Meet the Sadlidates: Claire McKaskill

This is pretty much your last chance to donate to Democratic candidates and make a difference in the midterm elections, peeps. We’re two weeks away from taking back Congress, but the GOP could still scrounge up just enough votes to retain power. We. Cannot. Let. Up. So give. Give, give, give.

Now, onto business: this week’s Sadlidate is Claire McKaskill, who is running an extremely tight Senate race against incumbent Republicrook Jim “No” Talent. This is one of those races where just a little bit of your money could help Claire go over the top, and tip the Senate in favor of the Democrats. I mean it, peeps: it’s a big one.


How awesome is Claire McCaskill? So awesome that she even has a staunch Republican like Alex P. Keaton on her side:

Also, Claire used to be a prosecutor in Jackson County- which means she don’t take shit from no one. She wants to fire Rumsfeld. She’s against staying the course in Iraq, and she’s anti-torture. She’s big on stem cell research. And she really knows how to lay the fricking smack down:

Oh, and did I mention that her opponent Jim Talent has voted with George W. Bush 94% of the time??? Uh, yeah. If that doesn’t motivate you to give her money, I don’t know what will. It’s time to kick these clowns out of office. They must go. Help ’em on their way.


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One more thing. Giving to Claire McCaskill will make Rush Limbaugh cry.

From Crooks & Liars via this Kos diary, here is what Jabba the Hutt’s understudy had to say about Michael J. Fox’s commercial.

“The audio C & L posts captures Limbaugh stating that he had received e-mails from listeners who state that it is well-known that Fox goes off his medication when he makes public appearances. These e-mails, Limbaugh states, confirms what he suspected and stated previously, which is:

“‘I stated when I saw the ad, I was commenting to you about it, that he was either off the medication or he was acting. He is an actor, after all.'”

If you are not familiar enough with Parkinson’s disease to know, the symptoms Fox shows in the commercial are caused by his medication. Without the medication he probably would not be able to move and talk.

Rush is ignorant and proud of it. Let’s make him cry.


That Michael J. Fox commercial is incredibly powerful. And the stem-cell issue is BIG in Missouri (they’re voting on it in the Nov. election as well).


Stem cells cause brain tumors in mice.


So does Sweet and Low, but only in California.


A mouse with a brain tumor is smarter than Limburger.


Oh look. It’s that fucktard annie. They’re STEM CELLS you stupid piece of flotsam! They can become ANYTHING! I can’t take it. I’m going to bed…



Novak sez
“I would make the argument that this is one of the least important elections that I have seen because everybody is really looking ahead to 2008 as an important election.”


Say what you will about how awesome Claire McCaskill is (and I will agree with you on all points), her name is, apparently, fiendishly difficult to spell.


Stem cells cause global warming, too.
Stem cells caused Katrina.


Being a fucking dumb-ass who votes Republican causes cancer.

And if I offended any conservatives with that statement, I’ll try to be more politically correct next time, you fucking hypocrites.

Smiling Mortician

Hey guys — another way to get money into the campaigns of worthy candidates these last couple of weeks is to encourage any Dem candidates in your state whose coffers are full and who are looking safe (token GOP or no GOP competition) to give a third of their remaining war chests to their colleagues who need the cash.

MyDD has a page with all the info you need to contact your reps and challenge them to help:

People are doing it and it’s working, but so far it looks like the Repugs might be doing it better . . .


