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I am very disappointed. I wrote, what I thought was a stirring and insightful blog post, and here we are two weeks later, and the world is still gripped by a refugee crisis. It’s almost like the most powerful minds in the world don’t hang on my every word. In any case, now that I have a little more time, I was hoping to include a little more actual data with my invective.

But first, an example. One hundred fifty years ago a country crushed by oppression and wracked by famine, lost a million people to hunger and sent a further million out into the world to make their way as best as they could in the face of the rest of the world’s hostility and indifference. That country was Ireland, and my three-greats-grandfather came here to the United states, put on a blue uniform and fought for the union in the civil war. He’s buried today in a soldier’s cemetery in Milwaukee Wisconsin. And it is because of his service and the service of thousands more immigrants like him that there is a United states of America today. Even in the the 1840s 50s and 60s in a country far more dependent on immigration than the America of today, the Irish were not welcomed with open arms. As a group they were called ignorant drunken violent and worse, Catholic. But where there was a railroad to be built or a mine to be dug, or a fight to be fought, the Irish were right there in the thick of it.

And that’s why we need immigrants today. To help us face the challenges we don’t even see coming. To help us actually be the country we have claimed to be all along, a shelter for the oppressed and an example of freedom to inspire the world.

So, I’m not a reporter, and I am probably no better at searching google than any of you. But here’s a few informative links that show the scale and context of the problem right now:

Some quality reporting from the Guardian:

CNN if you must (warning, video may auto-play):

Here’s a person that wants to defeat both Assad and ISIS as a military “solution” that would be similar in magnitude to the previous two gulf wars I included this because another war on the scale of the second Gulf War would cost another $6 Trillion. Which makes the $8 billion price tag the UN puts on dealing with the refugee crisis a bargain by anyone’s accounting.

And given that Carly Fiorina has been wrong on every issue in her professional career, the fact that she wants us to highly restrict the number of Syrian refugees we accept is a convincing argument for throwing the gates open:

And here’s the ever more useless New York Times focusing on the difficulties of accepting more refugees instead of making the case for accepting more refugees: ttp://

And lastly, here’s what Mercycorps has to say, and how you can help.

Even if it’s just five or ten dollars, that buys more grain or rice than you’d think when you’re buying in bulk. Think of it as picking up lunch for a friend you haven’t met yet.


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Here’s Adam Johnson at FAIR:

The US funded, armed and fueled the very crisis its partisan media are now calling for it to swoop and in save. The moral ADD required by those pushing further US involvement in the Syrian civil war in the face of this fact is severe.



Thanks for that, ITTDGY. From the creation of ISIS itself by disaffected and unemployed Iraqi army soldiers, to sanctions and covert action against the Assad regime, there’s really not one part of that whole Syrian mess that doesn’t have some American fingerprints all over it. So, the refugee crisis is our problem because our tax dollars created it. Which makes it even more important that we switch our foreign policy from guns to aid. And Syria is home to Russia’s only foreign naval base, they’ve spent decades propping up the Assad regime. Russia is not likely to stop now, just because the world has finally started to notice there’s a shitload of innocent civilians in trouble. Sending military aid will be another quagmire, another land war in Asia.


Don’t have much extra this month but sent in $5 to Mercycorps.

Thanks Helmut.


Fourchin, thank you very much.


Check the ISP on Fourchin. Just sayin.


Happy 9-11 everybody!


And here’s hoping another disastrous failure the intelligence agencies doesn’t allow another terrorist attack that will lead to eight more years of murderous republican clusterfuckery.

St. Trotsky, Pope-in-Avignon

Speaking of 9/11, this is kind of freaky…



Am I the only one who thinks it is wrong to design an immigration plan as a knee jerk reaction to the press?

Why, do so many claim that to object to loss of control of immigration as anti-immigration?

Why do you write about forced migration, and it’s human toll, and ignore that the world ignored the racism, injustice, corruption, and political stupidity that caused it?


New one up. This time the mango came to the boat.

Tommy, the concerns expressed in your last question are duly noted. If you have any other suggestions for what to write, because we certainly dont cover that shit nearly enuf, obs, feel free to write them down on some toilet paper and flush it down the nearest toilet. Seriously. At Sadly, No! Industries we have the connections required to retrieve the message.*

*Offer not available for septic systems…


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