The Donald did it!

From yesterday’s press conference, The World According to the Donald:

“And I will give Reince Priebus credit, because when Reince saw what was happening in the world and with this country, he went out and went to various firms and ordered a very, very strong hacking defense.”

A few minutes later:

“And I think I get some credit because I told Reince, and Reince did a phenomenal job, but I said I want strong hacking defense.”


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I’m trying to remember that seventies era Saturday night live skit with Dan Akroyd as a salesman, about the miracle product that waxes your floors, shines your shoes, feeds your kids, or some variation of the above in a spray can…

Well, we got our RonCo president now.


Heads up: Chuck tingle did a reddit AMA to promote his new book Domald Tromp Pounded In The Butt By The Handsome Russian T-Rex Who Also Peed On His Butt And Then Blackmailed Him With The Videos Of His Butt Getting Peed On.

Recommended reading. Not the book, the AMA, I mean.


New Shimmer!, Thats the one, thanks!


Is there nothing that that Trump fellow can’t do? Why, he is even better at everything than Kim il Jong.


“I got shit on Reince, Reince got shit on me, Vlad got shit on both of us. It’s a very tight system we got going here. Phenomenally tight.”


Reince, being leet haxxoriffic, immediately firewalled the TCP/IP and 411ed his densification mapping.

Then wondered whatever happened to Encyclopedia Drammatica.

Enraged Bull Limpet

OMG! Golden showers of silver linings, and we’re all platinum cardholders!

Enraged Bull Limpet

But we’d better steel ourselves: it’ll take some serious brass to forge a new and glittering Sadly, No! after its recently leaden status.

Thus spake the Alluminumati, anyways.


Welcome back Seb!

Anybody else think that Trump’s Golden Shower of Hits is just a distraction from all the other serious (and probably significantly easier to corroborate) allegations in that dossier? I read it all, and I swear it would be more scandalous if the “salacious” stuff weren’t there.

It’s almost like it’s in there just so whoever finally decided to publish it could be accused of… yellow journalism.

[ba-bum-bum tssh!]


Why would someone piss away a golden opportunity to rain on Trump’s parade that way? If you’re going to leak something, don’t make a muddle of it by drenching the leak in yellow journalistic trappings. Better to make it number one priority to shower down the hot stuff.


I mean, gee whizz.


Also FYWP.


I have a feeling that Trump is not going to last too long as prez, once the ego-gratification wanes, and hookers and blow are harder to get away with, he just might bail…But then again…

It is an operational thesis under consideration, whether it goes anywhere, we shall see.


“But then again . . . ”

I can’t see him bailing any time soon. Priebus might. The kids might. RFKJr. might. I don’t think Trump is going anywhere. He’s a big picture kinda guy, probably a bigger picture guy than Bannon. He knows his Thatcher, his Reagan, his Putin. What did they do when things got hairy? Falklands. Grenada. Chechnya. Pikers. Trump doesn’t have to win a war, think through a war, plan a war . . . he just has to start one. Or, even better, coax someone else into starting it for him. Maybe Putin can help? I’d guess he’s basically going to trade signing off on whatever Ryan wants in exchange for a war. No wag the dog, more like slaughter the water buffalo . . . it’s got to be big enough war to make people forget the whole golden showers business. So . . . maybe he’ll gamble that one nuke on NK and one on Iran will shake things up a bit and encourage everyone mind their manners. Maybe. Maybe Wikileaks spills pretty much everything and Deep State goes belly up for a while?

Maybe we wake up one morning and giant heads are floating over the world asking us to “Show me what you got!” I’m glad you guys(?) are back but let’s keep it real. Our purpose is one: Stay alive until Season 3 is out.


1. Win election
You guys are just starting on #2 of this Underpants Gnomes scenario.


PBM, (if I may), I think you might be on to something vis a vis the war angle, in fact the shivers down my spine tell me that you *are* on to something. I fear my previous was coughed up to allay my fears a bit and serve as a best case scenario, because, while I had not forgotten that the Pubbies had managed to secure the legislative branch as well….Sorry, but that one still stops me in my tracks.

Shorter Provider: I was just trying to think of a scenario that would let me get to sleep, and create something of a metaphysical life boat to keep on hand as I navigate my recovery during this fusillade of daily fresh hells.

