

We always save the best for last:

…and a foreign policy that seems to favor authoritarian regimes over our allies.

It’s so good to know that President T. is going to stick it to Germany while cozying up to Putin as of today, so order will be returned to the universe!


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Hansel once more evinces the theopathological creed underlying nearly every sermon delivered by Grand Fifth Column Wazoos of the Conservative religion. Decoding their utterances is easy – whatever it is they demonize is what they themselves are in fact doing.

It’s the same psychopathy behind the hysterical (in every sense of the word) syndromic epitome “No puppet. You’re a puppet.”


…and a foreign policy that seems to favor authoritarian regimes over our allies.

Regimes here refers to one case: Cuba. And engagement with the island really undermined the United States’ relationship with the rest of Latin America.


Apologies, you guys must have slipped this one in while I was working on the other one, so I kinda stomped on this one with a new one, sorry about that…


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