Back to the beginning… (Unemployed, in Greenland?)

As a German might say: “hello all together”

It’s hard even for us to remember, but the very first sign of life of this blog was in July 2003, when we linked to one Ezra Levant, who had asked “Would a U.S. occupation show that France and Germany continued to help Saddam with his weapons of mass destruction after the first Gulf War, in violation of the UN sanctions?.” [Hopefully the answer to that amazing question is clear by now.]

A lot has happened in the 14 years that followed. There were plenty of times when we I wasn’t around, and this blog saw its share of very funny non-Seb writers.

S,N! crossed paths with some of the world’s internet’s best known nobodies, including Adam Yoshida, Donald Luskin, Amber Pawlik, David Frum, John Lott, Justin Darr, Steven Den Beste, Thomas Sowell, etc… Some of these distinguished individuals wrote to us, others ignored us. We remember the “goals” we’d set for this blog back in the summer of 2003: 200 readers a day. That seemed like quite a lot (compared to 0), and we ended up getting there (and then beyond). Once Bush left it seemed like a lot of the energy we’d had that leading to this blog fizzled somewhat.

Yet watching yesterday’s press conference made us think it might be a good time for a return to Sadly, No!’s unique brand of profanity-filled non sequiturs, abuse of the blog’s name/catchphrase, and inaccurate yet hilarious summaries of what other people have written. Were we ready to throw caution to the wind, we’d write (as we’ve done before), “I’m back, baby.” We are not. But given that we found time to write a spec script for Angie Tribeca last month, we figure there’s enough juice in the tank for some S,N!-related activities. You may start looking forward to a pie chart, coming your way later today.

— The Management


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Well, as a loyal reader for 13 years, I wouldn’t mind if you brought some of that old school shit back. The shorters. The profanity. The anger. Yesterdays rally / question time (17 non-answers to 17 questions) was extraordinary. I’ve seen Nixon. I’ve seen Reagan. I’ve seen Bush 43 and Rumsfeld. But that was unlike anything this nation has ever seen from a president or president-elect.


Fuckin right this goddamn blog is woefully lacking in profanity. Motherfucker, I want more iced tea fucking profanity.


well, i’ve been pretty much hoping for it. this is going to be way way way worse than the bush years


Hell yes.
or as they say in New Zealand, Hill yis.


I certainly do like pie!


Please, please, pleeeeeeze! I’ve been a good girl and I’ve been waiting for Sadly, No! to resurface in all its feisty glory. Now, more than ever, since we’re about to enter the worst presidency in modern American history.

And, what commenter Mister Sterling said. Bigly.


“Bookmark it, libs!”






The only way to get this blog back to the way it was would be if you start letting everyone post again.


Glad to see this post. Incredibly glad. America needs Sadly No! Yes, all 200 of us. 😉


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