But remember, to quote Gary Ruppert, “the Republicans are the party of hope and ideas.” Loserz.


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The insurgency is in its last throes.

Oh wait! I should have said, the fact is the insurgency is in its last throes.
Besides, a vote for a Democrat is just one more nail in John “Maverick” McCain’s coffin.


So Diebold’s just helping keep us safe, and un-ass-skull-fucked, by making sure we vote for who we ought to be voting for, not who we want to vote for?


We vote for the ones we have, not the ones we want to have. Or something like that.

Mark B. in Austin TX

How do you skullfuck someone in the ass, anyway? Unless the victim has his head up his ass already, which is pretty much the bailiwick of the people who already tend to vote republican.

I’m guessing he does the ass/skull fucking before the suiciding, because it’s hard to bone someone when your dick is in a million pieces.


But Brad, The republican party IS the party of hope and ideas

It gives us hope that the terrorists won’t kill us in ungodly amount of ways because the Whitehouse had the brilliant idea of violating the consitution

It gives us hope that somehow, just somehow the huge mess in Iraq will magically fix itself with the idea that staying the course adapting and winning will magically fix the mess that they have created.

We can hope that we don’t need all that fancy scientician talk when they had the idea that they could repackage creationism into something everybody could pretend is “science.”

We can hope that a braindead woman was merely a pilates class away from a full recovery with the idea that it’s the governments job to intervene in a private family matter.

And don’t forget that we can hope that old white guys are somehow hip enough to talk street with the idea of not snuffing out your own seed.

10 out of 10 Gary Rupperts agree, “The fact is we are the party of hope* and ideas**.”

*Not exaclty hope but rather completely blind faith uncontaminated by critical thinking
**Not so much ideas as crazed whims that seem to be about the acumulation of power.


Yeah, especially when something like 65% of americans WANT to cut and run. Seems like in this case at least, the people are smarter than their leadership…



“He said even the true believers at his think tank are so fed up with GOP governance that many do not seem overly worried about the consequences of losing the House.”

Well, that’s good because we wouldn’t want GOPpers to worry..

Good luck from your friend in Canada and keep up the good work!


I was going to vote for them anyway if they could get gas down to about $1.75 a gallon for one day.


as in “hope for some ideas”?


I propose that between now and the elections in November, every S,N! post ends with a quote from Gary Ruppert. 🙂


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Fear is the mindkiller!

Oh, and Las Islas Galápagos are beautiful. A place not to miss. It was one of the best trips of my life.


The fact is the insurgency is in its last throes.The “insurgency” has now morphed and fractured into a multi-party civil war.

Insurgencies tend to have the rebel/patriot vs. occupier/oppressor dynamic going on. Now, it’s a bunch of warlords and private militias vs each other and the US. Remember Somalia?

Even when he’s right, it’s in the wrong way. Maybe one day we’ll get to see…

The Gary Ruppert Case


The Gary Ruppert Case

I thought it was The Gary Agenda he’s always trying to shove down our throats.


The fact is that Arabs have a well-known penchant for sodomy. It’s too bad your BDS has blinded you to the “reality” you claim your “community” is “based” on.


If I were the Democrats I would create a new ad by taking excerpts from this very ad and then intersperse them with regular Americans talking about their fears of continuing with a do-nothing, rubber-stamp, GOP controlled Congress. I think its time for the Democrats to go toe to toe with the GOP with a light hearted…but very pointed “Fear Factor” campaign.

I just don’t think fear can work this time if the Democrats will hit back. Karl Rove has made a career of taking his opponents strengths and turning them into liabilities…and its time someone return the favor. His house of cards is ready to fall.

See a tongue-in-cheek visual of Karl and the boys singing some of their favorite “Church & State” hymns…here:


Democrats will raise taxes, weaken national security and liberalize social policies.

Sweet! Here’s my take:

By all means, raise taxes on those who’ve been getting away with murder the last few years. Bump up the top two marginal rates. Most people would never even know.

Weaken national security? Liars.

Liberalize social policies? Yes. Please do!


El Rupperto sez:
The fact is that Arabs have a well-known penchant for sodomy.

Yeah, Saudi Arabia is just a gay paradise, eh Gare-bear?


The fact is that Republicans have a well-known penchant for sodomy. It’s too bad my BDS has blinded me to the “reality� I claim my “community� is “based� on.


