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I don’t know why so many of these are Australian. There might’ve been a trend around here, back in the day, in which radio would test-play breakout Australian bands briefly, leaving a few dozen people like me with a hazy and unconsummable excitement over them.

I was living in my dad’s girlfriend’s parents’ basement when this hit the radio. I was 12 or so, and the perquisites of living there included a historically amazing Advent reciever/amplifier — a budget deck that’s since gained a lot of respect in the audiophile circuit — and a good set of all-ear headphones. One big moment was really hearing the Cars’ ‘Touch and Go’ through those headphones, with Roy Thomas Baker’s super-spatial production and heavy stereo panning. I wouldn’t know how to describe such things for years afterward.

And this came up one day. I didn’t know what to make of it, but knew it wasn’t ordinary rock. It was a little better and more exciting, nicely creepy. The band was called ‘Angel City’ in America, probably because of the Bill Aucoin creation, Angel, who were supposed to be Kiss’s polar twin. I think there might’ve been a dumber, more ‘rock’ video that turned up on MTV, very seldom, a couple of years later. It’s certainly the case that Great White would do the same unfortunate cover-job on a couple of these guys’ songs that Quiet Riot did on Slade’s.

The Angels – No Secrets (4:16)

In retrospect, it’s sort of a Saints, echt-AC/DC, Radio Birdman thing. Nice! Also in retrospect, these Antipodean guys were all about 1) The downmarket vintage guitar, and 2) The ’30s-cut suit, and doing little ironico-masculine pantomimes in them (viz. Split Enz and all subsidiary entities).

See, one time when I was…AIEEE!

[grim orchestral vamp]

[Pamela appears with a sulfurous bang]


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“Success in the Iraq project would blunt the most fundamental enlistment tool for terrorist: the political opresion in Arab lands.”
…I don’t even konw what that means. Does any one know what the fuck that’s supposed to mean?
Jesus, does she do anything except bounce around cliche talking points? Half of them sound like Soviet propoganda.

WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH HER?! “mainstream media isn’t telling you that?” The fuck is wrong with her? Does she not read a fucking paper? I… jebus.. wow…
Something tells me that she’s “the sister that you hate”.
Poor kids. They never had a chance.


“Where do you think Iraq would be if we hadn’t taken them out?”

Why, establishing a totalitarian state in Florida, obviously.


Whoo! Show us your loins!


Florida’s already a borderline totalitarian state.

The president’s brother is our governor.



It burrrrrrrrrrrnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnns!

(Incidently what is it with you snarky bloggers and the use of echt-something or other? It also turned up at Alicublog today.)


Speaking of the Saints, I saw Saints founding member and guitarist Ed Kuepper perform solo a couple of times last year. His solo albums are fantastic…and remarkably prolific.


Oh Jillian honey! You live in Florida? I’m so sorry….

And Gavin, I simply refuse to click on that sPam link. I’ve already killed enough brain cells for one lifetime – Never again!


Is her kid trying to hide? Can’t blame the poor thing for that.


Pamela may very well be the stupidest person on the Earth. In the immortal words of Bugs Bunny: Geeze, what a maroon!


Sulfurous bang: what happens when teh Walrus mates with a shrieking harpy.


At last!!!! More PPAAAAMMMMMM!!!!

She’s the most sharmpest comedienne working, brilliant and cruel with a style that would be too much for Andy Kauffman. Pamela Atlas is the best thing to happen to conceptual comedy since Jim and Tammy Bakker. More, please!


“She’s the most sharmpest”

Sharpest even.


MY LOINS!!!!!!!!


I think sharmpest fits best.


I liked the part where Atlas Shrieks put on the Broadway “Lion King” costume and danced seductively around the large Bolton totem.

That was hot.


One day she’ll have her own sandwich-board and street-corner.


Cringe Factor outpaces NYSE.


Who wins in a steel cage match between Pam and Annie? I’d bet on Pam.


