Ranking the Rankest of the Ranks

Republicans in Disarray!

Here I rank the Replicant Republican front runners in the order of their likelihood to start a war. This ranking is graded on their likelihood of getting elected, or more to the point capturing the nomination, and subsequently getting beaten like a pinata in the general, but who knows, Hillary could choke on a pretzel at a campaign event in late October.

Trump refuses to be bound by past traditions! by outmoded ways of thought! by outdated and crippling notions of comity, fair play, factual accuracy, or morality. Trump is the Republican triumph of the will. He means to win at all or any cost as long as he doesn’t have to pay it. He’d start the hugest classiest world war ever, about a minute and a half after Putin makes a joke about a bad toupee.

Ted Cruz is at the intersection of tremendous self regard and dominionist fantasy. He directly appeals to the “let’s turn America into a theocracy and the middle east into a glowing crater” crowd. Like they used to say about Goldwater, “In your guts you know he’s nuts”.

Rubio is the standard bearer of Establishment Republican goals e.g. continued looting of the treasury by rich people, continued bellicose interfering foreign policy, and continuing to sell out the rights of women and Muslims to pander to the evangelical right wing. “Sadly”, it’s not selling. Republican primary voters like the gravy of racism and nativism, but aren’t particularly excited by the mashed potatoes of the establishment Republican policy goals. The super Tuesday results are one or two states eating the actual meal trying to set a good example while the rest of the states have a gravy chugging contest. Rubio would start world war three because one of his creditors tells him to. Strangely, he’d do it by invading Cuba, maybe even at the Bay of Pigs.


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I would put on a par with Obama’s I guess. Maybe a difference of degree not of type. Unlike the Republicans, I doubt she’d start a war in the middle east for funsies. She would do it because of her buddies at the state department think its a fantastic idea and would totally support whatever hopeless game they’ve been playing in the middle east for decades. Maybe that game is ‘avoid a peaceful middle east at all costs’. If that’s the plan, well it’s going great.


I think Hillary’s is on a higher level. Libya was her baby, per the scuttlebutt.

And I don’t think she would have done the peace deal with Iran. She answers to a higher cause.


How would you compare Hillary with the GOP front runners? Do you think she’d start a war with Russia, Iran or China as a result of some macho pissing match?


The fact is, war is not about pissing matches, it is about protecting freedom all over the world. We are the only country in the world to do that and the liberals hate it, they want us to look weak. The liberal media biases us in favor of peace and not free markets, so the socialist liberal is far biased away from realty.

Robert mcneilly

Protecting freedom. Hahahahahaha…


@Gary Ruppert I’m so liberal that I’m to the left of Pete Seeger. Also a US Army veteran, E-5, Honorable Discharge. Your patriotism may vary.

Your screed on what liberals want is so far off the mark that I suspect you have never met one. Veterans like me know that every war in the last 50 years was not about freedom, it was about money. Still, I put my feelings aside and took my chances, didn’t get a scratch.

There are no “liberal media.” MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post all cater to the right wing. I WISH there were liberal media.

You claim to know what war is about. When did you serve, and which branch?


He’d start the hugest classiest world war ever, about a minute and a half after Putin makes a joke about a bad toupee.


oh for feck’s sake!

anyhoo…regarding the above: i watched a segment on a talk show of which i cannot remember the name, but it was all about trump’s [drumpf’s] rally in NV. the question was: why do you support trump? and one guy stone cold said, “He’s respectful and he’s classy.”


There are no “liberal media.” MSNBC, the New York Times and the Washington Post all cater to the right wing. I WISH there were liberal media.

soooo…fb ‘friend’ aka wife beating, misogynist person i used to know engages with me about ben carson. in the course of things in which i refuse to give in because i know he loves to control females and i don’t owe him anything, i get sassier and sassier, all while making good points. he’s hard core right and told me several times that it was too bad that my being leftist made it so hard for me to see and that i was close minded. his money quote on carson was that ‘the liberal media have no idea what to do with a conservative black man’ and that’s why ben is tanking in his run for president.

so…i have been fighting the urge to set him straight on this, especially since he called me ‘disingenuous’ for not listing conservative values as he had requested me to*.

*i also did not make him a sammich

this man is such a complete tool and the scary/sad thing is that he’s a small town undertaker which means he’s in close contact with people at the worst times of their lives**

**been there, done that and i fervently hope that i never have to go through another funeral with him***

***and did i mention that he is condescending as fuck? he has told me a few times, in regards to gun control, abortion, and jesus in general, that he *knows i have a good heart* and my *intentions are good* i just don’t know it yet.

and y’all know that i don’t live in the bible belt, right? but o.m.g. that book feels tighter and tighter around my neck every day. which is kinda weird since bernie won minnesota…so yay, i guess?****

****which fenwick has to be besides himself in prescience, glee and ‘i told you so’. i myself am continuing to hope we feel the bern for at lest the next four years.


Sorry, bbkf, you’ll never win an argument with a RWNJ, they’ve got their own facts.

Facts which, unfortunately, non-RWNJ’s have no access to…


The fact is, left wingers are living in a fanasy land where everything is free and they don’t have to work hard, also where minorites are more important than white which is the reverse racist. You will never take are guns are freedom and are God and replace them with humanist or the shariah law or Gay God.


All of them, Katie.

The only difference would be the targets. Herr Trump will bomb everyone, daily, on the chance that someone thinks his hands are itty-bitty.

Rubio? Connecticut. Lotta credit cards to clear up.

Lil’ Teddy Knickers? Yes, the middle east, but also Jerusalem – the Temple has to come down for Turbo Jesus(TM), so Cruz can take him out for being disturbingly unhating enough. And semitic. I expect drones.


@Gary Ruppert “The fact is, left wingers are living in a fanasy land where everything is free and they don’t have to work hard,”

Conservatives live in a fantasy world where wars don’t cost anything and “other people” fight them. Once again, which branch did you serve in? I served in the Army.

Rich conservatives who were born rich and don’t work while their investments pile up income, pay about a third of the tax rate of people who work six days a week.

I started my own business, hired a couple of Black men right out of prison, created jobs and worked my ASS off six days a week. When I retired I sold the business to these two Black ex-cons. They went from guys with no future to being business owners. Jobs created, prisoners rehabilitated, WIN WIN!

I’m liberal as fuck.

Deal with it.


But in fairness, Mr. Rider, Gary, too, creates a lot of jobs in the dildo industry…


I think Cruz is the scariest of the candidates because he’s a true believer in the ‘end times’ fundamentalism. Trump is opportunistic, but I doubt he’d be lobbing nukes, it wouldn’t do his investment portfolio any good. Cruz? He genuinely believes he’s an instrument of a wrathful god.

Rubio? I think he’s done… he just seems like a lost adolescent among older bullies.


PHEW … between going Full Gestapo & losing serious right-wing “independant” appeal, this bullpen makes the B Ark chumps from last time look like fucking rock stars.

Pupienus Maximus

Thanks for the link, PupMax.

I never thought I’d say this but after reading that article I’m a YUGE Drumpf fan.

Is this a great country or what?


Some Guy: They’re both terrifying, but in different ways. For that matter, Rubio is pretty damn scary (since he is entirely owned by Our Masters), as every single one of the Republican offerings has been. Not a single one has been even pretending to be interested in the United States as a nation; all want to remake it into a GOP Dreamworld where neo-feudalism is the law of the land. Florida, Texas, Wisconsin, Kansas, Michigan, Oklahoma, Louisiana and on and on – the GOP is winning, one state at a time. “Loot, burn, and leave the mess for someone else to clean up and pay for” is the modern Republican business model. This is what we’re facing.


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