That’s the trick with stem cells. We don’t know anything, we don’t know what they can do, we don’t know what their limits are. For some, that alone is enough to dismiss the entire concept; that stem cells can’t hold any solutions, because we can’t visualize how they might. It’s a very, not so much “close-minded”, but “willfully ignorant” stance. Beyond a fear of the unknown, and into fear of learning about the unknown.
Or that research on stem cells won’t be profitable, that it may end in failure, so why bother trying? Well, how many things do we take for a given today were considered foolish trinkets back in their day? I forgot who once said that there was a global market for “about six” personal computers; I have five in my house. The first cars were greeted with disdain for being noisy, dirty, silly, and unpractical. (Now it’s just SUVs. ZING!) History is littered with people bearing radical, unconventional ideas being scofted, Columbus, Galilieo, whoever it was who discovered basic nerve principle by poking a dead frog with electrodes.
Or people think that research is dangerious, or harmful. (I think annie is saying that stem cells are a cause for cancer? I’m not really sure. That would seem like even more reason to research them…) and thus should not be pursused.
Okay, how many people have died for the space program? How many thousands died in the exploration boom of the middle part of the last millenium? If we go on the assumption that human life must be ended to harvest cells (which i think is crap, but don’t feel like spending hours researching that, so we’ll just agree that it does for the sake of arguement) first i would say, “Pay no attention to those unused embryos being thrown out at the fertility clinic”, but I would also say that a newborn baby doesn’t even know it has a face, and I doubt very much a week old zygote is going to give off little screams of terror in the petri dish. And embryo isn’t a person, it’s a short-term parasite* with the potential to become a fully developed human infant. (There’s a reason why the population has boomed in the past hundred years or so; a large number of pregnancies ended in failure before the advent of modern medecine, and the number who survived after being born wasn’t a whole lot better. [snark] I guess god wasn’t very loving of the little womb babies back then. [/snark]) I’d say that using clumps of cells for research to potentially improve the lives of millions of actual people is pretty worth it.
And consider this: they used to have x-ray machines in shoe stores, so you could see how the shoe fit. My middle school science teacher had mercury poisoning form when they let students play with it with their bare hands when he was in school. In the fourties, scientists and their guests would tour nuclear test sites, wearing nothing but plastic booties on their feet to protect them from radiation. Less then two hundred years ago, sterilizing your surgical tools ment wiping them on your apron.
We don’t know what stem cells can achieve, or where they may take us. One of the greatest achievements in human history, penicillin, was discovered by accident while researching something else completly. Sure, they might not hold the key to everything (and probably don’t, cause that would be insanely good fortune, and we’re not that lucky) but the MIGHT hold the key to some things. And that’s worth pursueing.

[Extremely cynicle, jaded, offensive joke to follow]
How about we only use black and hispanic embryos? Would that be a good compromise, Christian right?

* Yes, yes they are.


Speaking of the Michael J. Fox ad, I hope Rush Limbaugh burns forever in the deepest pit of Hell for accusing Fox of exaggerating his movements. Limbaugh truly sickens me.


Okay, twenty dollaz for Claire. Hope she whomps Talent like a pinata.


A number of Democrats find themselves in tight races in these last few weeks. If you are moved to donate to Democratic candidates, please consider prioritizing McCaskill and other opponents of torture over the seven Democrats who voted in favor of it: Bill Nelson, Ben Nelson, Bob Menendez, Tom Carper, Harold Ford, Sherrod Brown, and Debbie Stabenow.


Don’t run it in about Menendez. I agreed to have a sign put on my lawn (Tom Kean Jr. is GWB-lite), but he lost any chance of getting money or time this cycle with that vote.


I live in St. Louis and have donated my time and money to help Claire get elected November 7th. I can tell you that Claire is truly worthy of any donation you can make. She is tough and smart and will bring accountability back, much like Harry Truman did when he was Senator from Missouri. This is an extremely tight race, so any help is appreciated.

Thank you, SadlyNo! for shinning the spotlight on Claire McCaskill.


The stem cells that caused brain cancer in mice were brain cancer stem cells. There is ZERO evidence fetal stem cells cause ANY type of cancer.


sounds like the kind of opposition party the US needs. Hope she wins.

The stem cell issue is so powerful and easy to talk about I am amazed more dems don’t make those kind of ads. There are all these celebrities who are right-wing and yet for it. Starting with Nancy Reagan. It’s just the easiest thing in the world to be for.



Just dropping in to say that donating to Claire McCaskill has really lifted my spirits after having held my nose & voted for Harold Ford this morning. Thanks, you guys!



She also audited the HUGE commercial kennel industry in Missourir and promises to get puppy millers to clean up their act or be shut down.

I’m not even American and I’ll send her $20. She sounds awesome!


McCaskill is probably the most fluent and clued-up pol I’ve seen this cycle. She so deserves to win, and if Missouri voters don’t send her to DC, they’re fools. I wish we’d seen more national reporting on that race.

Smiling Mortician

I’ll just jump on the bandwagon here and say that I’m a card-carrying AOLF (American of Limited Funds) but I tossed the few bucks I had in McCaskill’s direction because everything I’ve seen tells me she’s the real deal. I also gave to Webb a coupla weeks ago, mostly because Allen is such a pig. I don’t have much more, but on the theory that I could throw just a bit of monetary support to two or three more, who would they be, in your view? (My own reps are all safely double-digits ahead of their repug challengers.)


Thank you, thank you Brad! I am a resident of Missouri, I have been volunteering for Claire. She’s a super candidate, and a great person. She will be a wonderful Senator. The race is very close, which is amazing, considering how red Missouri used to be.

