It’s not you, it’s us

Last month, we found ourselves taking an unexpected and unannounced break from the demanding work that is posting to Sadly, No! because of an undisclosed medical condition. We’d hoped our hospital stay, however brief it turned out to be, would be sufficient.

Sadly, No!

Unfortunately, we will soon require more quality hospital time. Unfortunatelier, we will be away much longer this time around. (It’s hard to say exactly how long, but it’s likely to be a month or so.) However, we would not think of abandoning you for so long. Doing so would quite obviously have very serious (and harmful) effects on a number of people, especially the loyal Frederick, who might then be forced to spend more time with his family, or, horror of horrors, working.

Which is why we’ve arranged for a trio of guest bloggers to keep you entertained. They are (in alphabetical order:)

Blair, a friend of S,N! and our most reliable source of interesting news stories for posts. Blair was delighted when we asked if he would help while we are away, responding to our email with:

I will be [away] from March 11-15, but otherwise I will be glad to try to post things of interest just so you will shut the fuck up and leave me

Thanks Blair — you’re a real pal!

Regular commentor and Amber groupie Peanut, whose witty observations on life and politics have earned her millions of fans, if you count the multiple personalities of Meghan Cox-Gurdon and the email correspondents of Andrew Sullivan.

s.z. from World O’Crap, who is no stranger to anyone with an internet connection. She didn’t just agree to help, she promised to make it exciting:

I plan to make it my mission to get the Secret Service interested in you while you’re away. I’ll tell you more about that later.

How could we say no to that?

Of course, handing things over to these three is a bit like the old and overweight [not that we’re either of course] shortstop on your local softball team telling you he’s leaving and that he’s gotten Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez to sub for him while he’s away. You may like your regular shortstop, but it should be obvious you’ll do more than fine with the replacements. We ask that you treat them (well, two of them at least) like the ladies Amber Pawlik strives to be, and we look forward to going back to our gratuitous cheap shots and sophomoric jokes once we return.

We’ll be on the road until tomorrow, and technically around this weekend though otherwise preoccupied. And remember, starting next week this will no longer be your father’s Sadly, No! Instead, it will be our myrmidons’ Sadly, No!

Thanks, and see you soon.


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Good luck & get well soon.


I second that.

You will be missed : )


I third that. I sure hope everything goes well and that you’re back at the wheel soon. And I’m touched that you’ve ensured that I don’t have to spend too much time working or with my family in the interim.


I hope you feel better soon!


Just as long as somebody is posting here. I come here every single morning as part of my Web-surfing routine, and if there were no new posts, I might have to, like, work at my job and shit. Ew!

Miss Authoritiva

Miss Authoritiva insists that you take very, very good care of yourself. Don’t make me blog-nag!


Just to add to the above, Sadly, I hope your hospital time is not too arduos, that you get some good looking nurses of the appropriate (for you) gender, and that your recovery is swift and without complications.

Will we be the same without you? Sadly No!

Hurry back.

Brenda Helverson

For you, our fingers will be crossed. May your health be fully and completely restored.


Let me slavishy join everyone else in wishing you you get well soon. Maybe some Steady Leadership woild help us all in this Time of Change. I agree with everything we all think you said. Or I will as soon as someone explains it to me.

(Shit, I was trying to make a joke about the Richard Poe thing, and I end up sounding like a Bush voter….help me, I think I just damaged my brain!!!!!!! ……)


Was I expecting this?
Sadly, No!
Will I be able to cope with this?
Sadly, No!
Will I wait a month to check the site?
Sadly, No!
Am I unconcerned about your health?
Sadly, No!

Dear Sadly, No! Come back soon, rested, refreshed and re-invigorated for the fray. I’ll miss you but I’m sure your myrmidons will do fine work.


Best of luck with everything and I hope you have a speedy recovery.


Never thought I’d give up S,N! for Lent.

I hope it’s nothing too grave. Get well soon, sir!


Yikes! Get well soon!


I bet you’ll wear a condom next time, won’t you? ;-P


ditto to all the above, we will be sadly, no one can replace you.


Why don’t you tell them the truth, Sadly?

Like how you knocked me up, and how my dad got mad when he caught us down at the abortion clinic, and made us have that shotgun wedding, and how you’re going to have to get a real job now and stop blogging and everything to support me and little Amber…


Would the kid be named “Amber, No!” ?


I think it’d be hillarious if you had Amber Pawlik as a guest blogger.

Oneiros Dreaming

Good luck with whatever and all that.


Wow, three women!

(That’s three more than I’ll ever have!)


Take your own pillow, lots of books, and a GameBoy with various games. I just read a post in about a study that showed that playing some game (called, I think, Snowland) helped with pain when people had to have dressing changes.
You will be sadly missed!


Break a leg! Er, well, you know what I mean. Here’s a bunch of good vibes comming your way!


I just caught up with this news. Your assistants are doing a brilliant job, but I hope they won’t be doing it for much longer. May both luck and medical science both be on your side. — R


I hope the doctors aren’t all Republicans!

Best of luck to you. Get well soon.


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