If it ain’t one thing it’s a motherfuckin’ other:

At a rain-soaked rally, Republican gubernatorial candidate Ken Blackwell told about 200 supporters Thursday that he does not question Democrat Ted Strickland’s sexuality but does fault him for not “standing up” as a congressman for sexually abused children.

“I don’t care what his sexual preference is,” Blackwell said at Blue Ash’s Veterans Memorial Park, where about 50 protesters ringed the pro-Blackwell crowd, booing and shouting throughout his speech. “It has nothing to do with his ability to lead the state” […]

Blackwell’s campaign distributed harsh comments by [Cincinnati talk radio host Bill] Cunningham related to Strickland’s sexuality and about a former Strickland campaign aide arrested in 1994 for public indecency. The Blackwell campaign reprinted a transcript from Wednesday night’s [Hannity & Colmes] and sent it to Ohio reporters.

During the TV broadcast, Cunningham … questioned the Democratic congressman’s sexuality. At one point during the Fox News interview, Cunningham said, “After the (1998) election, Ted Strickland flies off to the shores of Naples, Italy, in order to enjoy a little fun with this 26-year-old boy toy.”

Can you say “last throes”? I thought so.

WLW-AM host Bill Cunningham: “I got your blogger ethics panel right here, bee-yotch.”


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What is this, postmodern Kipling–homosexuals have some sort of special responsibility to protect children from abuse? Even children as old as 26? The “Gay Man’s Burden”?

And here I thought that the right didn’t want gay men “stand{ing} up” for the underage… or is that only when tape measures and Republicans aren’t around?


Vernon Robinson is doing the same thing, all while the righties bemoan how horrible the left is for “outing” Larry Craig. Two Republican candidates? Coincidence, a mere fluke, certainly not anything by which we could condemn the entire party. One little known gay activist blogger and presumably Democratic voter? FUCKING DEMS ARE ALL SUCH FUCKING HYPOCRITES!


But as a congressman, Blackwell said that when Strickland “could have stood up and said sex with children is bad, he sat down.”

Hmm… I notice that nowhere in the article is Blackwell quoted as saying he thinks sex with children is bad. In fact, I suspect that if you looked at transcripts of every speech he has given in this campaign, you will not find him saying “Sex with children is bad.” Methinks the candidate doth protest too much: this guy must be a homopedomexislamofascist hizzownself!

Good grief, is that the best the Republicans can come up with? The other guy didn’t stand up and say sex with children is bad? Wow. Maybe there is hope.

Hate Encrusted Eyes

What a scummy bunch of shits. Infected little shits. What a disgrace. Why people don’t spit the words republican with utter contempt morning noon and night is beyond me. The ‘daddy party’ don’t make me fucking laugh. Daddy’s done rotted his mind with some low class moonshine. republicans, spit.


You want to hear sad? They’ve been trying to convince voters Ted Strickland was gay since 1978 or thereabouts. It worked at first, he lost the first election where they smeared him as a “fag,” (I grew up in the district where he originally ran, that’s what they were whispering about him back then that was part of beating him). But pretty soon, people started actually listening to Ted, and decided it didn’t matter. He’s exceptionally well turned-out as a speaker — he trained as a minister. It’s almost impossible to pull off the usual “holier than thou” act when you didn’t, eh Ken?

He’s got at least twenty points over Black?Well… in even the most conservative polls. They got nothin’, in other words.

And Bill Cunningham has come a long way since he was the “Art Bell” of Cincy AM radio, hasn’t he? He’s made a career of screeching paranoia since the seventies. It’s just that he found out the brand of screeching paranoia that gets Republicans elected is more lucrative than the brand of screeching paranoia that claims it’s been abducted by UFOs, I guess.


The ‘daddy party’ don’t make me fucking laugh.

Oh, I dunno, some folks really do have fathers who demand to be called “sir” as they punch you with one hand and stick the other up your shorts.


Travis, that photo nicely captures the corruption and arrogance of the wankstain party.

It should be shown next to some photos of what Riverbend has seen. Or of Ali Abbas.


