HappyBirthdayToMe_and FYFFF’s_’NotherWayToSay_ILU

Hello Lovlies, my Friends, my Romans, My fellow members of the community called earth, let me know that I love you all.

Yesterday, I joined the “half century club” and of took off on my fifty-first trip ’round the sun, and had a most excellent party…

A britta well, is something that just passed the transom, and recorded for posterity…But I digress…

I was hanging out on a porch with an old friend on Thursday, ambivalent about the celebration of the five-O, when I asked her if she might be interested in hosting a party. The look on her face indicated that it was a fait accompli.

Her husband needed a couple of spokes replaced and his wheel trued, and I needed the money, so while that operation was underway and the issue decided, I return with the wheel in question and discover that not only a facebook event had been established, but that she was in the “x” section of her contacts. I trust her judgement completely…

In any event, on less than 48 hours notice, the perfect mix of friends, old and new, was assembled, and completely unexpected loot, was collected. I seem to be blessed and somewhat popular, and while this always seems to surprise, I guess it should not.

An old flame who currently resides in the northwest and happened to be in the state, made the hour and a half trip, and it was wonderful to get reaquainted, sand off some things unresolved, and come to the realization that I have always chosen well in the girlfriend department. I had a fucking blast….

Also, too, this morning I shook hands with my teabagging congress critter at the ‘bucks across the way and introduced myself….I neglected to mention that I might oppose him in the next election, but there will be time…

I wish all of the mothers, their sons, husbands and daughters a splendiferous and Happy Mother’s Day.



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Another milestone, another round-numbered brick in the wall.

Plus hap-nin’ party. Well-deserved.

And lemme tell ya, life is juuuust beginning!


As my late father once said, “The forties are the old age of youth; the fifties are the youth of old age.”

So welcom to geezers club, Provider!

The first rule of geezers club is, we don’t talk about our bowel movements!


Happy birthday! Sounds like your party was a blast.

Pupienus Maximus

HBD, young punk!


Thank you, my august and learned acquaintances…

Aside from the unavoidable vicissitudes, it doesn’t feel much different than 18. Except for the learning/wisdom and shit…


Happy Belated. Would have said something yesterday, but Mother’s Day is kinda busy for me.


Happy b-day you person from the trough ^-^ There’s less people your age in the US than mine, because less were born that year…

Anyhow, here’s to another year ^-^


DKW, Crissa, Understood and thanks…


Fess up; which on of y’all wrote this?

Saw that the other day, nicely done. I would have been proud to have penned that…

St. Trotsky, Pope-in-Avignon

Happy belated birthday. Keep up the good work.


it doesn’t feel much different than 18
I’ve always said I’m just celebrating my 18th birthday for the Xth time. (43rd last yr.)


It’s not the years, it’s the mileage.


Happy Birthday!

I must disagree with Some Guy, though. I thought that the first rule of Geezer Club was that you only talk about bowel movements. But whaddoIknow … I am not yet 40.

Pupienus Maximus



Grats on makin’ it to fiddy. I’m only one lunar revolution ahead of ya.

The way I figure it, we’re only half way.


Happy birthday Playa.

I’ll be with you in 4 years.


Happy 50ness!
Beat ya to it by two months.


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