Gary. Tsk tsk tsk…………….you should know that Ken Mehlman is holding a special place in his nut-cup for ball breakers like you ;^ )


The fact is that Arabs have a well-known penchant for sodomy.

Why, they sound just like the gee-oh-pee!

It’s too bad your BDS has blinded you to the “reality� you claim your “community� is “based� on.

I beg your pardon, I have GRDS. There, now: admitting I have a problem is the first step to recovery!


Why, they sound just like the gee-oh-pee!

And this is pretty much my favorite part. The people who are screaming the loudest that 1.) the evil muslims are going to take over our country, establish a caliphate and enforce Shari’a and 2.) the democrats, liberals and gays in this country are helping them do so are the very people in america most closely aligned with the muslim extremists’ point of view. Theocratic lawmaking, chaste women controlled and kept as second-class citizens by the rule of law, enforcement of behaviors specified in the ancient texts, no booze, no sex, no movies, no “tittilating” books. Hell, if anybody would be helping the islamofascists gain control in the west it would be the republicans. All you’d have to do is change the name of the superbeing and the book, and you’re there!!



I’m just waiting for Gary to use his “geometric logic” to prove there is a duplicate key to the food locker, and the fact is the Democrats stole the strawberries.



whats up with the BDS talking point? I hear it from the wingnuts and Faux watchers all the time.

Dismissively saying that my anger in seeing so much blood and treasure being wasted to no good end as “oh you are just a Bush basher…”

we have fucked up Iraq for generations and who is to blame? me the Bush Basher?


All you’d have to do is change the name of the superbeing and the book, and you’re there!!

Didn’t somebody on the right admit within the past couple of weeks that s/he thought the right had more in common with Muslims than Liberals? Dammit, I wish I could find it…


tigrismus: It’s Dinesh D’Souza, I think. Wolcott was doing excerpts from D’Souza’s soon to be published book: ‘How the Liberals Fucked Up Everything and Made the Islamofascists Hate Us,’ or something like that.

Typical Republican

I don’t know why you Dems are makig such a big deel about Mark Foley. All he want to do is fuck boys. Its not like he wants to marry thme or anything, for Ronald’s sake.


Keep fgithing the good fihgt, Gary!


Thanks, guys, that’s exactly the one I was thinking of.


This post in particular: “Yes, I would rather go to a baseball game or have a drink with Michael Moore than with the grand mufti of Egypt. But when it comes to core beliefs, I’d have to confess that I’m closer to the dignified fellow in the long robe and prayer beads than to the slovenly fellow with the baseball cap.”


I’m sad this post didn’t have a blink tag.


Yes, I would rather go to a baseball game or have a drink with Michael Moore than with the grand mufti of Egypt. But when it comes to core beliefs, I’d have to confess that I’m closer to the dignified fellow in the long robe and prayer beads than to the slovenly fellow with the baseball cap.�

Which made me laugh like a maroon. Michael Moore is a devout Catholic, and in any other age, he probably would have been a slightly right-of-center populist. Here and now, he’s the epitome of sociamolism.


But M. Moore is fat.

So, you know, everything else is moot.

‘Cause he’s fat.

Smiling Mortician

Speaking of hope and ideas . . . just heard a GOP strategist (can’t remember his name) on NPR saying that the only thing he can think of that would turn the trend around for his team would be “another terrorist attack or something . . . but that’s not really something we should hope for.”

Um. Wow.


Well, not a terrorist attack exactly, or at least not one AGAINST us, but don’t forget we’ve got the Eisenhower strike group deploying to the gulf now, due offshore Iraq 10/21. We’ve got the 7th fleet out of japan, supported by elements of the australian navy deploying into the waters off North Korea, to either stop and search inbound shipping for items proscribed by the sanctions (which NorKor calls an act of war), or to put in place a full naval blockade of North Korea’s ports (which IS an act of war under international law).

Children, if they want to wag the october surprise, the options for starting another full scale war abound. This administration has discovered that it HATES the aftermath of “Major Combat Operations”, but it just loves, possibly to the point of addiction, those combat operations themselves. They deploy against a real army, nobody whines about civilian casualties, they take a lot of american casualties, causing the american people to rally around the war effort.

Plus, if the decision is to go to war with Iran before the elections, it will probably be after a false-flag naval skirmish (you do remember the gulf of tonkin, right?) so it will have been the Iranians who attacked us. Getting even more initial support for the war.