Annie could totally take Pam


This just in! The ghost of Ayn Rand beats Pamela to a pulp in a fit of poltergeist rage!


I was a big fan of the Angels/ Angel City. Their stuff has just been released on CD:


As long as I don’t have to watch Pammy again.


Pam, Pam, Pam.

Don’t try and comment on world affairs, you’ll hurt your brain (you certainly hurt mine).

Put the ballgag in, get your tits out, and dance.


I can’t listen to her so I watch with the sound off and it’s so entertaining that way. Not distracted by all the WTF moments, you can focus on the little girl and her constant stage business and the dog wandering by. Then there’s that thing Pam does with her eyes, constantly blinking and popping them. There’s no way it’s better if you can hear her.


“Cognitive disssidents”?

“Cognitive distance”?

I’d replay to make sure, but…you know. Once a philosopher, twice a pervert.


I feel so sorry for that little girl. Just imagine what it is like to grow up around that because you know she is like that 24 hours a day.


I think it was “cognitin dissonance.” New from Merck.


Boy…she just radiates teh crazy, don’t she?


Nope. Not gonna do it. Wouldn’t be prudent. I clicked on a pam vlog link once and I’m still dealing with the trauma. Sure, she’s funny, but in that uncomfortable “crazy uncle” way that, for reasons I’m not sure I understand, makes me embarassed. Annie’s just stupid, all blunt edges, unpleasant, sure, but in the “crazy neighbor” way that you can tolerate as long as he stays away from your kids. Pam’s something completely different, dare I even say it? Unhinged.

If you haven’t seen last nites Olbermann piece, it’s up at C&L…



deep sigh

That’s all I got.

Poor fuckin’ kid in the background, already looks 10x smarter than her fucktarded mother. Oy. Schmikel?


I’d hit that. Sober, even.


An exquisite example of living parody!


Pamela says Rick Santorum is “presidential material”. Can I sue her for making me snort milk out of my nose?


Good thing Pam has someone to support her financially because I doubt she could support herself if she had to, short of turnin’ tricks on the street. What a fuckin’ loon.


Are Pam and Madonna related?
I know they have different religions, Pam thinks Bolton is the jewish messiah and Madonna probably thinks it’s Timberlake or whoever bought all her karbala (sp?) crap, and different politics, but, c’mon.
Lon Gisland, menopausal, insane, speaks/acts/dances like a 14 year old, delusions of relevancy.
At the very least they mighta went to school together.


And now I’m watching.
Cog-knittin dissonance.
Her hair is looking kind of limp, also.
But, really, who the hell does she think she’s talking to? The Roy Cohn memorial wing of wingnuttia may have a home in think tanks and the publishing industry, but I don’t think there’s much electoral muscle there. If anything, she’s not gonna do well with bible values types. Too kosher and tits-out.


I’ve never watched Pam before. She has the demeanor of someone who is used to arguing all the time and has come to think that it proves some kind of superior intelligence (as opposed to, say, piss-poor social skills) if you’re able to yammer at someone ‘til he or she gives up.
By the way, who in their right mind would ever breed with this obvious headcase? I mean, that kid is biologically hers (right?) and will be subjected to systematic ideological skull-fucking for the rest of what brief childhood remains to her before she inevitably begins a career in weird gun-toting hermaphrodite-clown libertarian porno. That’s just sad.


The Triffids just released “Born Sandy Devotional” remastered. a fantastic album.

and i’m still at a loss as to how the celibate rifles weren’t the biggest rock band of their era. truly, and deeply, what the fuck do i know about anything?

oh, and the seminal rats. they were fucking great.

a radio birdman reference, we are truly going deep into the rabbit hole around here.


fine, celibate rifles vid now posted on my site. it is so much better than the angels vid it is embarrassing.

hunters and collectors next.


