Guess who’s running for President

In light of this, it seemed appropriate to post this for the weekend:


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The fact is, real Americans are voting fro Trump in drives. Real Americans want liberals minorites and illigals to leave, shut up or die so we can take are country back.


Knowing what we know now, how fucking high was Rodney in this movie?


We have a choice between Cheetos Mussolini and Grandma Nixon (with a heaping helping of neocon chickenhawk war criminal thrown in).



Real Americans don’t fuck sheep, Gary.


Paul Ryan has a taco trucks moment.

“If we lose the Senate, do you know who becomes the chairman of the Senate Budget Committee? A guy named Bernie Sanders, you ever heard of him?” Ryan warned. “That’s what were dealing with in a divided government if we lose control of the Senate.”

Also, WTF is it with autocomplete suggesting “Semen” following “blockquote?” (Chrome on Android)





We have a choice between Cheetos Mussolini and Grandma Nixon (with a heaping helping of neocon chickenhawk war criminal thrown in).

Dude, you really need a new schtick. This never-ending “ermagerd bothsides!” bullshit is really fucking tiresome.

Also, too: I hope you haven’t gotten a flu shot this year, Jill wouldn’t approve.


Is it bad that in a hypothetical election between Mussolini and Nixon, I would have no qualms at all about voting for Nixon?


D-K: Leafs still sucking?


John Oliver had something to say about the third party candidates.


Let’s see … Nixon caved to liberals giving them the EPA & opened up detente with China, while Mussolini never saw a non-white country he didn’t want to bomb.

Quite the challenging moral dilemma there.

When even life-long Republicans are pledging their support for HRC to fight the threat of a Combover Caligula administration in the most polarized American political landscape in living memory, that’s a big fat clue as to just how much of a wholesale menace he is to the human race. Maybe don’t indulge your ego by pissing away your franchise on a fringe party when one of the major candidates is a straight-up psychopathic fascist?

Purity feels TOTALLY AWESOME – just like heroin.
Too much of either one is lethal.

PROTIP: Noam Chomsky is one of the stuffiest idealistic lefties of all time, & he’s on the record as saying he’ll be happy to vote for Clinton to stop Trump.



Also too, I’m suddenly getting spammed by a creep.


Either we win this election or we lose our country.

I want you to know that we will end this election by fighting as hard as we can.

I promise to get up on that stage tonight and fight for the American people. I promise to give it my all.

Tonight is not only my final debate with Hillary. It’s also the FINAL FEC deadline of the entire election. And just like the first two debates, my son, Eric, is once again going to give me a list of every single supporter who stepped up at this critical moment.

Please make a contribution of $100, $65, $50, $35, $20, $15, or $5 before the FINAL FEC deadline TONIGHT to show the country that you’re committed to the fight to Make America Great Again!”

Any other non-Yanks getting this kind of pitch?
Pretty sure foreign $$$ in US elections is illegal.


Nixon didn’t challenge the election results when everybody knew Joe Kennedy had arranged for the ballot boxes in Chicago to be stuffed, and LBJ had some in Texas stuffed. Can’t be arsed to find the text but he conceded for high minded reasons. Even when he left office he had the good sense to make it about the office and the system, that it would be very very bad for the nation otherwise.


It’s too early to tell how bad the LEAFS will SUCK, mostly because we just lost the ALCS.


Yeah, that was a shame, esp. after beating Texas. I woulda been fine w/ the Dodgers beating the Jays in the Series.


We deserve it for that stupid beer can thing. FFS, we’re world famous for our PASSIVE aggressiveness and smugly condescending politeness. Throwing a fucking beer can during a live play? Ugh.

Oh, yeah? Speak for yourself, D-KW.


Git out yer guns, everybody! The north will rise again!



Nixon didn’t challenge the election results when everybody knew Joe Kennedy had arranged for the ballot boxes in Chicago to be stuffed, and LBJ had some in Texas stuffed. Can’t be arsed to find the text but he conceded for high minded reasons.

I always heard that the reason he hadn’t challenged was that he knew that while Democratic machines might have been stuffing ballot boxes for JFK in Chicago, Republican machines downstate were stuffing boxes for him.


For those of us who live in Canada, it’s still a source of amazement that the US doesn’t have a federal agency like Elections Canada to ensure voting rules are universal and fair.


It’s not often I express solidarity wth National Review writers, but holy shit…


Trumpster proposes a 35% levy on imported goods. Brilliant! Smoot-Hawley II great depression boogaloo!

Enquiring minds want to know: is Trump an insurance fraudster?

Please, Jesus, let it be true…


is Trump an insurance fraudster?

Magic 8-ball says “You may rely on it.”


Am I reading this right? Some liberal activist worked with Breitbart (Andrew Breitbart is still dead, by the way) to make Trump the nominee. Presumably because he, like many of us, thought Trump would be the best (as in weakest) candidate to go against Hillary. IOW, a ratfuck.


I can hear the RWNJ wailing and gnashing of teeth for the next four years now…

“He wasn’t a REAL conservative! We wuz duped!”

To which I can only reply, “You guys thought it was a big joke how he was schooling the rubes at Trump University.”

“So now you are going to get schooled, too… at Electoral College.”