Now mind you, I’m not in the business of predicting this shit (I did miss the start of the kosovo campaign by 3 days and the iraq invasion by 19), but I’m gonna say that the pieces are in place and this administration really has very little to lose at this point.

Um, yay?


Smiling Mortician


That’s exactly the stuff I try not to think about, mikey, because I hate the voice that whispers, “It’s not beyond their pale.” On the other hand, I heard some reasonable commentary today (again with the NPR) making some specific references to Tonkin and there were pundits of the conservative bent arguing that even if BushCo is that desperate, it wouldn’t work because A) everyone would know it’s a craven political ploy and B) the US military is already stretched too damn thin to mount anything new . . .

I’m doubtful about point A, no one ever having gone broke underestimating the intelligence of the average American voter, but I am curious about others’ views on B . . .


Couple of things, Mortician, and all of ’em bad. First, there’s no way the american military could invade Iran. It would take like five or ten divisions, and those kind of troops aren’t available and aren’t moving. But the air and naval assets are utterly uninvolved in Iraq, and available to be used against iran.

As to everyone would know it’s a craven political ploy, they seem to have gone well beyond caring. And they don’t actually get called on their craven political ploys, so that would actually encourage them…



We don’t need to attack Iran. I’ve been saying for a long time now, we need to attack Israel and make it look like Iran did it.

Problem solved.


The problem with the Bush Administration at its core is that it will seemingly say anything and do anything to perpetuate its own power. Nothing seems beyond the pale for them if they feel it is in their short term political interest to do so. Laws? The constitution? Rights that have long been considered inalienable? Screw ’em if they get in our way for the Permenant Republican Majority.

The problem with the whole Karl Rove October Surprise bomb Korea/Iran tactic is not that I don’t think that they would do it in a heart beat if they thought it would work. But here’s the thing: It AIN’T 2002 any more. The American people have seen the Bush doctrine in action. They have been a little slow at realising the colossal fuckup it has been and probably do not even think about the long term political consequences, but the anti-Iraq war sentiment is there. It cannot be denied.

If you recall, Bush didn’t order the Marines into Falluja until AFTER Kerry conceded. A strike at Iran or Korea has as much potential to backfire politically as it does to help them, especially if oil skyrockets to $100 barrel. Karl Rove may be a master at partisan political attacks and manipulating events, but that don’t make him a god. His lack of covering his tracks in the Plame matter clearly shows that he doesn’t have a contingency plan for everything.

I have one other reason for there not being a strike:The Senate. The House may go Democratic, the senate race is a bit harder for the dems. Sometimes as a politician you have to choose between a bad event (losing the house) and worse (losing both the house and the senate). If Rove thought he had something he could hang the Dems out to dry on, I’m sure he’d do it, but if he tries something radical, he could get the worst case scenario dropped into his lap like that.

Caveats: This assumes that they haven’t completely gone ’round the looney bin at 1600 Pennsylvania, but then if we are truly dealing with madmen and not with just an Imperial Presidency, the elections won’t matter a bit anyways.


Stupid, offensive, sick, criminal, mindless, repugnant, debased, unpleasant, disgusting, offensive, repellent, loathsome, wicked, profane, evil, reprehensible, attrocious and scurillous. Annie, you can’t die fast enough for me. If you had ANY fucking idea of what the things that you advocate look like, you would shut your pie hole. Gawd….



Just for that, I’m gonna live forever, UNDERSTAND??

Smiling Mortician

OK. I’m not big on divine retribution (or anything divine for that matter) and I’m not so sure I really buy into concepts like karma. But I believe wholeheartedly in art, OK? And in art there’s this wonderful thing called poetic justice, which I do believe exists. Sometimes it takes a long time, but eventually it happens. And when it does, the smug, gnat-brained gameplayers like annie — who think this is all a fucking joke and that those hundreds of thousands of dead are some sort of kill-counter on a goddamn video game — will find themselves well and truly gobsmacked at the gates of whatever hell they believe in.


Oh give me a break. Israel would LOVE it. So would Iran. They’d come in their pants.


Yup, because every sane individual has a hardon once the bombs and missiles start a flying. People aren’t scared shitless as they hope and pray that their loved ones aren’t torn into bloody chunks of meat. They don’t quake with rage at those who attacked them, they don’t go “Why can’t those bastards just leave us alone.” No, war is something to revel in, it isn’t cruelty, you can refine it into something that you can puff your chest out and celebrate because some poor bastard over there is catching hell, but it ain’t you so what the fuck do you care.