“Historical fork in the road”? I just stabbed a kitchen fork into my monitor
to cease the hysterical bloviation emanating from this bat-shit crazed
she-beast. Tonite I will 2X4 all my windows and doors and cover my flop-sweating brow with a half dozen pillows. I need sleep badly, and yet I know, the agents of al-quida will,,just after dark, be tinkering with my gate locks and be testing the front door knob for weakness. I’m armed of course, but only with halloween candy and convenient explanations as
to why I’ve rolled out barbed-wire across my lawn.


Ah, big, dumb Aussie rock, gotta love it. You know who’s awesome, maybe the most awesome band to come out of Down Under that doesn’t include Cliff Williams? Rose Tattoo, that’s who. Gi-normous riffs and cheeseball lyrics shouted out by a short, bald cat who calls himself “Angry”. Neat.

And didn’t Great White shit all over the most-awesome Ian Hunter’s “Once Bitten, Twice Shy” as well? Worked with a dude that never tired of pointing out the lame-o covers of such songs when I’d listen to the original. Percy Sledge’s “When A Man Loves A Woman”? “Dude, isn’t that a Michael Bolton song” and then he’d grin and I’d throw hamburger at him. Give me all kinds of shit for the Faces, and he is a Donnas fan.

I’m not clicking the Pam vlog. That woman’s crazy.


Robert Green,

It’s not “Hunters and Collectors”. It’s “Hunners ‘n Cahllectahs”.

Smiling Mortician

I’m with you, mikey. Can’t watch Pammy, at least not if I don’t want to buy new computers every time I throw one out the window. But thanks for the Olbermann tip — hadn’t seen that one yet. I’m glad he’s doing what he’s doing, but it worries me more than a little that arguably the most sane voice in politics today is also tinged with panic every time I hear it.

Anyway. Perhaps some of you will find the following suitable antidotes to Pam:




The second link, for those who haven’t already done so, is what you get when you type “asshole” into google and opt for feeling lucky . . .


I don’t think it’s panic you hear in KO’s voice, although I suppose it could be something closely related. I hear despair, a tragic sense of something important lost, and maybe a little guilt, because to say you could do nothing but stand by and watch might be true, but offers little in the way of absolution…



I should do a youtube thingy. I’m way hotter than that freak.


Ed Kuepper, Triffids, Saints . . . mmm.

BarGal – Did you see Kuepper in the States? (Please tell me no! Then I’ve got an excuse for never having seen him.)


Rules for Living:

If someone says they’re hot, they’re not.

If someone says they’re tough, they’re not.

If someone says they’re rich, they’re not.

How you doin for money, annie?


Phoenician in a time of Romans

hunters and collectors next.

Highlight of my university days was seeing these guys at Orientation.

“We were full of beans
But we were dying like flies
And those big black birds, they were circling in the sky
And you know what they say, yeah, nobody deserves to die”…


Thanks for the Angels clip, I remember that song, but had never seen the video for some reason. Or I saw it, but was too fried to remember it. Guy’s obviously trying to channel Iggy and Mick, bit too much ‘jazz hands’ for me, but still a pretty cool song. And awesome yeller guitar. I like that the guitarist doesn’t do the standard histrionic ‘I’m doing a killer solo now’ antics, but I suppose with that singer twitching around, it would be sorta superfluous. 😉

I don’t watch Atlas or Malkin vlogs. I’m already disabled, so I really don’t need any more misery in my life. Thanks all the same, though.


Speaking of Santorum’s Presidential materialness
You gotta see this.

I’m not sure what his angle on this analogy is… I mean… do rednecks like LOTR? Who’s he think he’s appealing to.

I can’t imagine anyone “bouncing that ass” regarding Pam. Do you think she’d ever shut up, ever for hot, hot smecksing? And forget a ballgag, you KNOW she’d just chew her way free of one.


I’m so vain, I probably think this post is about me, somehow.