“So now you are going to get schooled, too… at Electoral College.”

Is Electoral College anything like Bovine University?


to defend his beloved father from enemies (think: Saddam Hussein)


(think: Saddam Hussein) and in his own life story, wherein the hero liberates himself from oppressive forces (think: sin, alcohol) to restore peace and freedom.


@DAS: we can only hope so…


Durty Donna Brazile gets axxed by Clinton News Network for giving away debate questions to Hillary.

Everything about Dems is corrupt.



The fact is, when Trump is elected, I will get my country back from all the takers and loosers who are hurting USA and freedom


Well, at least Trump will get the ‘sheep-fuckers’ demographic…

Sheesh! Didn’t the KKK get the memo?

Democrats are the REAL racists!

But…but…but… how could this possibly happen?

My troll friends keep assuring me that DemocRATS are the REAL racists!


False flag attack, obviously.


Geez, maybe these are End Times!

First the Cubbies win, and now this…

I’m still savouring the part where Glenn Beck says he needs two bodyguards.

And not because of left wing death threats, mind you… but because of death threats from his fellow RWNJ’s!


Relief at last, the long-dreaded & longer-awaited big day is here!

Dixville Notch, N.H., has already voted & counted (Clinton, 4-2.) & the Northern Marianas close in 45 mins. It’s over!


I am a voter, and so can you!


Here’s my prediction. Hilary outperforms polls and just breaks 50% of the popular vote. Gets mid 300’s EVs, let’s say 347.

Senate flips. 50-50 with Tim Kaine as the tie breaking vote.

Major Democratic House gains, but not enough to flip control. 220 R to 200 D with 15 seats close enough for recounts.

Something about UR MOM.


Clintojn takes Guam 3:1. No electoral college vote but they have an impressive record of picking the winner. Also a very high proportion of active and retired military.


“Revenge of the rubes”…


wtf you guys! Holy moly.


Wait now … wha’ … WHAT?


Wow. I mean holy shit. wtf is wrong with your country?


Since you ask, mmmm, slavery & its corollary, white supremacism, probably. And we seem to have cultivated a certain specific idiocy, even w/o the racism.


Every country has got some amount of idiots. Probably a very large fraction. But this required a very large fraction of people to have a very substantial degree of derangement. I’m truly impressed. This wasn’t just a lot of crazy, but a huge amount of batshit insane.

I was going to link the immigration information page for Canada but it went down due to traffic earlier. Um I guess there’s Guam?


This is the worst year since 1968…

The year MLK got shot… then RFK… then Nixon got elected.


Never underestimate the power of hatred. Likewise the stupidity and gullibility of the American people.


They are still counting ballots so we won’t know the final tally but it looks like Hilary may have won the popular vote. A GOP preznit elect who lost the popular vote and will have a GOP Senate and House. Welcome back to Y2K.

I place the blame for this squarely on Hilary and the DNC. All of you apologists for teh neoliberal cabal that runs the Democratic Party should be prepping your apologies. Don’t you dare try to blame this on teh Berniebros or progressive third party protest voters. Trump beat Clinton and Stein combined in both Florida and Pennsylvania, not to mention that the Libertarian got three to four times as many votes as the Green.

This was lost because the Democrats couldn’t get people out to vote. Because their campaign was basically “we’re not Trump”. Yes that is a very strong argument, but it clearly is not enough. People need to be voting FOR something, not solely as a statement that they aren’t supporting the racist misogynist white supremacist pussy grabber. And Hilary gave them doodly squat to vote for.

There’s maybe a couple million votes left to tally, so it looks like Trump is going to finish with around the same number of votes that Romney won. Obama beat him by 5 million votes. 5 million people who stayed at home even with the threat of President The Donald.

I thought that Trump would depress GOP turnout, the lifelong card carrying Republicans hate him almost as much as normal people should. But he replaced those sellouts with disenchanted rural voters who would not be disenfranchised any longer. Even with a deficient ground game and an improvised campaign team. He knew he was going to lose a lot of traditional GOP support, but he made up for that with new voters.

Hilary outspent Donald something like 2:1. She had more celebrity support than any previous candidate. But she still could not get people to be bothered to vote. The bullshit primary probably helped with that. But after seeing the anti-establishment furor that was building, after almost being relegated in the primary by a first time candidate riding a populist wave (for the second time I might add) – she picks fucking Tim Kaine as a running mate.

This is Team Clinton and the DNC’s fault. She told the base to fuck off because she thought she could. I mean it’s not like they were going to stay home and let Trump win, right? Yeah, good plan there.

This should have been in the bag. If she had moved further left, everyone who did vote for her would still have – their alternative was Donald. And then she might not have sapped the enthusiasm of her side.

In their defense, I believed the polling too. She had what should have been safe margins where she needed them. But the polling was fucked. And in retrospect, that should have been predictable. The Donald is a unique nominee, so it makes sense that the polls had larger than expected errors. Not in their defense, it’s their fucking jobs to know this shit. They should have known and they should have adjusted. No wait – actually they should never have been in this situation, and they wouldn’t have been with a better and more dynamic campaign.


D-K W,

On the bright side, you’ve got some of those really cool celebs moving up north to your country very soon.


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