Did you see what Israel did to Lebanon?


Never be forgetting, guys, that Annie is basically Gary with more creative talking points.
Seriously. Just check Annie’s site out. Watch your annoyance be replaced with condesending sympathy.


So, you’re saying you missed Israel happily bombing the shit out of Lebanon?


Who, me? I’m not talking ’bout Israel. I’ve talked about that before, I’m done with that. I’m talking bout Mikey and anyone else who is taking your posts to seriously.

Like, what if we had a flame war, and, like, nobody came, maaaan?



They are… confused, aren’t they?


My posts are serious, yours are mostly fluff and flames. But on the other hand, fuck you, troll.


Seriously, she’s just an attention whore. It doesn’t matter if she’s a parody or not, she deserves to be ignored. Why bother engaging with her? She’s an obvious narcissist, and if you want to rid yourself of a narcissist, stop being her mirror.

And it’s more than a little creepy, the way she uses this site to fill up her blog. Obviously, the opinions of people on Sadly, No! mean an awful lot to her.

I don’t know if she means half the shit she says or not, and frankly, I don’t care. I’ve known so many like her. I’ll bet she doesn’t have a single woman friend, and although she may want to believe it’s jealousy, it’s not. Toxic, baby, toxic.

And that’s absolutely all I have to say on the banny bangle. In fact, it’s all I have to say. After a week of ten hour days staring at a computer screen all day, I’m ready for some sleep. Good night, good people. And you too, Gary.


More trolls! She’s just mad at me because she had no idea that Christians expect to be persecuted for their beliefs and she made herself look like an idiot. And she just flaming now. Funny!


Well, it is true that most, if not all, of my posts are aimed to annoy and bait other commentors.
Unlike your well thought out, never contradictory, dissertations.

Naw, you know what? You’re right. I’m gunna spend my time bettering myself, for the good of the Sadly, No! community, using you as the example, nay, template for my behavior.

Now, I don’t believe I’ve ever had someone in this board wish death upon me, so I would ever so appreciate some pointers on how to bring myself up to the same level of civilized discourse and intellectual fencing that you yourself enjoy.
Wait, that’s crazy talk. I could never improve that much. Well, just point me in the right direction.


I’m not resonsible for Mikey’s behavior. He has obvious mental problems. I’ve never said anything like that to anyone here, nor would I.


Yeah, well, combat stress will do that to man.


There’s no excuse for that type of behavior on a message board. I’m a person, you know. He needs to seek help if he can’t control himself.


Annie, you are not quite a person, you are more than that. You are an empire.


*singsong voice* Projecting much?

The Ghost of Matthew Shephard

Hey! A whole thread without calling somebody a gay basher!

Is annnieangel growing up?


More Annie? I must have typed ‘SadlyHo’ into my browser instead of S,N.


When someone calls me a Bush basher, I mention Bill and Hillary Clinton. Then step aside so I don’t get sprayed with spit when they start foaming at the mouth.


10 out of 10 Gary Rupperts agree, “The fact is we are the party of hope* and ideas**.�

And 8 out of 10 Jose Chungs! (8 out of 10?!?! Wot th’, that can’t be correct!)
Oh, wait a minute, wait a minute–the Joses are milling about amongst themselves, muttering and sharting. And, was that a “queef” just now? Where the hell did that emanate from? Wait, no, don’t answer… in any event, the Joses seem to have come to a new agreement. The two Joses that voted against their brethren–as well as the entirety of the Ruppertverse–are changing their votes to conform with the idiot majority of the Joses! It’s amazing, folks–simply unprecedented! Yes, they went well out of their way to ensure that the world’s entire population of Gary Rupperts and Jose Chungs look like complete, blithering pillocks! Well played, gentlemen! Lockstep resumes!

Lucifer Morningstar

Just for that, I’m gonna live forever, UNDERSTAND??

Boy, in six or seven hundred years… What’s the word I’m looking for here? Oh, yes: fugly. Well, that’s one job I can cross off my to-do list! Huzzah!


No, Pinko, I’m a person, just like everyone else. You all have decided that tolerance is just a “thing” you like to pretend is part of your principles but in practice you throw it out the window and gang jump on the person because of the opinion. You liberals don’t tolerate another’s opinion you spit and scream and claw and are disgusting and vile. Free speech for the klan, and nambla, but not for Annie.

