Ouroborus. “The Normalization Continues Apace.” Ouroborus.

We have a bit under forty-eight hours before Emperor “tiny mittens” gets his hands on all up in Lady Liberties, Below the Belt Business, because he can, wink (if a dude), nudge (if a blind bat), and grab it (if a pussy).

Forgive me the vulgarity, but I still awake with sweats pondering not only the fact that the “short fingered Vulgarian” will become our President on Friday, slipping in through the back door in one of the shadiest of election outcomes in the History of the Republic, but doing so in his inimitable fashion, as if he was selected in a landslide and beloved by all of the people.

While I am not a Journalist, I am familiar with what might be considered a term of that art: “bury the lede.” And it would appear that we are in the midst of exactly that:”a failure to emphasize the most important part of a story or account.” And this, for me, at least seems unprecedented.

This is bigger than a few hanging chads in Florida, and if nothing else, I seem to remember quite well the “to-do” made of the very careful “recount” and of the baited breath that awaited the determination of every ‘hanging chad.’ Man, those were some heady times, and thank heaven above that that electoral anomaly, only gave us a couple of Humble Patriots, who ruled with grace and humility, and oversaw an abundance of peace and prosperity After fixing the disastrous mess of an economy left them by their predecessor, who had himself taken over a country in amazing economic shape left him by 12 years of prudent Republican governance experimenting with a new and amazing economic experiment, called by one side “Supply Side-economics” and by the other side “Trickle Down-economics” And as referred to by a few of my less than polite, or patriotic, friends, as the “Giant Golden Shower.”


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Dang, can’t find the Ouroborus Gadsden flag I saw yesterday.



Please share If it comes across your path, we could certainly use it in the S,N! image library.

Waddles over to the Gizoogle….


I like the Oglaf version.


Also too there’s Patrick Hughes’s version.


Both are nice mr. clyde, thank you for sharing…


I liked both versions but I think in today’s world we’ve got more than one snake and they’re more twisted than ever:



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