So this aide who arrested for public indecency…

Was he charged with a felony or a misdemeanor?
Was he convicted?

Cause everything I’ve seen says this arrest happened before Strickland hired the guy. And every job application I’ve ever filled out asked if I’ve ever been convicted of a felony.

If this guy was never convicted or just convicted of a misdemeanor, it’s probable that Strickland didn’t even know abut the arrest. Why would he?


Can I just say, thank you for saying “a motherfuckin other” and not “a motherfuckin ‘nother.” I hate it when people say “‘nother.”


Who wants to make a bet that Bill Cunningham is projecting a bit? As a conservative, he probably has a few skeletons in his closet that would kill his ratings should they get out.


Bill Cunningham starte doff as scum and has gone downhill in the years since.


starte doff as scum
Your spacing is off Woodrowfan. Allow me:
“Bill Cunningham started off ass cum… ”

Much better.


HAH!! Now THATS funny…



That is one fine pelt that Cunningham is wearing on his head. Obviously the work of Merkins for Men based in Cincinnati.


The fact of the matter is that Strickland’s NAMBLAesque record is going to sink his candidacy.

Meanwhile in Connecticut, Ned Lamont is floundering and it appears that Joe Lieberman will defeat him by at least 15 points.


Off topic, but Atrios just gave Worst Person props to Ann Bartow.


Bill Cunningham is an asshole. Unfortunately, he’s pretty typical for Cincinnati, and Ohio in general. Freakin’ middle America.


That would be an Indian Hill sweatshirt Billy is wearing.

‘Splains a lot.


Gary Ruppert said,

October 20, 2006 at 21:48

Baghdad Gary’s back to work! Tell us more! Like how voting booths will electrocute anyone who steps into them and votes Democrat. Or tell us the one about how on election day, the Earth will open a giant chasm, a tentacle will come out, and drag Hillary Clinton down, with the chasm closing neatly behind her.

That one was a good one.


Hey Gary, I’m just wondering, have you ever been right about any of your predictions?
I know a stopped clock is right twice a day (unless it’s some fancy scientist’s digital, when it’s never right, or one of those faluting european clocks, in which case it’s right once a day).. But in all my time I have wasted reading (and yes, responding to) your trolling, I can’t seem to recall an instance of you being right.
Generally when you say something with “The Fact is…” or in this case “The fact of the matter is…” I tend to give a probability of 100% to the opposite happening. So, could you do me a favour and go “The Fact is, His Grace won’t win the lottery tomorrow…” or “The fact is that she isn’t going to say yes, His Grace.” I’d kinda appreciate it.


Yes, Gary’s graduated to big boy school with his new “The fact OF THE MATTER IS” intro. ‘Cause now it’s not just a fact, it’s a fact of the matter. And you can’t fuck with the fact of the matter.
It’s a fact.
Of the matter.


Ewww, you got your facts in my matter…



You all couldn’t find the fact of the matter with both hands.


Where can I find a 26 year old boy toy to go play with?

Smiling Mortician

Jillian, would it be too crude if I offered to help you try to find him (or his matter, for that matter) with both hands?

Yes. Yes, it would.


Jeez, people, get a room.

And a video camera… hotcha!

LA Confidential Pantload

I would really appreciate it if y’all would stop harshing on Billy Cunningham – helluva player, helluva coach, still revered here in Fraternadelphia…what? Waddya mean? Oh…oh….sorry.

Smiling Mortician

‘sokay, pantload, I was thinking he was Opie’s older brother . . .


The fact of the matter is that Republicans are fat.

And only Michael Moore can keep you safe.

Oh wait, I seem to have gotten my index cards a little mixed up here. Bear with me, people…


I’ve actually heard Bill Cunningham on the radio a fair amount. He seems to have an unusual fixation on gay guys, even for a republican. It’s like about 50% of what he talks about. Gay this, gay that. So I figure it’s all but certain he’s blowing truckers at gas stations all over southwest Ohio.