But hey, who the fuck cares? Not me. I’m so used to being treated like shit for being myself that I’ve come to expect it. Cheers!


See, that’s the thing with evangelicals. They’re told from infancy that “you’ll be persecuted for your faith in Jesus! They’ll hate you for Jesus!” And then when they find out that no one is actually interested in persecuting them because of their faith, they go out looking for it, and when they can’t find it, they start fights and then yell, “Come and see the violence inherent in the system. Help! Help! I’m being repressed!”


I would comment here, but it would be sexist.


I didn’t start a fight. I offered my opinion. I wasn’t personal at all.

Smiling Mortician

annieangel said,
October 21, 2006 at 5:45

fuck you, troll.

and then . . .

annieangel said,
October 21, 2006 at 6:09

More trolls! . . . she made herself look like an idiot.

and then . . .

annieangel said,
October 21, 2006 at 6:47

He has obvious mental problems.

and then . . .
annieangel said,
October 21, 2006 at 18:00

you spit and scream and claw and are disgusting and vile

and then . . .

annieangel said,
October 22, 2006 at 1:40

I didn’t start a fight. I offered my opinion. I wasn’t personal at all.

Everybody got it now? Good.


“mikey said,

October 21, 2006 at 3:26

Stupid, offensive, sick, criminal, mindless, repugnant, debased, unpleasant, disgusting, offensive, repellent, loathsome, wicked, profane, evil, reprehensible, attrocious and scurillous. Annie, you can’t die fast enough for me. If you had ANY fucking idea of what the things that you advocate look like, you would shut your pie hole. Gawd….


Missed something, asshole. You missed Mikey STARTING it with ihs disgusting bullshit. But hey, context means nothing to you, you’re a troll.


How Christian of you annie, turning the other cheek…


I’m not perfect, just forgiven, idiot.


Well, if you’re talking about context, then you’ve started this whole thing by advocating war to someone who has actually served in the armed forces and seen the devastation that war can bring. But from what I’ve seen you don’t seem to let context bother you too much.


I didn’t get personal, I offered the opinion that Israel would happily bomb the shit out of Iran if they had the chance, they’d fucking LOVE it. Iran would love it back. No one could say they wouldn’t, Israel would be having smiling kids line up to write messages on the bombs. 😀

There is no excuse for the things Mikey said, but keep trying to make it looked like I deserved it. It proves my point.


I’m sure there are MANY who served in the armed forces who agree wtih me, so don’t trot that shit out on the carpet.


You have a point? If you’re sure that there are many people that agree with you, where are they on this site? Are you that ignorant that you didn’t know about the history of some of the commenters, or do you just really have no empathy for anyone? Stupid question really.


Why should I conform my opinions to ummm…i dunno whose, is there a STANDARD opinion I should have to be treated with respect?


Why are we playing with the troll again?

Please don’t feed the trolls.


Ahhhhh, Jillian jumps in, for what reason? To stop discussion. Classic troll tactic.

Why don’t you just stay out of it, Jillypants?


I agree, Jillian. It would torture Miss Thang to be ignored. She’d rapidly decompensate, and there would be a lot of crazy posting for a while, and then she’d go off to some place where people would engage.

If she really wanted to be respected, she’d frequent sites whose posters don’t think she’s a moron. There must be one on the ‘net…. somewhere.

I’ll admit it’s kind of fun to watch her get bitch slapped by people who are so clearly out of her league, but she does get tiresome rather quickly.

Smiling Mortician

Jillian and Candy, I’d love to agree. I know that the don’t-feed-the-trolls thing works with the newbie drop-ins and even with the older model trollbots like Gary and Jose. But this model isn’t deterred by being ignored, and in fact it has on occasion become quite aroused by the lack of attention. I recall one night’s thread in which it perniciously commented ad nauseam specifically because no one would engage.

I admit at first I thought this model was a parody, and a brilliant one — one with the single-minded professionalism of Andy Kaufman. I have since changed that view and have come to believe there’s a significant systemic programming glitch in this one. Engage it? It thrives. Ignore it? It thrives. Call it a troll? It double-dog-trolls you. Not much to be done about it, I’m afraid.


But if you ignore it, Mort, it ends up looking like a lunatic talking to itself.

It’s much less confusing to newbies who come along if no one else is talking to it and it’s just talking to itself. If others are engaging with it, the more slow-witted among us might get the mistaken impression that it’s somehow sane, and possibly worth talking to. If it’s just rambling along to itself, people are far less likely to come away with that impression.


