Hello Old Friends, We should Huddle Up!

Sorry for my delayed absence, but shit kind of got real real, on a number of health related tangents, each one of which could have proven fatal, so there is that, and the bounty for surmounting that sumptuous shit-laden sundae, was getting out of the hospital with just enough time to register at my current address, and get to the polls in time to cast a ballot…Which I did. Proudly, and with a smile on my face…And I wish that I could have done so without a lingering sense of existential panic which may have gotten me out of the Hospital a day or two sooner, as I was busting my ass to get back into a level of fitness that would let me leave…

Meanwhile, prior to my departure, I had the pleasure of watching a constitutionally unfit, uninvited inspector general of feminine genitalia, uncouth, lip pursing vulgarian with a hair do that makes the contents of barber-shop dumpsters, shudder in the middle of the night, win his party’s nomination for the president of the US of fuckinA.

You wouldn’t be wrong to wonder if it didn’t occur to me that the hard work, suffering, and fighting might not have been worth it, and on some days, I have to admit that the Jury is still deliberating, but the History geek within, regardless of his singular hatred of Winter, Is (lets see…trying to come up with a word or sentiment indicating, not exactly satisfaction, or relief, but maybe some intrinsically sick desire to be on the ground when the shit hit the fan), and in this case, I crawled through metaphorical shards of flaming glass to get a front row seat.

And as luck would have it, It would appear that I will be able to do so in the company of friends…


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From upstairs, I sniped the following from Some Guy, which I thought was a wonderful, having worked on a few of my own, sobriquet, for our tiny handed leader: “Who knew that the Orange Shitler was a goldwater fan?”.

It is one of those moments where one goes, “damn! why didn’t that one occur to me ” if you happen to be in be in the phrase turning business, that is. So I suggest that we maybe start up a list of good ones to which I will start:

Tangerine Torquemada,
Baboon-Pelted Pate

That is all I have for now, though I thought I had a third for rhetorical standards compliance…But there we are…


Welcome back, Provider, and I’m happy that your health issues are improving.

Thank you for the shout-out. But as much as I’d like to take credit for “the Orange Shitler” I found it on the internetz, someplace or other.

But I have a feeling all future soubriquets are going to be more along the lines of “Golden Shower”…

Thanks, Russians and Republicans! for giving this $&@#% lunatic the most powerful position in the world!


Have you been following the latest sexual harassment settlement with our old friend BillO?

I do claim authorship of this piece of doggerel, an evergreen which I share as frequently as possible

A Fox News bullshitter named Bill
Loved to boast of his ace combat skill
Vietnam? Didn’t go.
Falkland War? Sadly, no.
But he kicked ass on Wife Assault Hill.



SG, Thanks for the kind words…I have completely missed the BillO bullshit, given so much other ground that required covering in the interest of catching up on everything that I missed, while on “vacation,” For a while not having available an internet connection device with a proper keyboard…Sounds like a lovely and as one might say, a Providentially Poetic turn of events.

I will put it on the short list. The poem is good, and might be borrowed, with attribution of course…


… ok, just as long as you attribute my minor masterpiece to ‘some guy on the internet’.


Just back from walking the dog and got to thinkin’…

Liberals, let’s not be too contrite about the fact that these latest Trump revelations are “unsubstantiated”…

Let’s not forget all the unsubstantiated horseshit that the Repugs have been beating us up with for years…

– Travelgate
– Whitewatergate
– blowjobgate
– Benghazi-gate
– e-mail gate
– birth certificate-gate
– pallin’ around with terrorists-gate
– Marxist-gate
– secret Muslim-gate

and let it never be forgotten



Is there ANY DOUBT that Republicans would bludgeon the living shit out of any Dem that were involved in a similar scandal?

So, exactly why should we be pussies about giving the same thing right back to them?


Hey, Provider,

Glad you are getting back to good health. Take care of yourself.


I missed this last summer— where did “Lock her up!” come from?



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