I mean look at the guy. You know he’s got a leopard-print speedo on. A bunch of lube and weird devices in a duffel bag. Etc.


Hey, fuck you. They are racing cyclops. ONE OF THEM IS TWO EYED. FUCK OFF.


As if the pedosmile wasn’t give-away enough, Brian.
He’s like an evil, born-again Regis Philben.


Suck ass, you fucking American morons.

..Ewps…APAIC operatives…calm down. No one’s going after Jewy Jews or Jewlicious Jews or any kind of other Jew. All of us hate Americans…not Jews.

..Ewps…Sorry. I realise that talking about Jews is not allowed in the US. Sorry…


Sorry. I realise that talking about Jews is not allowed in the US.

The fact is you spell like a Canadian. The word is “realize,” got it? Fag.

le fagort canadien

Damn Jews and their sideways vaginas.


Hmm… 700am WLW “The Big One”….

Should I bring up his neverending interest in the Queen City’s Catholic boys high schools?

Projection being the main offense for these people, you got to start to wonder what went on at Elder.

The fact of the matter is, both Billy and NAMBLA Ken are creeping me out.


French Canadians all hate Jews. Ask Duddy.


700am WLW “The Big One, the Queen City, etc

I wonder where he gets his hot three-way action; Skyline, Gold Star, Camp Washington, Pleasant Ridge, Price Hill or Blue Ash (did I miss any)?


Can’t talk “aboot” jews, Mal.



Oh, that’s a nice one Gary. Your paymasters must be proud. That’s the word you use when you have absolutely no connection, not even a tenuous one, but you want to evoke it anyway.

“That would be an Indian Hill sweatshirt Billy is wearing…..‘Splains a lot. ”

Heh, Styx. It’s been a long time since I lived in suburban Cincinnati, but you sure brought it all back.

Go Aviators!


My days are filled with schadenfreude, my nights with dreams of House Speaker Pelosi.

It’s a good time to be alive.


Suck ass, you fucking American morons.

Whatever country you live in, you non-American but native-English speaking asshat, where the fuck is your manned spaceflight program??


Hahaha. Manned Spaceflight Program. That’s great.


…where the fuck is your manned spaceflight program?

Touché! But how can civilisation such as yours claim to be so advanced without curling, tuques or poutine? Hmmm?

Try again you uncultured, indoor-plumbing having, Kraft dinner eschewing, George Bush electing LOOZRZ!!!


What the hell is going on here?

I DEMAND to be immediately let in on the joke.

Jillypants, you seem vulberable right now. What you need is puppies, delightful stinky puppies.

tigrismus, how DARE you be so funny.


good show as usual.

If Mal is really fake Mal doing Mal “troll” that is all well and good, but the only foul mouthed Canadian troll this site can handle is Annie A, so just “eat it” to that person or persons.

herr doktor bimler

Gary Ruppert said,
The fact of the matter is that

This is clearly a typo. It should read “The matter from the fax is that…”
My mental image of Gary’s basement is becoming increasingly clear. As well as the Dustbin of History, it is furnished with the Fax-Machine of Dialectical Inevitability.

Typical Republican

It burns when I pee!

And it’ Bill Clinton;s fault!


Until today, I really didn’t believe the rumors that the Joker was based on a real person. Just Wow!


Well, this is all nicely out of control. Here’s a hint for everyone: when I seem to be the least perverted person in the room, there’s a problem. Phooey. I think I shall guzzle hard cider and scratch my NAMBLAesque ass (it’s the tush of a 16-year-old… and I’ll never tell where I got it from!). And, keeds, remember to save a little of this delicious snark for Gary for after the election. After all, if we can’t kick him when he’s down, what good are we? That reminds me–I’ve got to buy some fashionable steel-toed boots for, ahh, somethin’.


Just out of curiosity, who is gonna write the “Saddest” post, now that Travis has written the “Sadder” one and Brad wrote the “Sad” one? I’m thinkin’ Retardo, but mayhap Gavin or even–dare I say it?–Seb will crank it out before Retardo even has his links organized. Or maybe it will be the long-rumored guest post by Gary–that would qualify as “Saddest.”


