Dubya, Barack, Donald………..Profit?

Cypher on that title for a minute…Shit has gotten Real, Real, Son. Now those of you who are what one might call ‘familiar’ with me know that I am something of an up-jumped, tarted up Race-Pimp of the worse kind! First, I am a Lieberal: But because Lincoln freed the half of my posterity what was in bond-aged servitude prior to his assasination, means, in what passes for logic in Wingnuttia, that I should Be a Republican, like Jackie Robinson, because, that race traitor Lincoln was one.

While I can’t cite chapter and verse, I believe that I have actually heard this reasoning before in the wild, though current memory issues mean that a secure glimpse of what I heard or what I saw may have issued forth from the gob of Rush Limbaugh. Sue me for lack of citation, but even the most strident Rock-Ribbed Rushpublicans among you, or members of the Department of Anthropublican Studies, may have a similar recollection. And are invited to share any such memories in the comments below.

The cipher here, the big con in play being, of course, inoculation from any accusation of Racism. Lincoln was a Republican see, so Republicans can’t, by the transitive properties of Derp(checkpoint infinity, carry the one/translide with a catechized googleplex), be Racist,ever. Democraps, however will forever be saddled with a fusillade of bullshit within which will be a mention of Jefferson Davis, a fart to distract from the smoke-bomb that covers the getaway to higher ground and finished with a “See, I told you so!” (Gag shamelessly ripped from Edroso..TYVM, sir!).

Now after eight long years of bonded servitude White Folk can breathe freedoms cool fresh air, released from their chains and toil in the field, from the raping and from the lash, But now my friends, you are free, or will be in about ten hours after this is published, and likely by the time you read it.

I hope you remember us fondly, and I hope we did not treat you too poorly, and best of luck to all of us.

Sorry, but I can’t leave without saying this: This shit is going down! To Fucking Day! That was a nice little constitutional Republic we had there, so While it might be a bit late, we should get to work on some nets, working.

Interesting times, begun, they have!


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Technically, the transfer of power is tomorrow. BHO has slightly more than 24 hours to declare a state of emergency, send Derp Fuhrer to the FEMA camps, confiscate all of the guns, and declare himself Beloved President for Life.

Instead, we’re going to get the fascist oompa-loompa running the shitshow to destroy any progressive advances from the last 80 years in the first 100 days. Welcome to the hellscape future.


Also, Sen. Robert Byrd – Democrat! – used to be a Klansman, you know!

They really are causing brain damage left and right with this shit. They’re sending out dumb thoughts to the ignorant, hoping they know nothing about American politics, 1958 to now ,so they swallow this horseshit.

Also, too: they’ve even dusted off the 19th century classics: HEY! Look at life in Africa! We did you people _a favor_!

Really. They’re using that one again.


duquesne_pdx, Thanks for pointing that out! Not exactly sure why I was so desperate to jump the GunSharkLast Day without InsaneAngloWarlordIIelectricBoogaloo!™


I think I understand what I was saying was that yesterday was the last day that we could fall asleep knowing that Barack Obama was our President, and that the oval office would still be free of any of any Donaldine “Mushroom Stamps*” or “Bescentings**”…

*There may be another term of art for one whipping out one’s dick and putting it upon things, and leaving a mark…

**It wouldn’t surprise me in the least if Donald had managed to have Tom Cat scent glands installed, so that he could spray his scent wherever he needed to mark his territory



Since the rubes supposedly hate “political correctness” so much, we should feel free to remind them that they have elected a racist buffoon.

(Although PM’s downstream link about the Backfire Effect is pretty sobering… what if the rubes embrace Racist Buffoonery?)


…make that Racist Buffoon Conman… “RBC”


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