If Every White Managed a Nine to Zero Kill Ratio, The Niggers would be Gone

The story under observation starts with an innocent child, but not really innocent, because Eve, or Reasons, or Something.


Undoubtedly a sweet kid once upon a time, who could never have been expected to commit a crime. And really, the idea that this young man might one day hang out with and then slaughter nine African Americans during a a Wednesday night bible study would have been unpossible to imagine. I mean really, who the fuck could have known? Not even Vegas could have calculated the odds. The behavior in question being without precedent.


Oh, right. Wait, what are those niggers pointing at? In fact, what plausible fucking right do they have to breathe on that balcony? In fact instead of the choreographed dance number they are performing it would seem like they have some fucking trash to remove. Just like ’em though, lazy and shiftless, is the way they tend to roll.


While some pine for the 50’s, I can pine for the early 90’s, pine for a Country that still had the balls to necklace a fucking nigger.

Unfortunately, those times have passed. On to another country, who prefer hot lead, choke holds, and spinal fracturing as their means of Justice.


Another Country, once Prideful and Strong, yet the vicissitudes of time and its inexorable march have emasculated the vestiges of its former Glory.


And once again, the question begs itself; Who could have known that such a fearless Patriot, who is only guilty of what God would beg him to do, who cleansed some serious wounds, who acted as Judge, Jury, and Executioner, performing upon the Body Politic, a necessary, if painful, excision, now sits in a cell, his motives misunderstood.

Confederate States 3 Flags license plate

A dream smothered in its crib. Which makes the more cynical of our brethren question a belief in a Higher Being, yet a dream worth preserving at any cost. “…to sleep, perchance to dream…”


And hope is kindled anew, as there are some who have their fingers on the pulse of Reason, who work vociferously to keep the flame alive.


This is what I am talking about. Courage, Pride, and the South Africamerican Way!!! Fuck Yeah!

/For the Snarkastically challened, Fuck Off and Die in a Fucking Fire, fucking ShitHeels!


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We won the War Against The Inbred Shithead Traitors, but lost the peace. And now we have to raze and salt the land, and include places like Idaho, and Indiana, northeastern Wisconsin, Oklahoma, Arizona, most of the several Dakotas, and on and on.

Sick of this shit.


I can lead the Indianan cohort!

Pupienus Maximus

Can’t wait to see how Fox spins this:


Mentions of Christianity, god, religion: Zero. You _know_ what he went on about.


You _know_ what he went on about.

Just caught wind of that, pup. taking a momentary break, for a minute or so.

Hope you and the ho weathered the recent rains well.

Big Bad Bald Bastard

But… but… this was an anti-Christian attack! I saw it reported on Fox!!!


One of the first things that occurred to me about this attack was “for once, this is exactly what most white people think of when they say ‘racism.'” A garden-variety asshole, unaffiliated with the police or any other key institutions, shoots a bunch of black people and is good enough to leave a manifesto explicitly saying “I shot the black people because they were black and I don’t like the blacks,” in an act of lone-wolf-terrorism that’s not blatantly a systemic problem in the way that it would be if, say, the shooter was a cop. (Lots of white people don’t *deny* racism, exactly. They just cling to the delusion that it’s an individual problem, and that all our law and order institutions are beleaguered but impartial referees just trying to maintain order between the violent blacks and Latinos and whites – and if they just happen to target more of the first two, well, that only proves that there are more criminals there. And also demand the kind of in-your-face proof that we have with this shooter’s manifesto, because otherwise, “well, you can’t just *assume* it’s racism…” etc).

So the cynic in me is somewhat impressed that this has even gotten as much reaction as it has – a presidential address helps, I’m sure. Of course, the cynic in me was similarly surprised at the amount of rage after Sandy Hook, and that cynic was ultimately proved correct – there was outrage, but nothing ended up really changing. I kind of expect the same here.

On the other hand, even the cynic in me was impressed that, when presented with a guy who ticks off every possible box of “real” racism and from whom they could disassociate themselves without too much trouble, so many leading conservatives are still working overtime to excuse the shooter as mentally ill and/or reinvent his white power ideology as something else. I don’t know why, because I really shouldn’t be. The exact same thing happened with that MRA character who killed these women and left a stirring “I Hate Women” manifesto behind, and people were falling all over themselves wondering how to blame mental illness rather than, a sexist prick being a sexist prick.


Did the founders really intend a nation of armed lunatics?

Or did they envision a “well regulated militia”?

It would be irresponsible not to speculate…


What bothers me most about that Fox News spin on this:

1. They’re lying.
2. They know they’re lying.
3. They know we know they’re lying but they do it anyway.


Corey Robin has made an interesting point: that gun control in the current political context, wherein it’s not only the Roofs who are shooting black people, but the police as well (and way more of the latter instances), could lead to yet more repression of black people–possession of a weapon, as well as possession of drugs–will continue to build the black prison population in a world where all black people are actually suspects to the policing entities. If Huckabee’s idiotic solution to the Roof situation were followed, the Charleston cops might well arrest Pinkney for shooting a white man.

One other point–in my reading of the Charleston massacre, Roof was assassinating Pinkney (your photo of MLK’s assassination is highly relevant). The rest of the dead are terrorism, and in a way, camo. Pinkney was a real political leader, elected, having success. Someone told Roof to go kill him, that he’d be in that church that night.

Pupienus Maximus

Some troll at an atheist oriented site, who has previously said the nation was founded as a Xian country, suggested that the terrorist’s deliberate and complete avoidance of any god or religion talk proves how much he hated Xianity and god and shit. I replied that the founders must have hated god too because there’s no mention of gawd in the Constitution. If he had any self awareness his head should have asploded.


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