The fact is liberals are full of shit and hate America.


Puppies don’t stink.

Human noses are just stupid and broken.


You tell ’em Jillian.



The fact of the matter is that Americans are all stupid fucking morons.


The fact of the matter is that Americans are all stupid fucking morons.

The irony of someone using the internet to say that is obviously lost on this brilliant individual, I guess.

Unless they were being a parody, that is.


The fact is that Mal is a worthless bigot. The fact is that
Gary Ruppert is objectively a better person than Mal de Mer, even is Gary doesn’t actually exist.

The fact is that Mal likes to heap scorn on his former friends, people who are at least trying to stop US imperialism, even if only with their vote. The fact is he won’t heap such scorn on people who actually champion and approve such imperialism. The fact is, he sees no difference, because the fact is he is a BIGOT.

The fact is Mal responded to an outpouring of sympathy and grief from the posters on this and other left wing sites by deciding to pile abuse on said posters. The fact is Mal thinks that all Americans must be held responsible for any actions by the US government, past, present, and future. However, the fact is the same does not hold true for Canadians like Mal.

The fact is Mal can go fuck himself.


P.S. Don’t pretend that you’re somehow not a worthless bigot because you hate all Americans rather than hating all Jews.

For example, say a black man murdered my parents. Does that make it ok for me to declare that all blacks are evil and join the KKK? Nope.

If a Mexican steals my car, does that make it ok for me to declare all Mexicans thieves and join the Minutemen? Nope.

If American made bombs, used by a different country, kill my in-laws, does that give me a right to hate on all Americans? Nope.

If a Shi’ite raped my sister, does that make it ok to murder any Shi’ites I see? No. If a Sunni raped my mom, does that make it ok to murder Sunnis? No.

If a Canadian guy goes from being an intelligent and somewhat insightful commenter to a worthless bigot, does that mean I can assume all Canadians are worthless bigots? Maybe y’all see where this is going…


I’ve arrived to the party fashionably late, but I do remember Mal being a contributor to the snark, not just a Canuck hate-bot. I feel for him, but damn. We’re on his side, or so I’d like to believe, so his rage seems misplaced, but time heals. Or it doesn’t, and he joins Annie, Gary and Jose in the annals (I said annals hehe) of troll dustbin history.


Some conservative Ohio newspaper just withdrew their endorsement of Blackwell; they believe he behaved in an unChristian manner at the debate. Strickland is an ordained minister, btw, Methodist I think.

Has anyone ever heard of a paper withdrawing an endorsement? I don’t think I’ve ever seen it happen.


I hadn’t seen that, Gentlewoman. Unendorsed!

Thank you!


Poor Mal. Afflicted with some kind of peculiar anti-semitic anti-American tourette’s syndrome.


Fuck Mal. Like Osama, like Bush, like annieangel, if all you got is hate, you kind of got to accept that you have chosen to give up your basic humanity. Hate isn’t interesting, isn’t funny, doesn’t offer any answers. Hate is one-dimensional. Hate is the road you take when your destination is killing. Hate is a tribal survival function, and Mal is not threatened up there in the killing fields of Canada. For Mal and his ilk, hate is just a warm blanket that keeps him from having to understand the world around him…



Every blanket’s warm when you first pee in it, mikey.

But after a short while, it just leaves you feeling cold and lonely.

Here’s hoping Mal gets over it before that happens.

Although if you don’t share that sentiment at this point, can’t say I’d blame you much – he’s been a worse little bitch to you than anyone else.

Smiling Mortician

Yes, he has — but I also feel some serious admiration for GoatBoy, who stood down so honorably last summer when mikey was doing his damnedest to give Mal what he needed.


The fact is I used to live in Cincinnati, and I never heard of Bill Cunningham.

Then again, when I lived there, Jerry Springer was still best known for bouncing paychecks to hookers, and the Bengals nearly won the Super Bowl.

Keith Gore Wiseman

Cunningham has a really bad toupe, no?


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