It???? I’m a person and I deserve to be treated with respect, whether or not our opinions agree.

Smiling Mortician

Yeah, Jillian, I see your point. I will endeavor to think of the good of the newbies.

And for what it’s worth, this issue reminds me of two things: First, that perhaps if we all engaged in the Klingon ritual of batlhHa, and did it convincingly, the troll might be moved to commit heghbat. But I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Second, have you ever played the P-I-G version of the card game Spoons? If not, it’s the version that involves the first person to be booted out of the game doing everything in his power to get the other players to talk to him. This person, in some instances, gets really obnoxious for the sole purpose of getting a response, any response. Because of course, whoever responds is then booted out of the game as well.

I have absolutely no idea what could have made me think of that . . .


Sigh…. you’re probably right, Mortician. Didn’t it go away for quite a long period of time, though? I’ve gathered that it has been a problem in the past. I’ve only been around about three months, but I don’t remember seeing it until fairly recently. I wonder what did the trick the first time?


I would so totally rule that.

I am disgustingly unflappable. Or, I can be, when I make up my mind to be.


Ah I get it. It’s like pointing out the white looking person in the room with nigger blood. Just so no one gets too close.

You wouldn’t want any real discussion on this site, it would make the place interesting and people might actually come. You are trying to be like a second rate Eschaton, with a group of inbred posters who ignore the discussions and just blabber. 😀

Smiling Mortician

It predates me too, Candy. I started frequenting this pub sometime mid-summer, if I recall. And I have clear memories of my first encounter with it — someone was engaging, I didn’t understand the situation . . . remembering that makes me realize that Jillian’s right: no matter how provoked (and this model is very good at provocation), it’s better just to ignore it, difficult though that may be at times.


Israel is too cinfusing a topic for loosers like you. You think you are supposed to love Israel, even if they are obviuosly bloodthirsty animals. They are pissing on God by forming a state and I can’t wait until we DO provoke a fight between them and Iran. Mark my words, it’s brilliant, it takes the middle east totally off our hands forever. 🙂


Bah. That’s not provocation.

Showing up at an open air Christian prayer circle and loudly proclaiming, when the question is posed as to whether or not anyone there “knows Jesus”, that you knew Jesus last night, and when they go on about “speaking in tongues”, they’re sure not kidding……..

THAT’S provocation.

Not that I would know anything about that.

Smiling Mortician

And that’s what I admire about you, Jillian: you would totally kick ass at P-I-G Spoons. I, on the other hand . . . well . . . I flap.


Jillian is a pig, duh. A very tolerant one. Very respectful of people’s beliefs. Which is why she deserves none herself.

I’ll keep typing for the newbies, so they can see how it is here.


Well, not engaging with it is my policy. I have talked about it, but never to it. It upsets me that a couple of good people might have been put off enough that they hardly ever show up here anymore But, as that book the troll misuses so often says, “this too shall pass”.

I like your Spoons game thing too! I don’t know how well I’d fare at that, though. I have a tendency to get my Irish up, and a dangerous inability to shut my mouth.

Smiling Mortician

Don’t know that I could make myself go to an open-air Christian prayer circle (it strikes me that there are at least two oxymorons and a very dirty joke inherent in that descriptor). Or if I did go, I’d need to follow it up with an hour-long deep-tissue massage and a single-malt chaser.

Ah, but speaking of provocation, did anyone happen to catch Barney Frank bitch-slapping that homophobic creep from WSJ on Maher’s show? You-Tube has it (of course) . . .


I mean look at what Israel did in Lebanon. They loved it. They didn’t want to stop. And you all agree with that. That is lame as fuck. But hey, at least when they start bombing Iran, you will have to go along with it, white guilt and all. 😀


Prayer circles are for the weak. Interrupt a funeral!! There ya go!!


I saw that, Mort – not on TV, but online.

It was delicious. I laughed and laughed, and then I watched it again. Then I laughed some more. It felt so damn good to see someone in power call the Repubs out for the evil, hateful homophobes they are. Not that the Dems are all that much better, but goddamn is the Republican party the home of toxic homophobia.

And the prayer circle thing…what can I say? I was eighteen. It was the time for doing outrageous things. Ah, the joys of a misspent youth….

