I miss Fenwick.

I hope you are doing well.

I miss a bunch of others as well.

Personally been processing, or more accurately, attempting to process the variety of a many splendored bullshit sandwitch.

I keep looking north, and have some shit in the pipeline.

Thank you Helmut. You have done a wonderful job.

Those with keys feel free to use them.

I will get over the current blok, I will reintice my muse.

Love all that bother to visit.


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We miss you, too, buddy.

Hope you’ll be back soon.

Enjoy the rest of the summer and hope to see you again after Labor Day.


Those with keys feel free to use them.

I would, but do you really want seizure-inducing animated gifs and tasteless photoshops on here?

Also, we evidently have a reputation as a bunch of shitty moderators, so you clearly can’t trust us.

The Cromulent Barmpot

Oh God but I miss Seb.


I miss my youth.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

I typically work from stupid o’clock to crazy o’clock, so Fenwick and I would trade bon mots in the wee hours of the morning- he referred to the light night crew as the “nighthawks”. Suezboo would always join us right around daybreak, Eastern Standard or Daylight Time- I know it’s almost time to go home when she shows up, she’s my “lark”.

I have Fenwick’s e-mail in the archives, I will track it down and try to contact him.

Stay well, Provider, get through what you need to get through, because we need ya.


Thanks guys. And gals. Some of you have seen me around various parts. My loins are girding.

Once again, I love all of you.

Sierra Street Blues

I miss Seb, too.


You’re doing a great job, Provider. Still a great place.


You’re welcome. I hope that we all get some free time to contribute a little more, this is a great community and it deserves to keep going.


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