Extra special thank you to those who donated. It’s going to cost $15,000 to run each 30 second Michael J. Fox ad during the Cardinals games; but since the ad has gone viral on the web, thousands of dollars have been donated to Claire’s campaign.

Jim (no)Talent has like $5 mill raised for him in private fundraisers by the Bushbot (so Talent didn’t have to be seen in public with Dear Leader), so all the money you can donate is GREATLY appreciated, as we have nowhere near as much.

It will be even more greatly appreciated by the residents of Missouri like me (I am completely disabled with MS, in case you didn’t know that), and others with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and ALS and MS and other neurological diseases, for whom stem cell research is the closest thing to hope for a cure that any of us have.

I salute you Sadly, No! folks! You have made me cry with gratitude. You are the best.

May you all walk with light all your lives.

Sorry, no snark today, too choked up. Thank you all so much.

Smiling Mortician

Gentlewoman, one day (soon?) we’ll get the representation we need and deserve. I’m doing what little I can, but good on you for volunteering. I’m a little lost here in my neck of the woods, where we’re pretty blue and there’s no pressing need for foot soldiers. I don’t have a lot of money, but have given what I can to candidates elsewhere and am volunteering for phone efforts out of state (have you all been contacted about Stephen King’s Halloween GOTV phone campaign? kinda cool). Anyway. Choke-up is contagious. Y’all are good people.


To hell with putting her in the Senate. Let’s get her into the White House.

Give ’til it hurts, people. Two years of investigations and oversight will be worth every damn penny.


Re: the Limbaugh lie

My father had Parkinson’s. Those swaying motions are CAUSED BY THE MEDICATION for Parkinson’s. Parkinson’s causes tremors, and the meds even the tremors out into less painful and less tiring swaying movements. Movements that get worse and worse with time- never better- as your body slowly gets immune to the meds. Not that the neocons care, but I figured some of you might.


I’m in Missouri. And the Limbaugh thing has just pushed me into becoming a McKaskill volunteer starting first thing tomorrow morning.

Smiling Mortician

Good for you, Thess. I mean the volunteering thing. I firmly believe that the anti-GOP forces will only lose if we fail to get energetic enough to defeat the enemy. Sounds a bit hysterical? So be it. The stakes are high.


$921.50 from Act Sadly! as of 4:30 PM CST.

You guys so absofuckinlutely ROCK.

And welcome to the team, Thess! I’m pretty sure what we need most now is GOTV workers and phone bankers. Just call your local McCaskill headquarters and they’ll get you started!

Go Claire!


Gave to Claire already through Pac for Change. Claire rocks! I like it when my neighbor state has smart people at the helm.


Gentlewoman, I just more than doubled it. I want this woman in the White House, right on Otto!@!!!111!!!1


How do I contribute to the McKaskill campaign?


Nov 12, 2006–so now we know the rest of the story…Michael Fox has admitted to not taking his meds when he spoke before Congress and making his adds..HMMMMM also he admitted on public Tv he did not read about cloning or stem cell research ,,knows nothing about it… AMAZING— Limbaugh made the statement that he had seen Fox in Hollywood a few weeks earlier and his actions were different,, thats what he said,,nothing more.. Fox practiced deceit,,Limbaugh tells a truth,, which one gets fried in this country.
WHat is very scary is the LIBERAL when they don’t get their way they start with the lies, violence and vulgar name calling..
We don’t vote Democrat anymore…I have seen so many lies and deceit coming from that party it makes me sick.. After the last national election I heard the head of the Democratic Party say the party needed to get back to basic’s, stop supporting every vile cause that came down the pike to win an election.. He said that is the only way we can win anymore,, what happened to our party..we used to stand for something…
Now they stand for trash, filth, lies and deceit…
Sad days are ahead for AMERICA..
I guess the people of missouri think it is ok for a nursing home to abuse seniors like Mc Kaskills did…Says a lot for tha state……thank You


Well, you go, Claire — while your lounging on the beach in Florida and ignoring the other 99 Congressman. I wonder if you would have been elected if the voters knew you couldn’t even be bothered to show up for orientation. Obviously, you thought you would lose and could console yourself on the beach. If you thought you could win, obviously you would have showed your constituency some respect by scheduling your vacation for after the orientation. What a way to start!


claire mccaskill is a fu–ing piece of sh-t. but boy is she hot to trot for obama. she’s all over him. best of luck to you claire. see what he does for you if he gets to be pres. I don’t like you because of the way you treated hillary clinton. bet I’m not alone in this.


How you leftist fuckwits liking that transparent hope and change now?

Fuck all you liberal tools, by the way.


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