Does this mean we can’t be friends?

Richard Poe, the author of Hillary’s Secret War: How Hillary Got My Girlfriend to Dump Me, My Landlord to Kick Me Out From My Apartment and All My Credit Cards Canceled, about which we made a number of sarcastic remarks last week (as is our wont,) is angry. So angry in fact that he wastes no time in reaching out for his thesaurus:

Gadzooks! I’ve been Mel Gibson’d.

Taking a page from the Abe Foxman School of Clairvoyant Criticism, an anonymous blogger sporting the handle “Sadly, No!” has mocked, ridiculed, and excoriated my forthcoming book — Hillary’s Secret War: The Clinton Conspiracy to Muzzle Internet Journalists — without even bothering to read it.


God only knows what Hillary’s myrmidons will say once they actually get around to cracking the binding. Well, who knows? Maybe they’ll learn something from it. One can always hope. [Emphasis added.]

If anyone needs us, we’ll be in the living room myrmidoning.


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Wasn’t it the right wingers who mocked Hilary for her talk of a “vast right wing conspiracy”? Guess conspiracy theories are only believable if a Clinton is actually part of the plot……


He apparently is too stupid to figure out that based on his title alone he would get a spanking.
If I entitle a book, The Education of W: Why George W. Bush is a Racist, Homophobic, Lying Sack of Shit, it doesn’t take ESP to figure out where this is going.
Please contact Amazon to see if this title is taken.


Ah, I needed a new name for the mindless right-wing twits and followers of various Televangelists. Thank you Richard Poe.

And here I thought that a myrmidon was a large ice-cream soda.

Social Scientist

Sadly, No! isn’t your real name? They are wicked good investigators, they are.


Po’ Richard declined to accept my post on his blog. I was tryign to commiserate with him over the loss of his girlfriend. I suggested he contact Ann Coulter if he wouldn’t be put off by Ann’s adam’s apple and harshly angular frame.


To echo Chris, hearing the title alone is enough to make me ask: “Wasn’t this on MadTV two seasons ago??”

*rummages in drawer* I think I have some tinfoil around here somewhere if you need a hat, Mr. Poe.

Brenda Helverson

Pretty Please, tell me how you quote from a book while not cracking the cover. I would really like to master this time-saving technique. Alternately, could you have quoted from something that you actually did read? Let me mull this over . . .


Well, it is true that Mr. Sadly, No! is one of Hillary’s myrmidons. In fact, I happen to know that he is a 10th level Myrmidon, a Thessalonian Scout, and was in charge of last year’s Hillary Cookie sales drive. He owes it to Mr. Poe to crack his binding.


So if Hillary has myrmidons, does that make her a metaphorical Achilles? Achilles, the greatest Greek warrior battling the Trijans. Hillary, the greatest warrior in a secret war against Free Republic, NewsMax, and Richard Poe. With Richard Poe as Cassandra.


Should be capitalized (M)


Does the persecution complex automatically kick in when you register as a Republican, or do you have to special-order it?


I haven’t seen the word “myrmidon” since I read it in Susan Brownmiller’s book “Against Our Will: Men, Woman, and Rape” twenty-something years ago.


Po’ Richard declined to accept my post on his blog.

adaplant: Too hot for Poe, just right for Sadly, No!


Clearly, she is Achilles. He always had a thing for cross-dressing.


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