Namestealer. Good one, though. 🙂


Angel City – ah, one of the albums that left with an ex-boyfriend. Of course, it was his album and all, but still…. I used to hate the way splitting up with someone meant splitting up with the albums.

Back in the day the song “Long Night” (I think that was the name) seemed written just for me.

“White line on the burning road
Rolling high, collecting maps
Shades her eyes, it’s a classic disguise
Rendezvous then she loves and laughs

Cowboy moon over silver road
time comes due to make a crystal run
If it’s all I do, just let me get through
She promised herself this would be the last one

It’s all in your head, the doctor said
And she knew he was right
But she was in need of a little more speed
Got a long night coming up tonight…”

I was just thinking about that song the other day. Weird. (I typed those lyrics off the top of my head, so if they’re not quite right, it’s been a lotta years since I last heard that song.)

For some reason that gets me thinking about the Headpins. I don’t know why. Maybe because they are associated with similar times in my life, albeit about ten years apart.

Those were the days… it’s amazing I’m still breathing. And then came the 90s…

Hey! Maybe Pam’s a tweaker or a crackhead. It would explain a lot.


“Success in the Iraq project would blunt the most fundamental enlistment tool for terrorist: the political opresion in Arab lands.�
…I don’t even konw what that means. Does any one know what the fuck that’s supposed to mean?

Actually, it makes perfect sense. The problem is that she then says: “It’s a plan, ladies and gentlemen, it’s a plan.” No Pamela, it’s a wish. A plan would be a means from getting to “clusterfuck in the Iraq project” to “success in the Iraq project”. What we have instead is the underpants gnomes running our foreign policy.

1. Invade Iraq
2. ?
3. An end to oppression in Arab lands!


Did you see the 1:00 mark? Proof she really is “That Crazy Cat Lady.”


The way I read it, basically what she’s admitting is that the best thing we can hope for in Iraq is to set things back to they way they were before we went in in the first place. Success is returning Iraq rule to Iraqis, like what they had with Saddam.

I dunno. To me, that’s the sorta thing you’d want to keep on the down low, not flag around to the world.

Hope is not a plan. And following a plan just because it’s a plan is retarded.
For example, MY plan is to rule the Middle East region by tightly controlling the mining and export of the Spice so dearly need to power our interplanatary ships.
Which seems to make more sense and be more concise then what we’re doing right now.

Heh. Underpants gnomes.


I have a profound sense of sadness for her kids.


“I have a profound sense of sadness for her kids.”

But, cockeyed optimist that I am, I sense hope. If they ever break free from mommie dearest’s loins, they’ll have _lots_ of interesting stories to tell.
Crazy parents make for great stories and they’ll have a bucketful.

“She thought she was becoming some kind of media star. This one time she got really drunk and started dancing on camera…”

“Once we were having dinner with this fatass Goldberg and she passed out face first into the spaghetti. After we pulled her face out of the marinara he’s all “you just gonna throw that away?”


Yeah the Angels always had more of a crossover into the AC/DC crowd than the more boho inner city Saints and Hunters and Collecters (before they did ballads) fans.

“No Secrets” *is* very creepy. “Take a Long Line” is as sparkly sparky rock as it gets. And if you ask an and Australian if you’re ever going to see their face again, “no way, get fucked, fuck off” is just a reflex action, don’t take it personally.


I was wondering when you guyz were gonna get around to mocking that shrieking harpy again.


With each new release Bolton’s insult to the news media grows larger.


I saw Hunters and Collectors opening for Midnight Oil on the Blue Sky Mining tour. I guess it must have been 1990 or so, at an amusement park in New Britain, Connecticut. Good show.


I saw them on the same tour. I also caught them at a small club in Athens GA and they were even more impressive in a small venue.


Wow, for the first time I got to see in Angel City actually playing! Btw, the bands from Oz, but the lead singer is from Belfast in Ireland.

As for the Pammy bitch, well, I’m glad she’s speaking for the GOP, let’s just keep it at that.


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