You know, if you needed help with that deep tissue massage, you could always just let me know. 😉


I will have to check that out on the Tube. Maher’s show is one of the few reasons I’m sorry I don’t have cable. I visit the show site fairly frequently.


But I WANNA sit at Jillians feet and sniff her farts too! Oh WOE. 🙂

This is fun. 🙂


Anything worth seeing ends up on Youtube eventually, Candy.

I really can’t watch TV anymore. It drives me nuts. The political comedy is good sometimes, but that’s about it.

There hasn’t been a show worth watching since Land of the Lost. And the best thing about that show was that I was three. Everything on TV’s good when you’re three.

Not so much after that.


And of course, Israel will never stop once they get started until everyone is dead. That is what Israel is like. 🙂 I see a Christian Holy Land in the future. 🙂

Smiling Mortician

Candy (and everyone):

Here you go. Jillian’s right: watch it at least twice for the pure joy of it.

BTW, I don’t have cable either (which means no TV at all in my corner of the universe). Haven’t had it since Bush41 was preznit. I don’t miss it at all, what with the DVDs and the intertubes.


All that is important in life is political. Being so stuffy I lie and say things like that. I’m so cool.

When I was three things were so much better. But then again, things are never really as good as when you are three, are they?

Agree with me.


I’m fond of all the home shows on PBS. I really like to cook, so I watch the cooking shows, and since I can’t afford to travel, I fantasize about getting stoned in Amsterdam with Rick Steves. I could give it all up fairly easily, though. I haven’t had cable in about ten years.

MST3K was wonderful, and Red Dwarf ruled. And that’s about it. I used to watch Meet the Press and the McScreamer Group, but my nerves can’t take it anymore.


Thanks, Mort. Checking it out now.


I like old dated Britcoms and gourmet cooking shows. I really like to eat, so sometimes I fantasize about pigging naked in the middle of a bowl of mashed potatoes and gravy, with an audience screaming my name, CANDY CANDY as I scarf as much food as I can. I could give TV up fairly easliy though, as I live right next to MacDonalds.


All those political debate shows became irrelevant the day Crossfire let Jon Stewart come on as their only guest, and he schooled Tucker Carlson and Paul Begala so hard even their mommies couldn’t make it all better for them.

If you haven’t seen that, then that’s another Youtube vid which is simply required viewing.


Joh Stewart is not just a comedian, he also has his own show. I demand you go to youtube and watch him, I simply demand it. If you don’t I’ll condescend at you.


Barney! Mad props to Barney!


Mad props? Where’s that person who called me names for saying “whacked”???? Hmmmm, consistency would be appreciated!

“Mad props” is majordomo gay.


Oh and Candy, watch out for Celticgirl, she’s Jillian’s lone female ass kisser round these parts.

And she guards jealously that position. 😉


Gary Ruppert said,

October 20, 2006 at 18:34

“The fact is that Arabs have a well-known penchant for sodomy.”

For children – a woman,
For pleasure – a boy,
But for sheer ecstasy – a melon.

Old Arab Proverb

Smiling Mortician

Mmm . . . melons. Hope I’m not guilty of any sort of lemonheads copyright infringement.

And yes, the Stewart Crossfire was a moment for the memory book: “Stop hurting America.” It made me go out and buy the book. BTW, have any of you seen the new teacher’s edition? Reminds me of that episode of The Simpsons where Bart hids all the teacher’s editions in his locker and the teachers have to hang out in the faculty lounge all day because they can’t . . . you know . . . teach.


YouTube just had to take down approximately 30, 000 items due to copyright violation. Considering there is now money (Google) attached to them, making them worth suing to copyright holders, and that giant amounts of what they host is violating copyright, it may well be the beginning of the end for them.


Don’t worry Mortician, I’m a believer in open source. Homer could have cease and desisted me years ago, but he’s got a lot on his plate.

I hope Google can come to some sort of agreement with the owners of said videos, ’cause I don’t go there to see teens lip synching the new Christina Aguilera song, and that’s all that will be left if they scrub the site thoroughly. They knew what they were buying so I assume a middle ground will be found.


“I’m not perfect, just forgiven, idiot.”

Well, that about sums up Christians of Annie’s ilk. They are forgiven, so they are free to treat others like shit. To them, the only ones who matter are Jesus and God. Other people are to be shat upon. It’s ok, cuz they’re forgiven. Pathetic.


If Annie and Gary got together and procreated….
I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.


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