The Great Liberal Freakout is On

The truth hurts:

It is not going to happen, liberals. Your echo chamber is reverberating now with your shouts of victory before you’ve won a single state. I almost feel badly for you, because when McCain wins, your astonishment will be overwhelming. I say “almost” because your ideology is nasty, anti-free speech, and absolutist, and every decent person will sigh in relief when it goes down to defeat once more.

Here is how it will go down next week. First, the results from Virginia and North Carolina will come in, and they’ll be declared for McCain. You’ll be disappointed, but “no big deal, change can’t come overnight” will be your comment. Florida will go red, and a little nervousness will creep in. The usual suspects will fall into the usual categories. As the night drags on, Ohio, Colorado, and (much to your horror) Pennsylvania will be too close to call.

My advice at this point to you will be to go to bed. You will wake up to a McCain presidency and the Great Liberal Freakout will be on.

Bookmark this, liberals, as this is exactly how it is going to go down. You will be wonder how the hell I was able to call this.

Eight years behind schedule, but I’m sure it tastes that much sweeter for waiting.

in conclusion fuck 2016.


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your ideology is nasty, anti-free speech, and absolutist

The ultimate irony being that that was exactly what their candidate ran on – and won on.


To Dragon-King Wangchuck and some guy,

Enjoy Lena Dunham as your newest citizen.


I woke up at 4AM because a cat poked me in the face, and I had to go to the bathroom. I checked the election results then, and then phoned my friend in Baltimore. The first thing I said was, “G-d help us; I’m so sorry.”

Sorry this isn’t a funny post, but up here in Soviet Canuckistan, I feel as if a bomb just went off.


So here we go…….weeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

/crossing fingers


The last one took, yay. Nice to see y’all and be seen, but jeebus h, effin mother of X. I would have been happier to be seeins you on better terms.

That I didn’t die, that my whatever that mojo that one has, crawled out of a serious hole to live through this….
I want my money back….

Xoxox lovlies


Is the Dennis that was just asking for a seat at the table, in the comments over at Roy’s, our Pennis? That Dunning Kruger mascot? please, let it be so….


Is the Dennis that was just asking for a seat at the table, in the comments over at Roy’s, our Pennis? That Dunning Kruger mascot? please, let it be so….

Yep, same asshole. Glad you’re alive, Provider.


Good to be seen OBS. Under better circumstances I would have wished.


Good to bee seen OBS…




I mean, he does this every election cycle. As I pointed out a few elections ago, he was bound to get it right eventually. Broken clocks, etc.

Favorite Facebook post of the day (from a friend who’s not even especially political): a picture of a sign reading “DALEKS ARE JUST MISUNDERSTOOD.” The mainstream media is already on it, and will be for the next four years: “It’s all your fault. Why’d you have to go and make the racists angry? They’re not bad people. If only you’d have the table set when they get home, and the laundry done, and worked a little harder to please them, you’d see how nice they can be. But God, you just can’t do ANYTHING right. Why’d you have to go and make them angry? Look what you made them do!”


I’ve seen some columns starting on the introspection and wandering the wilderness and such. It’s an important task and considering that the neoliberals running the Democratic Party have left it with no actual governing to do, they might as well start now.

Here’s where I agree with most of their takes – it is well past time to remake the Democratic Party. Those assholes running the show right now should be shown the door. As Gary puts it, the fact is that the Democratic Party has been a huge failure for decades. Barack Obama succeeded by going around the DNC, and the force of his appeal carried enough coat tail riders that the absolute dismal failure that is the Democratic Party was hidden. So it is time to burn that shit down.

This is the comforting thought that should warm you when people fret about Dem leadership being non-existent right now. When you hear that the Dem bench is thin or empty – that there is no obvious challenger for 2020 – that is good news. Fuck the inevitable candidate. The point is that the Democratic Party needs fresh blood. When Kerry Edwards was defeated, Obama had just been elected to his first national level post as the junior senator from Illinois. There are good people who are ready to fill the rooms at the top of the Democratic Party – they just have never been allowed to rise.

Here’s where I disagree with them – chasing Trump’s disaffected rural white working class. One of the things the new party must do is to forever give up on chasing Republican voters. These shitbags who are so very important voted for the racist pussy grabber. Fuck ’em. One of the things which killed the Democratic Party was its obsession with becoming Republican Lite.

That’s not to say that the new party should ignore the working class. They must absolutely not ignore these people. But they cannot chase that goal for the purposes of stealing away pussy grabber’s rural racist vote.

It’s not even that many votes anyways. Trump pulled in slightly fewer votes than Romney. Granted, The Donald needed to replace all the #neverTrump folk but it’s still not a huge number of votes. And it is a shrinking demographic.

Hilary lost on the enthusiasm gap. After being treated like shit for so bloody long, progressives finally started staying home on election night in enough numbers to be make a difference. And before you blame those purity progressives for facilitating a Trump victory – that wasn’t their job, something they were informed of during the primary. It is the candidate’s job to get their voters out. And pre-blaming the people whose votes you need is a piss-poor way to run a campaign.


I’m scared. Very scared.


I’m scared. Very scared.

You need to get back to the PNW, stat. We have beer and pot, at least for the short term…


We’ll be ok. Let’s give the new President Trump a chance.


Yeah, sure, Foreskins.

Let’s give that lying conman exactly the same chance the GOP gave Obama.


Bumper stickers for sale!




I signed a petition at Daily Kos, which I recommend everyone do:



Some dim,

Why the big deal all of a sudden with the popular vote?


Because in a true democracy every vote should be equal!

The Electoral College is an affront to democracy.

It has subverted the will of US voters in two of the past five presidential elections.

It was set up to give the slave states an extra 3/5 vote for every slave.


Hillary called for it in 2000, but to my knowledge never said a word about it again. I can’t recall much being said at all about it until now. And now is too late, at least for this election.

It didn’t subvert anything when the most votes nationally was never the objective of either candidate.

Actually, all I heard for the last two years was that the electoral math was all in the Democrats’ favor. Which it was.


Well, Foreskins, as your idiot boy Junior once said, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me… won’t get fooled again.”


“But Dim-O-crats are the REAL racists!” part XVIII


Good news for you, Some Dim.

Lena Dunham will not be moving to Canada after all.

The Hot Tub™ of Sadly, No!

Leah Dunham is welcome, Dennie Foreskins, not so much.


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