And that smoking and drinking are out of the toolkit, all I got left is imagination.


Provider, sorry to hear that smoking and drinking are out of the toolkit. How about, um, medicinal herb?


I’ll be happy to be proven wrong but I too fear another Republican war, complete with stovepiped intelligence, Freedom Fries, insults to reluctant allies and Support Our Commander-In-Chief, Liberal Traitors!


The weird thing about the man is that as much as I find him loathsome, sometimes his deranged jukebox of oral diarrhea will spin a platter I actually enjoy listening to.

The other day he apparently ripped Big Pharma a new asshole, which actually sent pharma stocks a-tumblin’…

Wow! A Democrat couldn’t say that kind of stuff out loud!

Ditto his campaign statements about Bush and the Iraq invasion.

But the problem is, the Orange Mouthpiece is so full of shit that most of what he says is swiftly contradicted or denied.


What do you get when you add together narcissism plus severe ADHD?

The world will soon find out, God help us all.


Some guy. Thanks.

I haven’t ruled out the sweet leaf and will admit to bumming a fag at the last gathering of instrumentalists after a bit of the sweetness.

The problem is that the one begs to finish the other.

I do appreciate the thoughts…


Some guy. Thanks.

I haven’t ruled out the sweet leaf and will admit to bumming a fag at the last gathering of instrumentalists after a bit of the sweetness.

The problem is that the one begs to finish the other.

I do appreciate the thoughts…


I’m even back to reading the comments, and should release those stuck in moderation fairly quickly. –Seb


I’ve got quite a few stuck in moderation going back a ways.

Must be something wrong with my WP account.


Delurking just long enough to say I’m glad that S,N! relaunch / refurb / rehab is happening. My sanity in the Age of Trump needed SOME good news of some sort.


Releaaaase me Seb! Release me!!


There was also an issue with the server config that led all IPs on all commments to show up as that of the server, which couldn’t have helped. The queue is clean [!] now (I think they get deleted automatically), and I will keep it that way.


Hmm… “To whoever finds this note, I have been imprisoned by my father, who wishes me to marry against my will. Please, please, please come and rescue me. I am in the tall tower of Swamp Castle.”


Every day I think Trump’s twitter presence can’t get any more ridiculous and every day I am horribly amazed.

The guy can’t even take a professional criticism without having a narcissistic toddler tantrum and yet he called Rep. John F**CKING Lewis, who faced physical battery with decency and forgiveness, “all talk” and “no action.”

You know you’re a heel when even ex-RNC head muppet Michael Steele responds to your twitter beef saying, literally: “Don’t go there.” (Source:

What an A-HOLE!!!

I did write nice things about Trump’s courses. But Trump, nevertheless, was upset. He called the editor of Golf Digest to complain, and then he called me, on my cell phone.

I was in the city on a reporting assignment unrelated to golf, and had the surreal experience of being chewed out by a future President of the United States while standing among the gravestones in the burial ground next to Trinity Church.

He wasn’t upset that one of the article’s illustrations had been of a golf ball wearing a turf toupee that looked a lot like his deeply mysterious hair, or that I’d mentioned his asking two little girls at Mar-a-Lago if they wanted to be supermodels when they grew up…

He was upset that I hadn’t written that he’d shot 71—a very good golf score, one stroke under par.

I hadn’t written that because he hadn’t shot 71.

We hadn’t been playing for score, and we had given each other putts and taken other friendly liberties—as golfers inevitably do when they’re just fooling around.

I said something to that effect in the politest way I could think of, but he wasn’t mollified.

I reminded him that I had mainly written very flattering things about his golf game, and that I’d mentioned his victories in three club championships…

But none of that made any difference. He wanted the number, and the fact that I hadn’t published the number proved that I was just like all the other biased reporters, who, because we’re all part of the anti-Trump media conspiracy, never give him as much credit as he deserves for being awesome.

Such is his now familiar habit of acting like a sore loser even when he’s won.


Now the whole country will know what it’s like to be governed by a troll.


Loving Garry Kasparov’s tweets such as

And which led to

I also note with amusement the people who are following and retwattering, David Frum for example.


Goodness me, what a lot of familiar names.


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