April Fools

Today has started out so well that I feel it would be, well, a, uh..it would fuck up my day to go after idiots…

The scottish clown is not always a bad experience…(lazy again, with sausage and eggs in the larder) as I got to see the father of one of my oldest friends. I can see that he is getting on in years and still in good health, though regrettably, he forgot our last meeting.

(I was tailgating his ass six ways to Sunday and it pissed him properly off.) To my credit and this is a big ask, he was in a British roadster and moving rather quickly himself, and it was a nice piece of road, freshly paved, and I was interested in what the Toyota station wagon could handle…This was 11-12 years ago.

He did remember the incident when we were throwing snowballs at cars from my front yard (another idiot move on my part), and hit his…He stopped, we ran….

The x on the right is my front yard, the one on the left is where we ended up, also, too, consider the graphic a square…

Anyhoo, he gave us a stern warning, but did not bust us. I need to see his son soon.

Then I get to the ‘bucks across the way and see that all of the usual suspects, by which I mean friends, are on staff. One of them taps my ass he leaves for a break and hooks me up with a cigarette. As I had my tobacco, but left my papers behind…Friends covering your six, without hesitation. I may have practically nothing, but I do have those.

Following that, I meet the grandchild of one of the musicians with whom I play…He is adorable. His great aunt and grandmother are as well.

Then I see an old and cherished friend, one of those that you never have enough time with, and promptly find my back on the floor of the ‘bucks in question. Unbridled enthusiasm mixed with balance related vectors, and gravity, were all part of the equation. It is spring, hopefully, and I love the guy, and today is a good day…

xoxox you all!


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You have a beautiful day, Provider, and if you get chance, try to play a little banjo duet with the banjoist of your choice.

Haha, hadja-goin-there-diddin-eye?

April Fool!


Provider, you’re “on the ground” in Indiana… what’s the word on the street regarding the “we don’t serve your kind here” law?


My spouse likes to point out that on scary clowns, the scottish one prolly has the most deaths under his belt. o-o


Not much discussion on the ground here, but i dont get out much, those withwhom i have discussed the issue are pissed.

Obvs most of the people i spend time with are liberals.

Also gay heavy college town, with a liberal govt. Shit the mayor appointed *me* to a commision.

Otherwise i got nothing and miss the shit out of doghouse riley. He grew up in indianapolis and likely would have more insight.

Good to see you by the way!


“April Fools”

Certainly plenty of them on here.


I’m trying to think of college towns in Indiana and I come up with Bloomington, South Bend and Lafayette.

Which one are you in?


Btown Kong.

Bezt place in the state.


Bezt place in the state.

College towns usually are!


New post!


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